The 4400

Season 2 Episode 1

Wake Up Call (1)

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2005 on USA



  • Trivia

    • First Appearance: Nina Jarvis

    • Featured 4400s

      * Tess Doerner, disappeared 3 April 1955. A paranoid schizophrenic with plans for a communication device implanted in her head. She has the ability to control people's minds.

  • Quotes

    • Diana: Macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes and white bread.
      Maia: Everything I like.
      Diana: The only things you'll eat. You gotta promise me that you'll outgrow this phase soon.
      Maia: Mommy, how do you make this taste so good?
      Diana: Well, it's a hidden talent, I guess. You just called me "Mommy".
      Maia: You're my mom now. Right?
      Diana: Now and forever.

    • Shawn: Look at you man, back among the living. You look great.
      Kyle: I walk and talk. Seem to have full control of my limbs.
      Shawn: You still hit like a girl. Nothing's changed.

    • Shawn: So you still owe me four/five dollars for those two six packs? Something like that?
      Kyle: I've got it right here, if you think you can take it from me. (Kyle throws a fake punch at Shawn, then they hug).

    • Marco: Respecting Maia's privacy is no small thing, but you gotta weigh that against the information that could be in that diary.
      Diana: You know what? When you stop trusting a parent, it's really hard to start again, and yes, I'm speaking from experience.

    • Marco: So you didn't read any of it?
      Diana: Well, no. I wouldn't want my daughter reading my diary.
      Marco: You keep a diary? Am I in it?
      Diana: Oh, come on. Don't flatter yourself.

    • (Kyle begins playing his guitar, while Tom tries to do some paperwork)
      Tom: Kyle, shouldn't you be in bed?
      Kyle: Dad, I'm 21.
      Tom: Yeah, that's what I have to keep reminding myself.

    • Nina: What is this thing supposed to be anyway?
      Marco: My guess, and I cannot emphasise the word guess strongly enough, is that Tess is telling us the truth. It's some kind of communication device.
      Nina: To contact who? The future?
      Tom: The only way to find out is to let the patients finish building it. That night on Highland Beach, they were trying to tell us something. The conversation was cut short.
      Diana: Which is why we've been stumbling around in the dark this last year.
      Tom: Tess is the only 4400 who remembers where she was taken.
      Nina: No, claims to remember where she was taken. She's also the only paranoid schizophrenic, and it sounds to me like you too have been spending a little too much time around her.
      Marco: Well, maybe I caught the bug too, but I agree with them.

    • (Tom and Diane arrive at the sanitarium to find it on fire)
      Tom: What the hell happened here?
      Dr. Clayton: These new guys you sent us are no good.
      Agent Garrity: Park told me he had experience with a welding torch, so...
      Dr. Clayton: Experience in what? Starting fires? Now our schedule's in the toilet.
      Diana: Did either of you call the fire department?
      (Agent Garrity and Dr. Clayton stare at each other)

    • (Lily has Jordan's book in her hand when she is approached by a preacher)
      Josiah: Do you know what you're carrying there, woman?
      Lily: It's just a book.
      Josiah: It's the doorway to hell.

    • Tess: I'm not a bad person. I'm not.
      Diana: No one's saying that you are, Tess.
      Tess: Then why are you gonna stick wires in my brain?
      Tom: I promise Tess. Nobody's gonna hurt you.
      Tess: That's what everybody says right before they hurt you.

    • Lily: The people who took us. They made all this happen, right? They saw to it that we got Isabelle. They must have something in mind for her.
      Richard: I have something in mind for us, too. A normal life.
      Lily: Sounds good, but we left normal behind a long time ago now.

    • (both holding Isabelle)
      Lily: I don't know about you, but I kinda got used to the idea that we'd never know where she came from.
      Richard: Well, if we went to the future. At least we came back with a souvenier.

    • Diana: (to Marco) Ok, so first the patients, now the staff. If this is some kind of mass hysteria, it's spreading.

    • (Tom, Diane and Marco arrive at the sanitarium, where the building has continued)
      Marco: You guys didn't tell me this thing was so big.
      Tom: It wasn't.
      Diana: Not yesterday.
      Marco: Those don't look like patients to me.
      Diana: They're not.
      Tom: Dr. Clayton.
      Dr. Clayton: I know what you're gonna say. We're falling behind. We'll make up the time this afternoon.
      Diana: So is the entire hospital working on this thing?
      Dr. Clayton: It's the only way to get it done.

    • Diana: Have you read this thing? Collier claims that he can unlock the 4400 within anybody.
      Third Agent: So he expects a guy punching a clock in Pittsburgh, to believe he has some kind of latent superpower?
      Second Agent: Most of the 4400 don't even have those kinds of abilities. Not yet, anyway.
      Diana: No, but if you thought there was a chance that you had an ability locked away inside you.
      Nina: You sound like you're ready to sign up.
      Diana: No. But I wouldn't blame anyone for being curious.

