The 4400

Season 4 Episode 5

Try the Pie

Aired Unknown Jul 15, 2007 on USA



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    • Featured Promicin Positives

      * Unidentified adult male who can produce fire from his hands.
      * Unidentified adult female who either has telekinetic abilities or can manipulate gravity. Tom sees her using her ability to gather apples from a tree.
      * Billy, a young boy, can produce a deafening shriek with his voice.
      * Unidentified adult African-American male who can superheat metal, including weapons, making them too hot to handle.
      * Dalton, he has sophisticated mechanical skills that enable him to make advanced technology, including a special tracking bracelet that was worn on Tom's wrist, as well as a machine that specifically extracts promicin from 4400s or those who've taken the shot.
      * Unidentified Caucasian who male can induce intense headaches that can incapacitate a person or worse. He uses this ability if someone becomes violent or tries to attack him or others.
      * Shannon, a young adult female, she is able to relieve others' anxieties simply by engaging them in conversation. After a session, a small green object or figurine appears that may seem to reprsent the subject's fears and anxieties.
      * Unknown resident of Evanston who produces a special ingredient that can be placed in food, which enables those who eat it, to share one collective mind, telepathically communicating with each other, and seeing each others' memories in the process. Among the memories seen were those of Paul and Kathy, likely an elderly couple who became engaged three weeks after they met in their younger days.

  • Quotes

    • Diana: Yeah, but we're talking about prison camps. Maia hasn't broken any laws. She is a 4400. She didn't take promicin.
      P.J.: I'm afraid that distinction doesn't mean much these days. People are scared. A lot of them wanna lock up every p-positive out there. The wrong leader comes to power, someone who exploits all that fear everybody's feeling, and suddenly this doesn't seem so far-fetched.

    • Kyle: I couldn't force him to take it, Jordan. I'm sorry.
      Collier: Well, I left the choice up to you.

    • Kathy: (to Tom) You don't come all this way to skip my famous apple pie.

    • Isabelle: (to Collier) I'm not a threat to you. I don't have my abilities anymore.

    • Diana: You just had a nightmare.
      Maia: It's like a prison. All the people with abilities are there.

    • Cassie: (to Kyle) Your father knows you took the promicin shot.

    • (Shawn surprises Gabriel Hewitt at his garage)
      Gabriel: What are you doing here?
      Shawn: I wanted to see you without the cameras. When you put your public face up for the night, have a look at your eyes. I have reason to believe that you're capable of terrible things and that you have an evil living inside of you.
      Gabriel: What if you did see evil? Then what?
      Shawn: Honestly, I don't know what I would do, but the truth is I can't see anything. You may be full of fear and hatred, but you're just a man for now. Listen, you may not know it yet, you wouldn't make a very good leader. I'm not gonna let you become one.

    • Jordan: It must have been difficult to take the promicin shot. But I've read your book. It's wrong. I'm no Messiah.
      Kyle: I know how it sounds. It was hard for me to believe, too. I'm nobody's religious nut, but these visions I have are never wrong, not once, and if they say that book is important, I have to believe what's in there. Promicin isn't just here to improve the world, Jordan. It's here to bring Heaven to earth. I don't know exactly what that means, but you're supposed to make it happen and I'm supposed to help you. It's like it says in the book. You are going to lead us all to God.

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