The 4400

Season 4 Episode 1

The Wrath of Graham

Aired Unknown Jun 17, 2007 on USA

Episode Recap

Tom and Kyle are seen leaving their house in suits, as Tom uses telekinesis to grab his keys and close the door.

They arrive at The 4400 center, but time appears to have stopped. Diana greets them, and Ben and Maia are with her. Diana used her ability to freeze time so that Tom, would not miss anything. They greet Kevin, Tess, Isabelle, Garritty, and Marco.

Shawn steps up to podium and greets the crowd, then introduces Jordan as the man who made promicin available to the public. Jordan gets up to the podium and states that it is good to be alive. He starts to lead a group in prayer, but everyone disappears and the center turns to ruin before his eyes. Posters flutter around, proclaiming that injecting promicin is a crime. Suddenly, promicin takes over Jordan's entire body. The scene changes to Jordan's bedroom where he is awakened by Kevin Burkhoff. Jordan asks Kevin whether the world he created is any better. He then looks at the newspaper headline 'the death toll from promicin has risen to 6000'.

In Spain, Diana is seen lounging in a chair, and Ben kisses her to awake her. Maia walks up and calls it disgusting and they have a short exchange about how it's love and someday she'll understand. Maia asks Diana about her job offer advising the EU on 4400 matters. They discuss the possibility of her taking it and settling down.

Tom is sitting at home looking over Alana's file when Kyle walks in. Kyle explains the way things left off he wasn't sure whether he should return home. He tells Tom about a job he took in financial aid office for the 4400. They discuss Alana's disappearance, then Kyle say that he wants to go see Shawn.

The scene cuts to Adlai Stevenson High School in Seattle, where Graham Holt is writing in a journal about how he took the promicin shot, but still feels the same. In the gym the team captains are choosing their teammates, when suddenly both teams captains want Graham on their team. Graham looks confused and questions their sincerity, since he's a terrible basketball player. The coach then states if Graham doesn't want to play basketball, they'll do whatever he wants. Still confused by their actions, Graham states that they should play thumbwrestling, and the coach has the students pair up and start playing.

Meanwhile, NTAC Agent Garritty tells Tom that the new head of their division, Meghan, wants to see him in her office. They briefly discuss her qualifications (rather, the lack of) and he walks in to see her. She has hands him a folder marked classified. He states that he isn't cleared to read it, but she states that he didn't seem like the type of agent to let that bother him. He opens the file and sees Isabelle's picture. She believes that maybe Isabelle knows something about what happened to Alana. He questions her motive, and she explains that even if she brings in Collier, they aren't gonna care if some rules were broken along the way.

Shawn lies in a hospital bed, unconscious as Kyle comes in to visit him. Kyle talks about taking the promicin shot, but nothing happened.

The scene cuts to Tess Doerner taking a walk outside in the woods, where she sees a woman with her back turned sitting on a stump. The woman turns out to be Devon asking for help. She tells Jordan about her dream but he still justifies his reason position. Kevin and Jordan argue over Tess's condition and how she needs medical help because of her schizophrenia. Jordan states that have they'll have to do it themselves since cannot find a Doctor sympathetic to their cause. Kevin states that sacrifice Tess for their cause.

Graham returns home after school, when his doorbell rings. He answers it and two other students are wearing the same clothes his wearing and states that they believe in him. Graham is surprised to see a crowd of high schoolers outside, and a girl he likes claims that she wants to be with him. He tells her about the promicin shots he took and that's why people are acting differently towards him.

Tom visits Isabelle in prison, and she tells him that maybe the future took Alana away because he did not kill her like they requested. Isabelle inquires of Shawn and her father, and Tom tells her that Shawn's condition has not changed and no one has seen her father. She tells Tom that he doesn't want to know what she knows, and the future people used him, just like they used her.

Back in Spain, Marco calls Diana and tells her that April's name appeared on a list of people who took promicin. Maia is standing in the background and tells that Diana that she is going back to Seattle, and she won't return to Spain.

