The 4400

Season 2 Episode 3

Voices Carry

Aired Unknown Jun 12, 2005 on USA



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    • Diana: They didn't make him any dumber in that ball of light.

    • Lily: Whatever Isabelle does, she does it out of love for us. She's our daughter, Richard.
      Richard: I know she is and I love her right back. But she's something else too and I wish to God I knew what that was.

    • Collier: A 4400 who can read minds. You shouldn't have lied to me Gary.
      Dravitt: You mean to tell me that this guy knows what I'm thinking? Because I do not like anyone inside my head but me.
      Shawn: Jordan, this guy's one of us, we can't just stand here and let him get killed.
      Collier: Nobody's killing anyone.
      Dravitt: First, we find out what our man here knows and then we discuss his fate. There are things I know that could get you killed!! That could get all of you killed.

    • (Gary enters Collier's office where he's in a meeting with Dravitt)
      Gary: Make it stop. Please make it stop. I need my medication.
      Dravitt: Whatever's eating you old son, we'll make it stop. Count on that.

    • Maia: Are you married?
      April: I used to be. Ask your Mom what she thought of my ex-husband.
      Diana: Don't start.
      Maia: You didn't like him?
      Diana: Neither did April apparently. She only stayed with Trevor for what, seven months?
      April: You were hostile from day one. You never gave him a chance.
      Diana: I don't think he deserved much of a chance. He was kind of a moron.
      April: He was 22. Show me one guy who isn't a moron at 22?

    • (April is cooking in the kitchen)
      Diana: Where did you learn to do all this, 'cause Mom never taught us to cook?
      April: I don't know, I just learned how. I had to be better than you at something.

    • (Dravitt has apprehended Gary)
      Shawn: What the hell do you think you're doing? Let him go.
      Dravitt: You should be more careful who you let in your manor, my son. We detained him as a professional courtesy.
      Shawn: Jordan, these guys are thugs.
      Dravitt: No need for name-calling.

    • (discussing Ian Dravitt)
      Shawn: Look, I've been doing some poking around on the internet. I found some stuff that you need to know, because let me tell you, I really hope that you don't know already.
      Collier: If it can be found on a search engine, believe me I know it.

    • Devon: (thinking) Cute, nice shoes, steer him over to the brochures. (aloud) My name's Devon.
      Gary: I'm Gary Navarro. Kind of interested in finding out what you guys do here.
      Devon: Well I'd be happy to show you around. Have you read Mr Collier's book?
      Gary: I didn't have to, I lived it. I'm one of the 4400.
      Devon: Well, welcome home.

    • (Maia shows Diana her tattoo)
      Diana: What have you done? (looks at April) You didn't?
      April: I told you she'd freak. Relax, they're rub-ons.
      Maia: As in fake. But they're pretty, aren't they?
      Diana: Yeah, they're very pretty.

    • Tom: Kyle, don't walk away from me. Just, look, I admit it, I'm not denying it. I screwed up, but works been a little crazy lately....
      Kyle: The job? I've been waiting for that one. Finally feels like old times around here.

    • Lily: Excuse me, could we get one more blanket? The one we've got is kind of thin.
      Motel Manager: Yeah well, they're all kinda thin, but if you wanna bring it down, I'll switch it.
      Lily: Oh, I think we might need both.
      Motel Manager: You might think you need them but you aren't gonna get them. See there's only so many rooms and so many blankets and you have your allotment.
      Lily: My baby is cold. Can I please have a warm blanket, so she doesn't get sick? I'll give you five dollars.
      (he takes the money)
      Motel Manager: I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

    • Nina: We wanna know what Collier and Dravitt are up to? A 4400 who can read minds, just walked through the front door.
      Tom: You wanna use Navarro as a mole? Is that even legal?
      Nina: DC cleared it.
      Tom: Well how about ethical? The guy's asking us for help. Hell, he's even begging us.
      Nina: And we'll help him. But he's gotta help us first.

