The 4400

Season 2 Episode 2

Wake Up Call (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2005 on USA

Episode Recap

Richard and Lily try to get away in their car as Josiah fires a rifle through the car window.

Nina puts the sanitarium on quarantine, ordering Tom and Diana to stay away from the place.

Richard and Lily are unaware that Josiah and his sons are following them. His truck closes in, and forces Richard and Lily off the road and into the woods. Lily and Richard make their way on foot into the woods while Josiah and his sons are follow in pursuit with rifles in their hands.

Diana goes in to wake up Maia and finds Maia's diary hidden in her drawer. On the first page is written "Things I See".

Kyle and Shawn meet and have a long awaited reunion. Kyle thanks his cousin for healing him and tries to get Shawn to come back home to his family.

Lily is hungry and notices the un-ripened berries. Isabelle stares at them, causing them to ripe. Josiah and his sons catches up to Richard and Lily.

Shawn returns to the 4400 Center where Collier tells him that a woman with pancreatic cancer is coming to the place tonight, and her husband is willing to donate a 4400 Center in LA, but Shawn refuses to heal anyone tonight because of the earlier conversation he had with Kyle.

Josiah and sons close in on Richard and Lily and Richard jumps out on one of the sons, and hits him with a stick, knocking him to the ground. The gun goes off and Isabelle begins crying. Richard picks up the gun, pointing it at the men. Josiah appears from behind, and knocks him out with the butt of his rifle.

Nina discovers Tom and Diana's plans, to continue rebuilding the tower and takes Marco to the sanitarium, accompanied by armed men.

Lily hides in the woods, hearing Josiah shout out to her. Isabelle begins to cry and Josiah hears it, and he walks toward the sound. Richard yells for Lily to run.

The tower is almost finished when Tom sees Nina advancing; one of the armed guards smashes the glass. Tom orders the guards and Nina to wait and see what the outcome it before taking the tower down. Marco tells Tom that Tess's memories
of the future isn't real; they are from a short story. Tom doesn't believe and Nina orders the guards break the door down. Diana notice the guards advancing and turns the power switch of the tower. A high-pitched tone is heard and the blast of it knocks everyone to the ground.

Meanwhile, a gunshot is heard followed by Lily's screams, Richard runs toward the sound and finds Lily standing there and looking at Josiah. His son is lying on the ground, dead and it appears that Josiah has shot him. Isabelle stares at him and he suddenly clutches his chest and dies. The other son awakens from his fight with Richard and points his rifle at Richard and Lily, but he slowly begins to point the gun at his chin, and kills himself.

In the sanitarium, a patient named Kevin, Tess' best friend, speaks for the first time in years.

Shawn is angry at Collier and tells him that Kyle was right. He realizes Collier uses his abilities to bring money into his wallet. Shawn walks out.

Marco informs Nina, Tom and Diana that Kevin Burkhoff was a neuroscience professor who was trying to find ways to wake up parts of the brain that we do not use and he might be the father of 4400 technology.

Diana enters Maia's bedroom. She leans over and kisses her goodnight. She heeds the advice of Marco and steals the journal and begins to read it. It starts out normal at first, but turns into repeated sentences of "Mommy's bosses will be punished for betraying us." Diana, shocked by the words, closes the journal.