The 4400

Season 4 Episode 12

Tiny Machines

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 2007 on USA
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Tiny Machines
Isabelle works with Tom in order to get close to Jordan. Shawn recruits a small band of promicin positives to break Kevin out of Promise City. Tom and Diana face off in the backroom of a grocery store, and Diana is forced to shoot Tom.

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  • Tiny Machines

    Tiny Machines was a great episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode as Tom discovers Diana and Meghan are on to him. Tom caused all sorts of trouble in this episode. Isabelle fell into old ways after having a final good by with Kyle. Diana races to find Tom, and eventually she does. I thought there was a lot of interesting character and plot development. The action was fast paced and exciting. The drama involved in the stories was interesting and intriguing. The end of this episode left me with suspense. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!moreless
  • Another unsatisfying episode in a series that has lost its edge.

    "Tiny Machines" was the latest in a string of mediocre to poor episodes that left me sorely disappointed. Sometimes, I don't even know why I watch this show anymore. While watching it, I thought to myself, "If this episode were a pilot (excepting the lack of necessary back-story), the series would never be picked up.

    The 4400 was an inspired miniseries that has gotten complacent in its long life. Old and tired in the fourth season, current plot lines are contrived and predictable, when they're not downright nonsensical. Writers have found themselves having to right past mistakes when the viewers are dissatisfied with characters and events (Isabelle, anyone?); in the comic book world this is known at "ret-con".

    The producers of this show have spent so much time trying to please everyone, that the show has lost the originality that made it special, and it has been reduced to a shell of its former self, a farce that carries on with the same characters and in the same universe, but with none of its initial spark.

    Also, as a point of personal acrimony, I also find myself highly dissatisfied with Joel Gretsch's performance as one of the Marked. His portrayal of a sociopath feels awkward and affected. I should think it a bit strange that the main character's acting abilities are lesser than those of an adolescent girl (Conchita Campbell).

    I will, of course, be TiVo-ing next week's episode, but mostly out of the same sort of obligation I feel when reading a really lousy book: I can't bring myself to not finish it.moreless
  • Finally a great episode after a all in all disappointing season.

    So far, this season had a great lack of intensity. The stories just didn`t feel original, and I lost interest in the characters.

    All of these disappointments are still there but I have to admit that this episode felt like one from the "good old days". Finally there were signs of intensity and courage in the writing. The courage to wrap things up, to shake relationships and cut the status quo between the good and the bad.

    Shawn finaly shows that he`s got balls and the marked are searching for the confrontation. We know now that Isabelle isn`t the only part of their plan, that they are planning to strike unexpected and hard.

    I`m now really curious about the final episode, what I honestly didn`t thought would be possible anymore.moreless
  • A Tom and Diana showdown!

    Exciting episode that makes me long for the season finale, I want to know what the writer came up with.

    I sincerely hope Diana and Marco find a way to extract this future ' marked' being from Tom, as I want the real Tom back. The final showdown was exciting and it was good to see that Diana had the guts to shoot Tom!

    I wonder what will happen with Jordan, Isabelle and Kyle. I'm sure Jordan and Kyle will feel betrayed but Isabelle didn't act entirely of her own accord, so she might still influence things.

    I was glad Shawn decided to successfully liberate Kevin and prepared for an attack from Jordan's people. It will also be interesting to see what Danny's ability is, precisely, thought it doesn't look good for their mum.moreless
  • Annoying - The incompetence of the 2 female agents beggers belief ! ! Inspecter Cluseau would have handeled things better !

    Annoying - The incompetence of the 2 female agents beggers belief ! !

    Know what Tom is ? don`t tail him, after knowing what bad stuff he may do, handle things on your own, don`t use any backup, get, he cuses havoc because they just leave him be, then escapes to easily becuse they have no backup plan. They wouldn`t have eventually had to shoot him if they had just arrested and interigated him in the first place ! I don`t know this programme is usually pretty goo although not as good as it used to bae after all the longer a show like this goes on then the thinner the story line becomes stretched, still worth a watch though, however this episode just kept annoying me, my Go Inspecter Cluseau would have handled the situation better and as we all know he was a complete moron !moreless
Penny Johnson Jerald

Penny Johnson Jerald

Rebecca Parrish

Guest Star

Todd Giebenhain

Todd Giebenhain

Curtis Peck

Guest Star

Gerry Rousseau

Gerry Rousseau

Director of Photography

Guest Star

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

Tess Doerner

Recurring Role

Jeffrey Combs

Jeffrey Combs

Kevin Burkhoff

Recurring Role

Kaj-Erik Eriksen

Kaj-Erik Eriksen

Danny Farrell

Recurring Role

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    • Diana: Hello, Curtis.
      Meghan: Sit down. We have some questions for you.
      Curtis: About what?
      Meghan: About what camera lens you're using today. What do you think, Curtis? We wanna talk about the Marked. Curtis: I already told you guys. I made all that up. The Marked aren't real. I have to work. If you want to watch me direct, I can get you some headphones.
      Diana: (pulling her gun and pointing it at Curtis) You're not going back to work anytime soon. Now all we need you to do is tell us how to kill one of those things.

    • Tom: (on the phone, after sedating Maia) It's done. I gave the girl a massive dose of the inhibitor. She won't be having any visions for a couple of weeks.

    • Maia: That was kind of weird, huh? How we just saw each other on the street?
      Tom: Well, to be honest Maia, it wasn't a coincidence. I wanted to talk to you about your mom.

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