The 4400

Season 1 Episode 4

Trial By Fire

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 2004 on USA
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Trial By Fire

The 4400 are attacked by a series of bombings after Barbara Yates makes their names and addresses known to the public. Tom, Diana and Dennis try to put an end to the bombings, while at the same time Tom is coping with Kyle's erratic behaviour.

Warren Lytell, an agent from Washington is sent to "monitor" the team's progress on the 4400 investigations. Jordan Collier offers protection to members of the 4400, while Richard and Lily begin to question his motives.


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  • Trial By Fire

    Trial By Fire was a superb episode of The 4400. I enjoyed watching this episode because there was a lot of plot and character development as random 4400 were targeted with bombs, Tom and Diana race to figure out who is behind it, meanwhile Jordan Chase gives Richard and Lily a new home and job. I thought this was an interesting development, as Jordan tries to gather the 4400 together. Kyle is now awake thanks to Sean, however he doesn't seem quite right. There are lots of new questions in this episode. Lytell arrives from DC to overhaul Rylands command, however Ryland won't give in to Lytell without a fight. I look forward to watching the next episode of The 4400!!!!!moreless
  • The brothers of a girl killed by Oliver Knox is seeking revenge

    We get to see the 4400 be made into innocent victims (to bad they did not stay that way for long) to an ever raging temper of the public at large.

    The brothers of a girl killed by Oliver Knox is seeking revenge by bombing the homes and cars of of the 4400. Lily and Richard are almost caught in the crossfire, but becuase of Richard's military training he heard the detenator click, and the feutus in Lily's stomach also warned them of the danger.

    Kyle has woken up but he is is worst shape than the 4400 who came back in the ball of light.

    We also see Diane and Maia's continued growing affection for each other.

    Overall, another great installment which leads up to the finale.moreless
  • Kyle tries to figure out who he is and someone is bombing the 4400.

    When someone starts bombing the 400, whose names have been published on the internet, Tom thinks this may be the ripple effect of the harbor killings. Instead of perceiving the 4400 as a threat, now that they are suffering bomb threats, people might start to consider them the victims. This would increase their acceptance, thus the killings might indeed have a positive effect for the 4400.

    In addition to this storyline there's Collier, who spends an awful lot of money and effort on the 4400 and Lily aks and warns him that people will start to wonder what it is he expects in return.

    Another episode ending with a Kyle scene. After waking up from his coma he seems lost and now he feels he is not actually Kyle...moreless
  • Nikki: “Do you ever feel like you just wanted to get away from your life for a while?” Shawn: “I did it for three years. I don't recommend it.”

    The bombers being related to one of Knox’s victims was good continuity, and also gave them a personal stake in the matter that made it more powerful. The bombings and the resulting search for the attackers was very suspenseful; I liked the truck fake-out. I almost thought for a moment that annoying Danny would bite the dust, but no. Oh well, there’s always next week’s finale.

    Let me get this straight. Knox was brought back to kill the Keating sister so her brothers would began bombing the returnees and make them appear sympathetic to the public? That seems overly complex, especially when Knox is one of the reasons the public fear the returnees so much. Whoever is responsible for the 4400’s powers, they sure do know the meaning of the word sacrifice; they had quite a few people killed on the way to raise the public’s opinion of the 4400.

    DC is investigating Ryland’s Homeland branch. Apparently the North West division was granted to Ryland because they thought it would be an easy ride till his retirement. The 4400 have now made the division top priority. Ryland’s not going to let his job go without a fight. I hope he doesn’t get fired; he’s a fun character. The investigator didn’t like Tom and Diana too much either, saying they’re too close to the 4400.

    Ryland finally shut up Barbara. He discovered her skeletons and turned her in to the police. Ryland plays a tough game, but Barbara should have listened to him when he tried to warn her. Hopefully things will get easier for the returnees now.

    So if Kyle is not Kyle, who is he? He has the memories of Kyle, but he doesn’t feel like he belongs. Did the 4400 posses Kyle with a different person? How is that possible, though? Kyle didn’t even get abducted.

    4400 Of the Week:

    Mary Deville

    Disappeared: August 4, 1999

    Power: Regeneration of Plant Life

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Why does Kyle like sitting in the sprinklers?

    - Maia said someone will come to make things better. Who?

    - As much as Niki says breaking up with Danny wasn’t because of Sean, the sex by the lake tells otherwise.

    - Maia got rejected from her school because of the bombings. Will she be able to go back now that the bombers are caught?

    - Collier is making Lilly uncomfortable. He has been awfully generous lately. His community for the 4400 gave me Stepford Housewives vibes. It looks too good to be true.

    - Richard: “I could have bought a car in my day for the price of this suit.”

    Final Rating: Very good. 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx

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  • Again why I watch the show!

