The 4400

Season 4 Episode 1

The Wrath of Graham

Aired Unknown Jun 17, 2007 on USA

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  • The Wrath of Graham

    The Wrath of Graham was a perfect season 4 opening episode of The 4400. I really liked opening sequence which was full of surprise. It was nice to catch up with familiar faces and see where they are now. A 16 year old loner has taken the shot and essentially is imbued with the mantle of God-hood. It was an interesting story. Kyle returns home and meets a pretty girl at the park who inspires him to wake Shawn up in an unconventional way. Diana, Maia and Ben are living in Spain when Diana gets a call from Marco regarding April causing her to change her plans. Tom may have discovered what happened to Alana. I like NTAC's new Director so far. I really enjoyed this episode because it sets the tone of whats to come. I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!!!!!
  • A 16-year old turns into Seattle's Messiah.

    Excellent start to a new season.

    The first few minutes of the episode were great fun, not very realistic so I assume most people saw through it, but it was great fun to see a world where everyone has abilities, including Tom and Diana.

    I liked the Graham storyline, a messiah storyline, next to Jordan Colier's one was inevitable and this one was very well written and convincing. It also showed Collier's ability and provided a possible explanation for Alana's disappearance. I was surprised Isabelle helped Tom find out about Alana's painting but I guess they needed closure for the Alana storylineand this was a good way to end it.
  • The new world of "The 4400"... Wait, it seems pretty much the same one before!

    Almost one year after the previous season finale, here we are with "The 4400" once again, but if I was expecting one thing, I surely was taken by surprise.

    The first scene never tricked me. It was just too impossible to both Tom and Diana had taken the shots. Never mentioning Isabelle and Tom talking nicely to each other. Nevertheless, Jordan's dream of what should have become isn't the reason of my surprise.

    My surprise is how little the world has changed since the previous season. A 6000-death prediction means too few people are taking the shots, but if you see the end of the third season, that's not what it looked like to be. Besides, I know this is a script strategy to make the fourth and maybe yet-to-come seasons easier to write, but they should have thought about this before. It's almost like they were saying "don't consider this of the previous season finale".

    Plus, even if the world isn't as bad as it should be, Jenni Baird's character, Meghan Doyle, the new head of NTAC still is one unbelievable aspect of the storyline for this fourth season. Someone who doesn't have "one single day of work in a law-enforcement agency" according to one of the characters. With the number of people with special powers increasing day by day? Could that be possible? Come on, writers! Don't mess with our intelligence. Story plots have limits! oh! Don't get me wrong. I liked Jenni's looks and performance, but her character just doesn't have the right background.

    Another bad side of the episode is Cassie. Who was fooled by her anyway? Just too much information right from the beginning of her dialogue with Kyle. I know she's not there by coincidence. The question is what she's up to. The writers could at least have made more mystery about her.

    But enough of bad side since the episode has a lot on the good side, too.

    One of the best aspects of "The 4400" show, and which we can see right through the beginning of this episode, is the regularity of the cast. Not only the main actors, but the secondary ones, too are back. It would be just too hard to accept anyone else doing Tom or Diana, for an example.

    Another aspect to appreciate is the evolution of some characters. I must say Jordan Collier changed a lot since the beginning of the show. This gets even more evident on this episode. And the weirdest thing: he's giving me the creeps while he's acting nice now, much more even than when he seemed to be someone trying to conquer the world through force.

    All in all, it's too soon to say what comes ahead, but the hints and pieces shown on this episode keep giving me the idea this season is going to be good.

    Stay tuned, then!
  • A new season and a new direction.

    I really thought this was a great episode. So this one takes place a few months after the previous season. Diana is in Spain and Tom is at work in NTAC. Promisin is loose on the streets and NTAC is trying to crack down on it. Jordan Collier is spreading his message through the internet and many ordinary people are developing abilities. This includes a young boy who gets the ability to control and influence people and get them to worship him. NTAC try to stop the boy but we find out that Jordan can take peoples gift. Shawn is in a coma and Kyle gets him out of it. So overall i thought this was a very crammed episode but it was fantastic. Season four appears to be very on track i cannot wait for the next episode.
  • Excellent, Regrets, Revival

    I thought this season opener was excellent. It was interesting to see Jordan Collier nearly regretting giving out the Promicin. I also loved the way the show started out in an alternet reality in which Tom and Diane have special abilities, as though they had taken the drug. In that sequence, it's almost as though they had created a Utopian society. Obviously, this is not the case. I suppose what I really enjoyed about the episode is that they just jumped right into a few different crisis, so the show was fast paced and crisp. Of course, a plus in this episode is that we get Diana back!! YAY!! Another situation that has been resolved, is Shaun being brought back by Kyle, sort of a tit-for-tat in the revival situation.

