The 4400

Season 4 Episode 4

The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Aired Unknown Jul 08, 2007 on USA
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The Truth and Nothing But the Truth
April's new ability endangers her life. Shawn is approached to run for public office, while Kyle helps Isabelle.

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  • The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

    The Truth and Nothing But the Truth was a superb episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode as Kyle continues to keep Isabelle hidden believing she has a purpose, Diana finds April who has a new ability, and Shawn ponders running for City Council. I thought this episode had a good mix of sub plots and character development. April's ability was cool though it led to disaster. Diana realizes she can't leave Seattle, making Maia's prediction true, and Tom finds out a disturbing truth about Kyle with the help of Marco. This episode moves the story forward and the last scene has some interesting implications!!!!!!!moreless
  • Great ability for April !!!!

    I am glad April didn't die she has a great storyline and besides her power is great is one of the best.She has the ability to wherever she asks is answered with the truth. I like the episode as a whole but what I liked the best was the part that April asks Tomm if he had sexual fantasies with Daiana hahhah it was hillarious!!! She will be working for some government agencie so it is likely that we will watch her appear in more episodes in the show. Finally we learn that Shawn is running for city council and wants to become the first 4400 envolved in politics in order to gave a positive influence about 4400 to the world.moreless
  • Great episode!

    This is a great episode! I really enjoyed it.

    Diana finally finds her sister, April, who has taken promicin. This episode shows us April's ability. She's able to force people to tell her the truth when she asks them a question. By the end of the episode she lands a job with the government, which is good for her and for Diana. Now, she's a responsible person.

    Tom finds out that his son, Kyle, has taken promicin. And Kyle, working with Isabelle, discovers that Tom is a promicin-positive, according to a prophecy he has translated with Isabelle.

    Shawn decides to run for a seat on the city council.

    On this episode annoying Cassie doesn't show up, which is good. I don't like her.Well, the episode was great.moreless
  • Good drama, but great political references to the military industrial complex, the War on Drugs, the War on Terror, political campaigns, and especially zealous political activism.

    Great episode! So much better than the preceding weeks, I think, because they had a developed character who was also involved with a lead character. I really liked the other storylines, too, though maybe April's story was resolved a bit easily; then again, it was a realistic solution and there was no need to drag out Diana feeling how she let her down beyond the commercial break. I also wondered if Senator Lindoff (Locke's father) seemed a bit too creepy and sleazy, but maybe that's just his personality. I liked how Diana admitted she was not the best help in her sister's life and the whole idea of having Tom admit to a sexual fantasy that was uncomfortable but completely realistic.

    Political parallels: The War on Promicin as commentary on the War on Drugs.

    I just realized today what a great idea it was to comment on drug abuse and the War on Drugs (in addition to the War on Terror) through the promicin problem. Roughly 50% of people die of promicin. In a similar way, taking heavy drugs is likely to get you killed. The government criminalizes drug abuse, but, as we see with April taking promicin, many people take it not to flout the government or harm society, but just because of how terrible their lives have become and they turn to drugs/promicin to relieve the pain. Don't get me wrong; I hate drugs, but we should try to not hate drug users, especially when the poor taking crack coccaine suffer so terribly in the justice system without understanding, while some people who take coccaine recreationally make to the White House, and never face criminal charges or humiliation.

    Political parallels: the military industrial complex and Dick Cheney's Haliburton.

    I also liked how this episode mentioned how the industrial part of the "military industrial complex" has exploited the Iraq War in charging massive amounts of money for poorly delivered services -- in this case, defective body armor. The US government has even failed to provide enough body armor and other supplies for this war from the start. Vice-President Dick Cheney was on the board of Haliburton -- just as many of the Bush administration's folks have been on the boards of hugely corrupt corporations -- and he used insider dealing to interfere with the usual competitive process the government uses to get the lowest prices for services of wartime supplies and post-war reconstruction. Cheney ensured Haliburton got the contracts for services in the war, even though they have charged way more than other companies and delivered poorly. This episode didn't comment on this very real problem as much as I'd have liked (and maybe that's a good thing), but it at least did so, at a time when most shows don't really confront politics. I also liked how they didn't overdo it and make everyone in the military industrial complex evil by having the lower guy tricked by his boss and the government employee be a whistle-blower. I don't know if they've killed anyone over these things and maybe it was a bit much, but they surely have had no trouble allowing Iraqis and Americans to die in this war... or charging $25 extra for a plastic plate in the lunch halls of US soldiers. (Seriously, I saw a news story or maybe it was the documentary "War Tapes" in which soldiers who take an extra plastic plate as a lid to cover their food to keep it warm are charged over $50 for the meal because it's roughly $25 per plate.)