The principal at Graham's school called NTAC because the statue in front of the school has been torn down and replaced with a statue of Graham. The principal explains how their valedictorian revised his essay into a 500 word essay on how Graham is the most influential spiritual leader since Jesus Christ. Tom and Garritty question Graham about the strange behavior of his classmates and decide to bring him in for a promicin test. However, they encounter resistance when Graham's followers block their path.

Kyle is sitting on a park bench, when a girl comes up and tells him that he is sitting in her spot. She tells him that she is a first year art student and she's supposed to do a sketch of the park for the entire week. She calls him by his name and asks her how did she know his name. She tells him that she has been reading the newspaper the 4400 and how he shot Jordan Collier.

In the theory room at NTAC, they are discuss Graham's ability. They go over ways to bring him in, and Marco warns them that right now he is only concerned with being king of the school, but if he starts to get more ambitious things could get worse.

The street to Graham's school is blocked off and the principal states that the streets belong to Graham and they will defend them with their lives. Later, NTAC arrives with more troops to arrest Graham. They speak to him on phone, and Graham seems reasonable, but after he hangs up he tells Amber that they have planning to do.

In Spain, Ben sits down to talk to Maia about how Diana may not even get in to Seattle and may come back. Maia states she is never coming back, and Ben reassures her that she said she would, and he needs to believe that.

Back in the park, Cassie and Kyle are talking about Shawn. Kyle explains how they are all giving up, settling in for a long haul. She asks about how she read the promicin got messed up in his system, and Kyle states that wasn't in the papers. She tells him that she must have read it somewhere. She suggests giving Shawn a dose of promicin to wake him up.

Back at their hideout, Tess lives in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, Graham decides to give himself up, but when the agents remove his hoodie, is not him. Several more teens begin to do the same thing. Finally the real Graham comes out and goes up to the soldiers, telling them not to fight him, but join him. The men listen to Graham and lower their weapons.

Tom is flipping through the tv channels, when a picture of Graham appears on the screen.

Jordan is watching a Graham's message where he states that their lives won't change and it will be really cool if they convert. Kevin is frantic that Tess is missing, but Jordan tells him that will have to go on without him because he must stop Graham.

When Tom arrives at NTAC's parking garage he finds that the police are arresting NTAC agents. When they try to arrest Meghan, he goes over to the cops and surrenders. He blindsides them and frees Meghan. Meghan tells Tom that Graham has converted police stations and they are bringing people in to be converted.

There is a large gathering of followers standing around as Graham proclaims he is the king of Seattle.

Tom is trying to find Kyle on his cell when Meghan tells him that the government is already considering acceptable losses from a large scale attack.

Kyle walks in to Shawn's hospital room and closes the blinds. He takes out a shot of promicin and injects it into his arm. Shawn begins to convulse violently, and Kyle watches in terror. Shawn's mom walks in and Kyle explains he just started convulsing. Shawn's pulse goes dead, then wakes up, and asks his mom where he is.

The cops has arrested Jordan and he is being brought to meet Graham. Graham smiles and states he did the right thing by coming to him. Jordan says he wanted to see why the world was falling at his feet. He puts his hands on Jordan, but Jordan takes them off stating that he gave Grahm promicin, and he can take it away. Graham orders the soldiers to shoot Jordan, but they don't respond. Jordan tells Graham "The world doesn't need you, it has me." Jordan turns to the crowd and tells them to get on with their lives.

In the theory room they discuss Jordan's show of power. and the fallout from this event. Garritty walks in and tells them that Jordan has posted a message on the internet.

Meghan hands Tom a note. It's a message from Isabelle stating that he would find what he was looking for at the museum.

Kyle goes to find Cassie at her art school to tell her the promicin injection worked on Shawn, but they tell him she isn't registered as a student there.

Diana returns to her apartment in Seattle.

Tom goes to the museum mentioned in Isabelle's note and sees a painting with a striking resemblance of Alana.

"Alana in Repose, 1885."