    The writer's did a great job in tying up last season's finale and forging ahead on new and greater situations. I'm certainly looking forward to the rest!!!
  • Just when you think Jordan Collier isn't going to get any more interesting....

    I thought it was interesting that this episode was so 'disjointed'... NOT necessarily in a bad way. It was a concern that they started things off in Jordan's head... I mean, should we get a warning before they completely throw off reality, right?

    I was starting to look for BOBBY EWING in the shower and then WHAM, Jordan wakes up... yep.. I was right... DREAM sequence!

    I did like the TWIST in Jordan's 'power' it wasn't what I expected. And... for the life of me, it had never raised a flag in my head about Jordan 'not' having a power before... I guess I saw him as having his power through the fact that he was 'rich' and the leader of the 4400... I think it's a strange 'rip off' of the people in the 4400 reality... since Jordan offered them Promicin... to make everyone equal .. but if you get a power he doesn't like... he'll just take it away... talk about conditional love!
  • Expectation went wrong!

    I was expecting too much from the 4400 season 4 finale....
    and this was a crap to trap? . It was horrible to watch...
    what to say.. I was patiently waiting after the 4400 season 3 last episode "50 50" That a new Good episode will come and when it came it was like our saying " Came Like an ELEPHANT and Went Like a RAT" . Let Us Hope that the Next episode ( Episodes ) will be not be like this.
    I was feeling that the story was not moving to waste our time. They should have atleast tried little bit better than that . I hope thay have broke mant 4400 fans Heart of Hopezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....................
  • Good season opener, but could have been better!

    This was a very good episode, but for a season opener, i was expecting more.

    We dont get to see much of the main characters life, and is too focus on Graham.

    I liked the new chef, lets hope she can do some good.

    The best part for me was to see Jordan's power finally, that was pretty cool "I gave you promicin, and I can take it away", nice :)

    I was not sure if i should be happy or suspicious about that whole thing with Sean and Kyle, was that the right thing to do ? Could that have any side effect ? Lets wait and see.

    But overall was a pretty great episode.
  • it was ok

    Finaly I managed to see this episode :D, I've been waiting a long time for it to see it, and now when I had it in my pc I`ve waited for 3 more days to watch it (don't ask me why, cause I don't have an answer). The episode was pretty good, frankly I expected a little more action, but it was ok how it was. When I saw what Graham did when he took the promicine I was a little frighten, because nobody could stop him, but then when Colier bring it to the end I was released :P. Now I'm waiting for the next episode, only 2 days of waiting and I'll have what to watch.
  • Good season opener

    Very good season premiere. I don't know if i really like the new director at NTAC, but she may grow on me. So is Maia coming back to the US eventually? I didn't really like that Diana came back without her. Its obvious that it won't be a temporary thing, so hopefully Maia will be back in Seattle soon. Ben still seems too good to be true, but i'll trust his character for now. I'm glad Kyle is going to be playing more of a role this season. I'm interested to see what happens with Alana and Tom. I hope she is returned or whatever. Can't wait for this season.
  • I'm starting to worry about this show.

    The season 4 premiere was not as special as previous premieres, or even single episodes for that matter.

    The writers have decided to go in a slightly different direction. The show is beginning to take on an "issue-driven" plot, where characters, viewers, apparently everyone in the show's context will have an opinion on the "promicin issue". Is it good? Is it bad? What do we do with these new people with powers? It's a risky move, I think. From a marketing point of view, I can see the reasons. The fake websites and ads allow them to promote the show with this fake "issue". It's suppose to be fresh. Surely, continuing to do people-from-the-future plots can be boring. And since this is the fourth season, I'm sure there was much thought on this plot arch, and expect things to be this way for most of the season. However, I believe this show needs to get more to it's roots. The part of the show I liked most was how you see characters (normal people) experience this change in their lives. The change was different for each.. some "moved" only a few years in their lives, and younger brothers aren't as young any more. Others are decades away from their old lives. The world has changed for them. But, the show seems to be moving past these ideas and playing out the 4400 vs the world plotline, which isn't as interesting to me. I'll still watch, but I can understand why so many viewers are leaving and why so few new viewers are joining. The orignal edge of the show has faded and the current plots are not as interesting.
  • I loved it!

