The 4400

Season 3 Episode 10

The Starzl Mutation

Aired Unknown Aug 06, 2006 on USA



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      * Claudio Borghi, disappeared 19 June 1961. He has the ability that let others see a possible vision of their future when he touches them or they touch something that has come into direct contact with his hands.
      * Edwin Garrett, disappeared 8 October 1980.

  • Quotes

    • Claudio: (after giving Shawn the cigar) I think you will be surprised at the effects.
      Shawn: Hey, I'm not going to get arrested for having this, am I?

    • (At the park, after Shawn tells Richard the possible outcomes of marrying vs. not marrying Isabelle.)
      Shawn: Nothing's inevitable, right?
      Richard: Let's hope not. 'Cause believe me; I don't wanna die.

    • (As Diana and Tom are leaving Ryland's office)
      Ryland: Now if this program existed; and please understand, I'm not saying it does; you seem to think people would be shocked to know it was out there. Me, I think they'd be grateful. I think any good citizen would be thankful that his government was working on this; because you can be damned sure our enemies are.
      Tom: If everyone would be so happy why not just tell us about it?!
      Ryland: As usual, you have no idea of what the stakes are. Whoever controls promicin has a strategic advantage over the rest of the world. This is another Manhattan Project, Tom. And they didn't close it down because a couple of technicians got radiation poisoning. They kept on working and they were right to do that. It's made the world a better place.
      Tom: Not that you're admitting the program exists; right?
      Ryland: (After a short pause) What program?

    • Shawn: So what you're saying is if I smoke this cigar, I'm going to see the future?
      Claudio: Your future. A possible one anyway. As I said, use with caution. You might not like what you see. But it seems an appropriate gift for a man on his wedding day.
      Shawn: Well, it is better than a toaster oven. Thank you, Claudio.
      Claudio: My congratulations to you.

    • (Just before the wedding begins, Shawn is shocked to see a familiar person coming out of the crowd)
      Jordan Collier: Shawn... Shawn Farrell... Do you know who I am?

    • Tom: These soldiers you're creating; are you going to use them to defend the country? Or are you just going to send them after the 4400?
      Ryland: Is there a difference? Enjoy your nephew's wedding.

    • Ryland: I don't know, Tom. I've been working here for less than three months. I still don't know where the supply closets are and now you've got me heading up a covert program where I'm injecting promicin into United States soldiers?

    • Diana: Someone could've planted Darren Piersahl's fingerprints at the crime scene. Who knows? It could be a 4400, someone who can mimic other people's fingerprints.
      Tom: Maybe, but if you're trying to frame someone, why would you pick a dead man?

    • Diana: You want me to go to Shawn's wedding with you?
      Tom: It's not a date, okay? I figured you might be interested. Almost a thousand 4400s are coming.
      Diana: Oh, so it's a professional courtesy?
      Tom: Yeah, that's one way to put it. Look, to be honest, I'd rather not be the only one sitting at the NTAC table.
      Diana: You'd have a hard time finding a dancing partner.

    • Diana: If what you say is right, it would explain why the 4400 were sent back in 2004. Why they were all brought to Seattle.
      Tom: This is the only place the 4400 can reproduce and have kids with abilities. Any of this sound familiar?
      Ryland: I think I read the same theory in a supermarket tabloid once.

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