The 4400

Season 2 Episode 2

Wake Up Call (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2005 on USA

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  • Second part of a revealing season opener

    A revealing episode. Diana reads Maia diary and discover she does still have her predictive powers. One of her prediction even involves Diana's bosses directly.

    It's also revealed that Lily and RIchard's daughter, Isabelle, was the one responsible for Collier headaches, which cannot even be cured by Shawn. While Lily and Richard are on the run, it turns out that baby Isabelle is already quite powerful, she manages to ripen berries and forces their hunters to kill themselves or commit suicide.

    Kyle and Shawn meet up and Kyle expresses his doubts about Collier and his worries about Shawn.

    Tom and Kyle get along great.