    What a great start to a new season with everything starting off a little bit later from the previous season finale. There is such a great loss of death already but people are still risking it all for 4400 powers and injecting themselves just for the chance. How many deaths will happen from this? It seems to be human nature to always want a new life even if they might lose their own. On this episode for one young man named Graham, his powers made everyone worship him. I loved it the way Jordan stepped in with the head power to just take Graham's away. This is only the beginning of things to come and it is very exciting.
  • The Extra Crispies; The 4400 were all torn away from their families, and many seemed at best ambivalent and at worst downright scared regarding their abilities. Graham Holt reveled in his power and grew more ambitious by the minute.

    I have to say that this season is off to a very good start; however, I miss a few of my favorites like Richard who was MIA. Where could he be and I can't remember why Shawn was in a coma. Over all this was a very good episode on Sunday night proves why I watch this show. Isabella is still a mystery to me she told Tom that they used them both, and speaking of poor Tom looking for the love of his life only to find her at the end in a painting at a art gallery, as to say she was a figment of his imagination.
  • 4400 returns going back to it's roots with a good old fashioned one-shot character based plot style. And it works... trust me on this.

    Well well well. 4400 how long has it been?
    About a year now eh?
    And you still shine. While I honestly forgot about most of last seasons lesser plot points, I quickly pieced them back together, and it all works.
    It's nice to know that 4400 isn't abandoning it's continuity.... but it should try harder to remind viewers of past experiences, so that they aren't as easily lost.

    The one-shot character... who looked familiar was pretty interesting... he got god powers! Thats pretty cool. I can honestly say that he handled those powers pretty well. But you know what they say about absolute power... it corrupts... big time!

    There's just so much to talk about, such as Kyle being the front man again, after his long hiatus in prison last year.

    Jordan can sap the powers of extra-crispy promisonates as well... pretty sweet.

    All in all, a fine episode... I recomend.

    Lets hope USA can keep this up. Or else I won't have anything to watch during my LOST hiatus anymore.
  • May contain spoilers.

    Ok. I'm sure the actor who plays Kyle (Chad Fraust) is great but I just don't really like his character. Apparently he had conflicts last season and that is why he wasn't in it as it seems like it will be the Kyle show (note the new promo in which Kyle stands in front of Tom). Maybe I'm not one for change but there seemed to be alot of it in this episode. New cast list (Where is Richard!? and Nina (granted she also guest appears on Supernatural and that may be it)? Definitly a new direction with the show,not sure if I like it yet, the Second season for me was the best. I didn't like the Third too much. I like exploring the characters, I'm not sure if much of that will go on in the Fourth. What's the point of the 4400 if everyone can be one? Everyone looked different-which wasn't bad just jarring at first. I liked Alana and it doesn't look like she is coming back-though the idea that Tom is being used is an intriguing one. I feel like they are replacing the original cast for more underdeveloped ones (Richard in my opinion has lots more to tell-as with Alana, Marco and even Nina). Liked the new Isabelle she's not as intense and more wise & glad to see Shawn back. Finally his mother showed some concern. All and all a good episode, I guess I just have to get use to it (everything I liked has been changed) and it did keep me guessing.
  • The alternate reality of what can happen was revealed to us last night.

    Okay -- I wasn't sure if I was going to return to THE 4400 this year, but found myself with nothing better to do last night and tuned in. I'm glad I did!

    Last night's episode was, in my eyes, a morality tale. Here is a young man who has been given the serum and finds himself with the power to turn people to his way of thinking. This power, and it is a major one folks, could have been used for good or for bad. Graham, who has been overlooked all his life, decided to use it for personal gain. He quickly started taking over the minds and loyalties of the rest of the high school. Things were quickly getting out of hand. The military was turning to Graham, the think tank was being hauled off then Jordan steps in. And we're back to figuring out just what Jordan has in mind with his line to Graham as he stripped Graham's power: "They have me!" The rest of the story was what I label "b" plots and I want to wait on them. I think that there are some big plans for the coming year. This may actually cause me to return to the show.
  • 4 season started.

    Good star to new season. That episode was interesting, like others before. The authors didn't change the show, and it stay same. Besaides the new character - Meghan Doyle, new NTAC director. Looks nice, so we will see what will go on with her. The first thing, what I thought was, where Diana she probably should be with Tom on the mission. We see that people going to be with power and special abilities. One of them is Graham, freaky young boy who wanted to becamea new world Messiah instead of be a simple looser. But Jordan stoped and didn't gave him to rule the world. LOL it was funny when Jordan said "they already has me". He humiliate and powened this teenager and took his ability back. By the way Jordan got interesting ability to take powers from others.
  • A great way to begin the season.