    Kyle's intolerance for Shawn's criticism.

    Regarding the Shawn/Kyle dynamic, I wondered if Kyle was over-reacting at the end, but he's put so much of his identity into this cause, and like many terrorists or any activist fighting a difficult cause, he can't tolerate major differences of opinions because every slight obstacle makes fighting for the goal from a weak position that much harder to achieve. Freedom of criticism is easier to take when the critcized party is in a position of strength. In relating to Kyle's mindset, I myself feel a great anger toward "scholars" like Arab Fouad Ajami who encouraged the Iraq War on TV, among institutions, and with the administration. I strongly feel like he let down -- not only decent Muslims who are fighting, on the one hand, for respectable treatment by the West and, on the other, against Islamic fundamentalism gaining too much influence among desperate Muslims but -- the whole world by not standing up for principles and fairness. He even admits to nationalistically standing up for America, instead of behind truth, when he propagandistically tells the mainstream what it wants to hear, spreads ideas that Arabs and Muslims need and deserve to be condescendingly engaged, that America and Israel are never wrong, and writes all terrorists off (even Hamas and Hezbollah) as merely irrational. In this sense, Shawn is actually following his conviction and not intentionally misleading anyone, and that deserves a respect Mr. Ajami does not. Kyle might sound intolerant, but groups facing difficult or losing battles for public acceptance are desperate for any kind of victory and terrified of any kind of defeat such that they become inflexible. In this sense, The 4400 is one of the very few shows in American history (in addition to the new Battlestar Galactica) to correctly portray the roots and nature of terrorism and explore human nature. Things are setting up very nicely.

    7.9 or 8/10

    (I should emphasize the only the rarest of shows get 10 -- only the absolute best episodes of The X-Files ("Talitha Cumi", "Paper Hearts", "Redux II", etc.), Battlestar Galactica ("Pegasus","Lay Down Your Burdens", "Occupation"/"Precipice") and Deep Space Nine ("In the Pale Moonlight"). I would give the best story of The 4400 to date, "Terrible Swift Sword"/"Fifty Fifty," around 9.0, and I really loved that.)moreless
  • April who's gained an ability, grows up.

    Wonderful episode with lots of political intrigue mixed with character development.

    Diana tracks down April, who's gained the ability to 'force' people to answer her questions truthfully, a useful ability for blackmail as well as for the FBI, police and other government agencies.

    I loved that April finally finally decided not to run and take responsibility. I can only hope that she sticks with it, it would mean one less worry for Diana.

    Tom discovers that Kyle has taken promicin and now has to try and deal with that. It's a good thing he doesn't know (yet) that Kyle is working with Isabelle translating an old prophecy.

    Kyle is thrilled that Shawn goes into politics and decides to run for a seat on the city council, that is until he hears Shawn in an interview denounce Jordan Collier's decision to provide promicin to everyone.moreless
Kevin Tighe

Kevin Tighe

Senator Lenhoff

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Allen Altman

Peter Barton

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Zak Santiago

Zak Santiago

Colin McGrat

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Natasha Gregson Wagner

Natasha Gregson Wagner

April Skouris

Recurring Role

Richard Kahan

Richard Kahan

Marco Pacella

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Brennan Elliott

Brennan Elliott


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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Featured Promicin Positives

      * April Skouris, she has the ability to force people to tell her the truth when she asks them a question.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • April: I'm coming with you. You want the truth? I can get it for you.
      Tom: Are you sure about that, I mean people beat lie detectors all the time.
      April: Tom, do you like my sister?
      (Tom looks at Diana)
      Tom: Diana, yeah, sure, she's my partner, my friend.
      April: Ever had a sexual fantasy about her?
      Tom: Well, once or twice. We were working late, Diana mentioned we were the only two people in the building and--
      Diana: Oh! (Diana smiles and walks out the door)
      Tom: (quietly to April) You can come.

    • April: How many times a week are you and Ben having sex?
      Diana: Three. Wait. That's not...That is none of your business.
      April: I know. And you told me anyway. That's my ability. I ask a question, you tell the truth. Every time.

    • Senator Lenhoff: (to Shawn) Are you ready to dance with the devil?

    • Kyle: Who knows man? You could become mayor, maybe even governor.
      Shawn: Just one step at a time. I don't even know if I can get elected to city council.
      Kyle: You heal people with your hands. Show me an opponent, who can beat that.

    • April: So, what do you do, Peter?
      Peter Barton: I'm V.P. of client relations for ANEXXO. We're in the fortune 500. Energy, communications, some defense work.
      April: I get it. You're one of the guys that runs the world.

  • NOTES (1)