The 4400

USA (ended 2007)




  • Season 4 Episode 1: The Wrath of Graham

  • Goof: When Tom and the new director of NTAC drive away from the police who are under Graham's control, Tom backs into a parking garage security gate, but as he drives down the street away from the garage, there are no scratches of paint on the backside of his car.

  • Season 4 Episode 2: Fear Itself

  • Featured Promicin Positives

    * Brandon Powell, an autistic child whose father Ryan injected with promicin, has the ability to make peoples' fears overwhelm them to the point where they go insane.
    * Troy Kennedy, he has the ability to play any musical instrument like a virtuoso after apparently having no previous talent.

  • Trivia: Agent Garrity's first name is Jed.

  • Season 4 Episode 3: Audrey Parker's Come and ...

  • Featured Promicin Positives

    * Audrey Parker, she has the ability to "astral project", that is she can send her consciousness out of her body freely.

  • Season 4 Episode 4: The Truth and Nothing But...

  • Featured Promicin Positives

    * April Skouris, she has the ability to force people to tell her the truth when she asks them a question.

  • Season 4 Episode 5: Try the Pie

  • Featured Promicin Positives

    * Unidentified adult male who can produce fire from his hands.
    * Unidentified adult female who either has telekinetic abilities or can manipulate gravity. Tom sees her using her ability to gather apples from a tree.
    * Billy, a young boy, can produce a deafening shriek with his voice.
    * Unidentified adult African-American male who can superheat metal, including weapons, making them too hot to handle.
    * Dalton, he has sophisticated mechanical skills that enable him to make advanced technology, including a special tracking bracelet that was worn on Tom's wrist, as well as a machine that specifically extracts promicin from 4400s or those who've taken the shot.
    * Unidentified Caucasian who male can induce intense headaches that can incapacitate a person or worse. He uses this ability if someone becomes violent or tries to attack him or others.
    * Shannon, a young adult female, she is able to relieve others' anxieties simply by engaging them in conversation. After a session, a small green object or figurine appears that may seem to reprsent the subject's fears and anxieties.
    * Unknown resident of Evanston who produces a special ingredient that can be placed in food, which enables those who eat it, to share one collective mind, telepathically communicating with each other, and seeing each others' memories in the process. Among the memories seen were those of Paul and Kathy, likely an elderly couple who became engaged three weeks after they met in their younger days.

  • Season 4 Episode 6: The Marked

  • Nitpick: Halfway through the episode as the camera pans across the space needle, various people on the space needle can be seen waving at the camera.

  • Goof: Kyle calls Shawn from an underground bomb shelter using a cell phone, where it would be impossible for signals to reach a cell tower.

  • Season 4 Episode 7: Till We Have Built Jerusalem

  • Featured Promicin Positives * Anastasia, has the ability to remove high levels of pollutants from any body of water upon direct contact. * Unidentifed young female who can remotely compress the windpipe of others to incapacitate them, able to affect several people at once. * Unidentified female who has the ability to control or cut electric power to machines.

    * Aquino, has the ability to bend light to make himself and others invisible, but only when stationary. * Unidentified Asian-American male who has the ability to disable electronic equipment. * Henders, who has an extraordinary sense of smell similar to certain animals that enable him to track specific people and can determine the proper distance where they're located.

  • Season 4 Episode 9: Daddy's Little Girl

  • Featured 4400s * Michael Ancelet, he has the ability to remember every event, thought, and dream he's experienced in his life. He maintains his sanity by writing everything down, otherwise his ability will overwhelm him.

  • Featured Promicin Positives

    * Unidentified adult male in Promise City who can manipulate electricity, able to short out lights.

  • Season 4 Episode 10: One of Us

  • Featured 4400s

    * Byron Lillibridge, a physically disabled young adult male in a wheelchair, disappeared 28 February 1966. He has the ability to telepathically make others see specific people in their lives (whether dead or alive) and interact with them under the belief that they are real.
    * Cora Tomkins, disappeared 2 November 1950. She can produce a substance, that when it is mixed with water, can make someone younger. She also has the ability to restore those who drink it to their proper age.

  • Season 4 Episode 11: Ghost in the Machine

  • Featured Promicin Positives

    * Unidentified adult male who can mimic specific people's voices, whether male or female.
    * Warren Trask, an elderly male who took the promicin shot before suffering an aneurysm. A few months afterwards, he exhibited the ability to infect and corrupt the Ubient software systems of Drew Imroth, who had stolen his ideas to make himself rich and ruin Trask in the process.

  • Season 4 Episode 13: The Great Leap Forward

  • Trivia: During Jordan's speech at the end of the episode, writer Ira Steven Behr makes a cameo.

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