    • (talking about Gary Navarro)
      Diana: Dr Rossman gave him some holiparodol. Calmed him down. Quietened the noise some.
      Nina: So he can function as long as he's on anti-psychotic medicine.
      Tom: Well, we don't have to fit him for any straitjacket but he's not going to be hitting any knuckle balls either, which is all he wants to do.

    • Nina: What, so Navarro is some kind of mind reader?
      Diana: I believe "telepath" is the word you're looking for.
      Tom: Well, call it something else if it makes you uncomfortable, but the guy definitely knew what we were thinking.
      Nina: Interesting gift. I could think of a few practical applications for it.

    • Nina: You think he's stockpiling weapons?
      Diana: Arms, anthrax, nothing would surprise me.

    • Collier: Ian, thanks for fitting me in.
      Dravitt: Interesting place you've got here. Not going to be abducted by aliens, am I?
      Collier: Now Ian, they weren't aliens, they were from the future.
      Dravitt: I know, so you told me ad nauseum, but it's all the same sideshow to me.

    • Diana: So where are you staying while you're in town?
      April: This couch looks comfortable.

    • Diana: What are you doing here?
      April: Pacific North West Body Art Expo. I have a booth. Don't tell me you haven't gotten your tickets yet.
      Diana: Ah, no.
      Maia: Hello.
      April: Oh my God! You must be Maia? April Skouris, black sheep of the family. Di you are so lucky. Look at this fabulous kid you got. No labour, no stretch marks, no diapers. No crappy husband. Oh wait! That was me.
      Maia: How come I never met you before?
      April: It's complicated.
      Diana: We've been busy.
      April: Ok, we'll stick with busy.

    • (Maia is reading comics)
      Diana: What's funny?
      Maia: Marmaduke. Can we get a dog?
      Diana: Smooth how you slid that in there. No.

    • (Richard and Lily are in a cheap motel room)
      Lily: It beats that ditch in the woods (looks around the room) Not by much.
      Richard: It's just a day or two.

    • Lily: All this running and hiding, sometimes I forget, we haven't done anything wrong.
      Richard: Three dead men in the woods might disagree.

    • (Gary sits in the locker room with only his helmet on)
      Teamate: (knocks Gary's helmet off his head) Getting dressed from the top now? That's the way they do it on the Mariners?

    • Nina: You've been in the game almost 20 years. My guess is you've committed all the seven deadly sins, just like the rest of us.
      Tom: I should have let him stay with Collier. He might have used him, but he would have helped him too. Don't you ever use me again!

    • Tom: That wasn't the agreement I made with him.
      Nina: The terms have changed. Gary's too valuable.
      Tom: I gave him my word. You turning me into a liar?

    • Nina Jarvis: Too bad you can't prosecute a man for delusions of grandeur.

    • (Maia clutches her stomach)
      Maia: Mommy.
      Diana: What's wrong sweetheart?
      Maia: I think I have to throw up.
      Diana: What did you give her to eat?
      April: ...anything she wanted.
      Diana: Good going, Aunt April.

    • Jordan: Gary, you should have come to me first. I would have treated you better than they ever will. (Gary reads Jordan's mind.) We're at war here, don't pick the losing side.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: "Voices Carry"

      The episode's title refers to the song of the same name by 'Til Tuesday.

    • Kyle: I read The Secret Sharer.
      Wendy: Just like your syllabus said. That's a good start.

      The Secret Sharer is a novel written by Joseph Conrad in 1909, and first published in book form in 1912. The story takes place at sea, near the Gulf of Siam, and is told from the perspective of a young Captain who remains nameless throughout the story.

    • Gary: When I was a kid, my favourite show was The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

      This is in reference to the 1960's American television series where two top agents of the United Network Command for Law Enforcement fight the enemies of peace.

    • Diana: What's funny?
      Maia: Marmaduke. Can we get a dog?
      Diana: Smooth how you slid that in there. No.

      This is in reference to the newspaper comic strip Marmaduke, which is drawn by Brad Anderson. The strip revolves around the Winslow family and their Great Dane, Marmaduke.