The 4400

Season 2 Episode 2

Wake Up Call (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2005 on USA
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It's been one year since the 4400 returned. After a period of intense medical observation, Tom has returned to NTAC in a limited capacity, assigned only to desk duty. Diana, having been through a series of inept partners, finally finds a way to cut through the red tape and get Tom back, all while in the midst of formally adopting Maia.

Richard, Lily and their child are still living in meager conditions in a mountain cabin far away from Jordan. Jordan has now closed Arcadia Estates, and is on the verge of opening "The 4400 Center", a place for non-members of the 4400 to discover "the 4400 within themselves". Collier becomes Shawn's guardian, and enlists him to heal important benefactors of the Center.moreless

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  • A good start to the second season

    This episode was a good start to the second season, after watching season one it feels as if the story is just beginning. There are still alot of questions left unanswered from this episode, i.e. about Lily's baby, what Jordan Colliers real agenda is and how is Tom supposed to help the 4400 save mankind? (Just to name a few).

    We know the reason why the 4400 were taken and sent back, but why these particular people were taken and how are they supposed to help save mankind I guess we will find out as the show progresses.

    The story is very intersting and is starting to take shape, I can only hope that the rest of the season is great.

    I enjoyed following how all the characters have developed since the end of season 1 and I think the characters in the show are interesting and the actors (and actresses) portraying them work well together. I look forward to watching the rest of the season.moreless
  • 6 months have passed Lilly baby is showing extra-ordinary powers.

    Well this was an intresting episode, i mean 6 months have passed and Lilly baby is born and has some wonderful powers still i wonder how much more powerful she is going become when she grows up -she's only 6 months old she has made a man put gun to his throat and blow it up. That is rather distrubing

    Sean- so now he helping guy cure sick people in exchange money for his new building money.

    we discovered Father of person who could created the 4400 social powers has suddenly woken up and

    on top of that 'mummy boss is going get punished for what they did to the 4400' -what a clifhanger to end with. i'm so glad they are 12 episodes this seasonmoreless
  • Wake Up Call (2)

    Wake Up Call (2) was a perfect episode of The 4400 because it had a lot of character and plot development. Sean is tired of feeling trapped by Jordan, who uses Sean for his agenda. Richard and Lily are on the run with Isabel after a backwoods man and his sons start to hunt them down after an incident in the town book store. It was quite disturbing what happened in the woods. I think Diana has grown a lot since having Maia around. Kyle seems to be getting back to normal as well. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • Second part of a revealing season opener

    A revealing episode. Diana reads Maia diary and discover she does still have her predictive powers. One of her prediction even involves Diana's bosses directly.

    It's also revealed that Lily and RIchard's daughter, Isabelle, was the one responsible for Collier headaches, which cannot even be cured by Shawn. While Lily and Richard are on the run, it turns out that baby Isabelle is already quite powerful, she manages to ripen berries and forces their hunters to kill themselves or commit suicide.

    Kyle and Shawn meet up and Kyle expresses his doubts about Collier and his worries about Shawn.

    Tom and Kyle get along great.moreless
  • This is the catalyst for the future!

    This episode was quite amazing in it's own right, for the sole reason of the discovery in the end, which shows the goal of the 'Tower': returning probably one of the pivotal personalities of mankind to it's full mental capacities! Also, the final vision of Maia, the one of the Government treason, should be the fuel for many stories yet to come!

    What I'm saying is that the writers of 4400 are doing an excellent job in the script, bringing forward many story strings, from the tenacity of Collier's manipulation to the mystery of Isabelle, the child of Lily of Richard, who apparently can do anything at will!

    Good stuff.moreless
Dawn Chubai

Dawn Chubai


Guest Star

Chelah Horsdal

Chelah Horsdal

Mother of Carrie

Guest Star

Sean Tyson

Sean Tyson


Guest Star

Jody Thompson

Jody Thompson


Recurring Role

Jordan Lasorsa-Simon

Jordan Lasorsa-Simon


Recurring Role

Billy Campbell

Billy Campbell

Jordan Collier

Recurring Role

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    • (Maia is brought home from he sleepover)
      Diana: Maia, what's wrong?
      Neighbour: I'm sorry, I know it's late, but Maia really wanted to come home.
      Diana: Well why's that sweetie?
      Maia: I don't want to talk about it.
      Neighbour: Some of the girls, not my daughter, but some of the other girls, were teasing Maia because she says she has a crush on Frank Sinatra.
      Diana: Old blue eyes. Do you blame her?
      Neighbour: Most nine year olds don't even know who Frank Sinatra was.

    • (Diana is reading Maia's diary)
      Maia: (voice-over) Mommy's bosses will be punished for betraying us.

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    • Kyle: I've been to that place where you're living. There's some serious Stepford Wives vibes going on there, you know that, right?

      The Stepford Wives is a 1972 novel written by Ira Levin, which was subsequently made into movies in 1975 and 2004. In the novel and the movies, the wives of the town of Stepford have all been replaced with lookalike docile and subservient androids. In this case, Kyle is concerned with the cultlike nature of the 4400 Center where Shawn is staying.