    After waiting nearly a year, the new episodes finally returned and I was not disappointed. This episode was well written and well put together. It's a great thing that Shawn is out of the coma and that Tom's son is back. There are still questions about Alana and I wonder what Isabell knows about it. Graham's story was great and he had a cool power. It was great to see Jordan Collier in action too. The part when he drained the power from Graham was great. I can't wait for all the new characters to come and see how this season plays out. The 4400 never fails to please. Once again, this was a great way to begin the season.
  • A solid start to the season hampered by an underwhelming final act

    By the end of the third season, I was thrilled with the direction taken by the series, if only because the producers were taking chances. Some of the story points were predictable, but in a good way; the writers had established the character motivations and abilities so well that foreshadowing was rather matter of fact. But the real strength was the risky decision to set up a solid season arc with massive long-term consequences for the future of the series.

    The third season ended with the widespread distribution of illegal promicin, the neurotransmitter at the heart of the 4400’s unusual abilities, as extracted from Isabelle during the third season. The odds were clearly delineated as 50/50: heads, you live and eventually exhibit an ability; tails, you die from a horrible brain hemorrhage. Three months after the beginning of the distribution, the world is beginning to feel the effects, positive and negative, and the toll is mounting on those responsible.

    The purpose of the episode is to bring all the players into a starting position, as facilitated by Graham, the young man whose abilities bring the potentials of promicin into a clear context. Graham’s ability to control the will of others as an ersatz messianic figure certainly demonstrates how one injection of promicin can precipitate a world-changing crisis. It also points out how normal, non-powered individuals could easily fall prey to those with abilities, which was one of the concerns about the 4400 in the first place.

    The new threat ushers in a new regime at NTAC, led by the young and gorgeous Meghan Doyle. While it’s obvious that she’s meant to bring additional sex appeal to the show, and Isabelle’s similar role in the third season was often exploitive, the writers have shown an ability to make sense of it within the story. At least they resisted the urge to bring Diana back too quickly, since her desire to leave NTAC behind should translate into a struggle to stay out of the escalating fight.

    Kyle’s return to prominence in the series is a welcome turn of events, after his odd absence from the third season (apparently the actor had previous obligations). His ability, when it arrives, should add to Tom’s usual angst, and his relationship to Cally (the intriguing redhead) might serve to open more doors to the mythology, especially if she turns out (as subtly implied) to be another interloper from the future.

    The episode wasn’t perfect, however. For one thing, the writers made a big deal out of Collier’s need for seclusion, especially when they focused on Tess’ mental instability (which had to remind “Firefly” fans of Summer Glau’s turn as River on that series). Yet Collier, after demonstrating his ability with Graham (perhaps implying that his release of promicin was anticipated by the forces from the future), is allowed to walk away without a bit of resistance. That didn’t quite make sense.

    The second issue, also from the final act, concerned the reaction of Graham’s followers after their release. If Collier’s quick removal of promicin from Graham’s body was a bit underplayed, the reactions of the controlled were similarly subdued. One would have expected Amber to react to what amounts to sexual assault, at the very least. Despite the odd tone of the final act, this was a solid start to the fourth season, introducing a number of major and minor plot points to be explored over the next twelve installments.
  • Finally, its back - things have changed as a result of the promicin distribution.

    First we get a foreshadowing of the possible unintended consequences that have resulted after Jordan Collier released promicin to 17,000+. One of the results: an unpopular highschool kid takes on David Koresh like qualities only a million times worse with everyone who is exposed to him ends up worshiping him. And we find out Jordan returned last season with a special ability to take away powers by eliminating promicin from a persons body as he defuses the Graham situation - does this also work with the original 4400s? We also learn that several thousand people have died after taking promicin. Will the visions of a coming war between normal humans and those with powers take place or will Collier and his friends from the future keep things under control and result in a great era for humanity as he dreamed or will his nightware of chaos become reality?

    NTAC has a new woman in charge - hoepfully this wont become like the CTU on 24 with constantly changing directors.

    After Tom visited Isabelle in jail, its clear that she has lost her abilities. I suppose she could be hiding them until shes back at full strength, but Im pretty sure the people who created the white substance injected into Isabelle made sure it would knock out her abilities. Of course what would happen if she were injected with Promicin? Would the injection do for her what it did for Shawn?

    It held my attention the whole time and it was great to see things moving foward and refamiliarizing myself with the major characters. A recap episode would have been nice. Hope to find out soon more about why Alana was taken back to the future and how the flood of thousands of people with abilities will affect society and see more about the project leaders who created the 4400; was Isabelle telling the truth when she said Tom and the people of this time are being "used"? All in all a great start for Season 4.
  • Season 4's premier brought things to an interesting start, and gave us some unexpected surprises.