    • Agent: Is it true that Collier is filing for tax exempt status?
      Nina: Apparently.
      Tom: What, he's turned the 4400 into some kind of religion?
      Agent: More like a cult.

    • Tom: It would be something though, huh? If she could actually do it? Contact the future?
      Diana: Tess is right. Maybe crazy is catching.

    • Diana: I wonder how long it is since Marco got some sun. I was thinking we could bring him down to have a look at that thing they're building.
      Tom: Road trip for Marco?
      Diana: He goes outside Tom. But, you know we could have some sun block handy.

    • Tom: (to Diana) So, my first day back. What's going on? Not much. Just a bunch of mental patients building a machine to contact the future.

    • Diana: So, the people who took you. They want the patients here to build that tower?
      Tess: They'll do anything to get me back. They like me.
      Tom: Did you ask the other patients for help, Tess?
      Tess: I don't like talking to them. They're crazy.
      Diana: Was Arlo crazy?
      Tess: I never thought he was. Maybe crazy is catching.

    • (Diana's looking at Tess device being built)
      Diana: (to Dr. Clayton) You people really take your arts and crafts seriously, don't you?

    • Nina: Sign this.
      Tom: What is it?
      Nina: Your letter of resignation.
      Tom: I thought I was being reassigned to field duty.
      Nina: You are, effective immediately. I need results. We have a high priced collection of sheepskin in the basement that tells me you're the best way to get them, so I'm willing to take a risk. But I need some insurance. I left the date blank. You cross the line, I fill it in.
      Tom: Fair enough.
      (he signs the paper)

    • Diana: You wanted to see me, Nina?
      Nina: Are you sleeping with Tom Baldwin?
      Diana: Should I come back in? Maybe we could start over.
      Nina: Answer the question.
      Diana: Never even held hands.
      Nina: Do you owe him money?
      Diana: What game are we playing here, because if I knew the rules…

    • (Shawn was having a massage when Jordan interrupts)
      Shawn: Has anyone ever told you, your timing sucks?
      Collier: If they did I'd probably fire them.

    • (Diana's new partner enters the room)
      Agent Hubbard: Diana, you ready to roll?
      Diana: In a minute.
      Agent Hubbard: Because we have to check in on three returnee's in a row. I wanna make sure we get our reports in by five.
      Diana: Ok, why don't you keep the car warmed up and I'll be right there.
      (Vic leaves the room)
      Tom: Vic Hubbard's the best lead investigator you could find?
      Diana: Oh no! He's the fourth one this year. Two more, I break a record.

    • Diana:Tom, its been a while, huh?
      Tom: Yeah, you know how it is. Us desk jockey's don't have much cause to mix with you hotshot field agents.
      Diana: Someone feeling a little sorry for himself today?
      Tom: The 4400 was sent back to save humanity and I'm supposed to help them.
      Diana: I was there, on the beach, remember?
      Tom: They gave me a mission, and what's my biggest accomplishment of the week? I convinced my son to take another cat-scan. Though somehow I don't think that's what they had in mind.

    • (Tom is trying to encourage Kyle to have another cat-scan)
      Kyle: I'm not doing it. I mean it this time, no way!
      Tom: It's just a cat-scan Kyle, you've had them before.
      Kyle: This one's gonna tell them the same thing the last 150 told them. Nothing! (He points to his head)
      Kyle: There's nobody in here but me.

    • Judge Biederman: Diana Skouris, your adoption of Maia Rutledge is hereby complete, legal and binding. So witnessed by me, Henry Biederman, tenth circuit family court of Seattle. You know, some of us have to look far and wide to find people to call family. You two had to look clear across time. Diana, let me introduce you to your daughter, Maia. Maia, say hello to mommy.
      (Maia flings her arms around Diana)

    • (Richard hears footsteps outside and goes to investigate)
      Lily: Who was it?
      Richard: They took off before I could ask.

    • Marco: Man, look at the size of that thing. I wouldn't mind having one of those in my backyard, huh?
      Tom: Road trip's over. Wait in the car.

    • Shawn Farrell: (to Jordan Collier) That baby really kicked your ass.

    • Richard Tyler: (to Lily) I'd give up another 53 years if it meant finding you again.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Kyle: I've been to that place where you're living. There's some serious Stepford Wives vibes going on there. You know that, right? All that stuff about unlocking the 4400 inside everybody.

      This is in reference to the 1972 novel The Stepford Wives written by Ira Levin. In the novel the male inhabitants of a fictional town all have eager to please/submissive wives.