The 4400

Season 4 Episode 12

Tiny Machines

Aired Unknown Sep 09, 2007 on USA



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    • Diana: Hello, Curtis.
      Meghan: Sit down. We have some questions for you.
      Curtis: About what?
      Meghan: About what camera lens you're using today. What do you think, Curtis? We wanna talk about the Marked. Curtis: I already told you guys. I made all that up. The Marked aren't real. I have to work. If you want to watch me direct, I can get you some headphones.
      Diana: (pulling her gun and pointing it at Curtis) You're not going back to work anytime soon. Now all we need you to do is tell us how to kill one of those things.

    • Tom: (on the phone, after sedating Maia) It's done. I gave the girl a massive dose of the inhibitor. She won't be having any visions for a couple of weeks.

    • Maia: That was kind of weird, huh? How we just saw each other on the street?
      Tom: Well, to be honest Maia, it wasn't a coincidence. I wanted to talk to you about your mom.

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    • International Airdates

      Czech Republic: 19 June 2008 on Cinemax
      United Kingdom: 18 September 2007 on Sky One

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