    Given that I'm a member of the promicinpower site, which is basically a forum where you create a character who is either pro, anti, or undecided about promicin, I've been getting some spoilers for this show for the past month. Which unfortunately gave me expectations that weren't lived up to in this episode. Don't get me wrong, I liked the episode, and know that more of what the online players know will be revealed shortly, the episode just wasn't what I expected.

    The begining was a little jarring, because Kyle has an ability, then so does Diana, and everyone is sitting together merrily in the area that used to be the 4400 center. (Strange, very strage) Knowing that this is definitely not what is happening online, I knew something was amiss, but when Shawn was prasing Collier... well that was a bigger clue. Collier's nightmare also told everyone that Promicin is now criminal.

    Some of the episode was horribly boring, but I'm willing to move beyond that and tell you the rest of my thoughts.

    First, the cast changes were definitely of interest, but I'm going to miss the character of Richard :(

    Kyle's storyline about wanting to wake up Shawn because that's what happened before was so touching. (tearworthy even) But he didn't develop an ability, even after three months (something that online users knew about too). Cassie gave him the answer to waking up Shawn, and happily a shot of promicin was just the thing to wake him up. They made this part exceedingly dramatic, because for a moment we believe Shawn will die. However, Kyle and Shawn have now both awoken one another from comas, which is really cool. Cassie is most likely from the future, but that's always fun :)

    Our wayward friends in Spain (Diana, Maia, and the guy) have a kinda dull story which kinda goes as follows: Maia likes Spain, the adults like Spain and each other, Diana's gonna leave because her sister April disappeared and had a vial of promicin. So, this is how the wayward trio will eventually make it back to Seattle. *yawn* (by the way, Diana and Maia are characters I like, so this isn't my usual reaction to them.)

    Tom's story with Alana: she disappeared (we saw that), the new boss (who is a woman) gives him Isabelle's file and suggests that he go to her, Izzy says that he doesn't want to know what she knows and that he is probably being punished by the future (ya think?!). My question is: How does she know anything about the future?! In the end, Tom learns, through a note of Izzy's (again, how does she know this?!) that Alana was sent into the past... fairly far into the past, and was in a painting by a French artist (the name escapes me). That kinda sucks for him since he loved her. I have no doubt however that she'll be back eventually.

    Now to my favorite part, Collier, Burkhoff, and Tess. 6000 are expected to die from the shots, definitely not what Collier wanted, and it's weighing heavily on him (so happy that Billy Campbell is in the main cast!). As much as I mistrust his character, I couldn't help but like him in this episode (curses to the writers... I don't want to like him) Tess was so upsetting, because she is so sad about all the deaths that have been caused. I love the relationship between her and Burkhoff, and that he won't even let Collier come between them.

    (I love these three actors!! Combs is always amazing, and I got to see the other two in Shark and The Unit over the year... other 4400 actors were in Law and Order and Without a Trace :D)

    Anyway, since I digressed, Collier is so upset about the kid in Seattle misusing his gift, that he risks everthing to stop him. Finally, finally, finally, we learn Collier's ability! He can remove promicin from someone who used the shot. That seems like a very useful ability, and the scene with him and the kid was great to watch! (again, curses to the writers for having me cheer for Collier!) The other parts of the case with the kid weren't all that spectacular, but the finish was great! I only hope the season keeps getting better :)
  • Season 4 kicks off with a new status quo and a few new faces.

    This was a more interesting season premire than last year's was. While last year was thrust by the aging and death of Lilly, this season opens a bit more quietly but no less intriguing. The tale of the kid was the key part and was quite intriguing. You can actually understand Graham. If you were a quiet high school kid who found you could get anyone to follow you and get the girl you always wanted, could you resist the urge to use it? That last sight of Graham on the steps, back to the pathetic figure he once was only now hated on a national scale was moving and you still felt sorry for him. The plotlines with Diane and April was mostly set up (man, it's odd to see Mia growing up) but it's nice to see her getting back to Seattle. I'm not quite sure of this new NTAC boss as she seems so young but maybe they can play with that as the season goes along. Kyle's plot with that odd girl is a bit slow now but she seems fun and looking forward to seeing whose side she's on. Of course we get the big one of Jordan as we find his ability to basically depower those who abuse the gifts he gave. It's a great addition to his character and will no doubt help sell him better as the new leader of this movement. And then we have the final scene of Tom realizing Alana is truly out of reach and it's sure to effect him as the season goes on. So we get the first buildup but if the formelua to past seasons work, things are just going to get more intense from here as only this show can do.