    This is why I watch the show as I think it is a great ensemble cast as well as great writing and acting

    I know what you all are thinking, you want Tom & Diana to get together but I think it will be a long, long, time before romance is on the horizon!

    Diana gets to show off her material motherhood as Tom tries to become a father figure to Kyle!
Mark Valley

Mark Valley

Warren Lytell

Guest Star

Michael Eklund

Michael Eklund

Dean Keating

Guest Star

Shane Meier

Shane Meier

Glen Keating

Guest Star

Billy Campbell

Billy Campbell

Jordan Collier

Recurring Role

Lori Ann Triolo

Lori Ann Triolo

Linda Baldwin

Recurring Role

Conchita Campbell

Conchita Campbell

Maia Rutledge

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Tom: (to Dean Keating) You're being arrested as a terrorist. You will be treated as an enemy combatant. You do not have the right to remain silent. You do not have the right to an attorney. And whatever you say will damn sure be used against you.

    • Tom: What are you doing, buddy?
      (Kyle is drawing dots on a map)
      Kyle: I'm looking.
      Tom: For what?
      Kyle: For me.

    • Tom: I'd like to get my hands on whoever leaked those names.
      Ryland: Come on, Tom. Who do you think leaked them?
      Tom: Barbara Yates.
      Ryland: You're goddamn right. It's just her style. Cheap, inflammatory and dangerously irresponsible.

    • Richard: That was some movie. Biggest screen I ever saw. And the sound and all those, er...
      Lily: Special effects.
      Richard: Yes.
      Lily: So, did you like it?
      Richard: Not really. But it sure did look good.

    • (on the Barbara Yates show)
      Collier: Publishing the names and addresses of the 4400 is a crime, Barbara. It's a violation of the privacy of over 4,000 people, and whoever did it should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
      Yates: So, warning people they may be living next to a public menace is a crime?

    • Nikki: This is the spot?
      Shawn: Yep. Me and 4,399 of my closest friends popped out of a ball of light right about here.
      Nikki: It's so pretty. I wonder why they sent you back here. I mean, why not on the White House lawn, or... in the middle of Times Square?
      Shawn: I don't know. Maybe they appreciate a good view.

    • Jordan: Lily, what can I do for you?
      Lily: Um, yeah, Chilean sea bass, tenderloin medallions lobster sushi? Jordan, I asked if I could use the common area for a support group, I didn't mean for you to cater it like a black tie dinner?
      Jordan: People want to eat whether they're wearing tuxedos or not.
      Lily: It's going to be a really emotional night. These people are like me. Their family reunions didn't turn out as planned.
      Jordan: It's all paid for.
      Lily: Anyone ever tell you, that you're a control freak?
      Jordan: Once or twice.

    • Nikki: Do you ever feel like you just wanted to get away from your life for a while?
      Shawn: I did it for three years. I don't recommend it.

    • Diana: Are the 4400 that frightening to people? Are we too close, so we don't see it?
      Tom: Something like this isn't fear. This is hate, pure and simple.

    • Nikki: It's a small world. You did it, didn't you?
      Shawn: Kyle waking up?
      Nikki: That was you, you fixed him, just like you fixed my hand. Have you told Danny?
      Shawn: No, and I don't want you to.
      Nikki: But, maybe, if he knew what you did, he'd stop thinking of you as a...
      Shawn: A monster?

    • (the 4400's addresses have shown up on the internet)
      Tom: Shawn's name is on that list. I had my sister upgrade her security system, but...
      Diana: Yeah, I'm worried about Maia, too.
      Tom: Do you ever think about putting her back in quarantine?
      Diana: Yeah, I've thought about it. I even talked it over with her; she started crying. She wants to stay with me, Tom.
      Tom: I'm glad it's working out.
      Diana: Who would have thought?

    • Diana Skouri: Mister Tyler, I know you're trying to protect your family. But you have to realize that by staying here, you could be putting yourself in serious danger.
      Richard Tyler: Maybe. But you know, I was born in 1922 - in Missouri. And my skin was black then as it is now. So I've had to worry about fire bombings, and lynchings and beatings my entire life. If there's anything I've learned, it's this: Eventually a man's gotta take a stand. I'm making mine right here.

    • Kyle: Don't touch me!
      Tom: Look, I'm sorry, I'm... trying to help.
      Kyle: It's not my memory. You're my father, I recognize you, but I don't know who you are. It's like you're a stranger.

    • Richard: I could have bought a car in my day for the price of this suit.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Kyle: Bugs Bunny?
      Tom: That's right.

      This is in reference to one of Warner Brothers most enduring and popular cartoon character of the 20th century.

    • Episode Title: "Trial By Fire"

      Trial By Fire is the title of a live album released by Yngwie J. Malmsteen.