The 4400

Season 2 Episode 2

Wake Up Call (2)

Aired Unknown Jun 05, 2005 on USA



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    • (Maia is brought home from he sleepover)
      Diana: Maia, what's wrong?
      Neighbour: I'm sorry, I know it's late, but Maia really wanted to come home.
      Diana: Well why's that sweetie?
      Maia: I don't want to talk about it.
      Neighbour: Some of the girls, not my daughter, but some of the other girls, were teasing Maia because she says she has a crush on Frank Sinatra.
      Diana: Old blue eyes. Do you blame her?
      Neighbour: Most nine year olds don't even know who Frank Sinatra was.

    • (Diana is reading Maia's diary)
      Maia: (voice-over) Mommy's bosses will be punished for betraying us.

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    • Kyle: I've been to that place where you're living. There's some serious Stepford Wives vibes going on there, you know that, right?

      The Stepford Wives is a 1972 novel written by Ira Levin, which was subsequently made into movies in 1975 and 2004. In the novel and the movies, the wives of the town of Stepford have all been replaced with lookalike docile and subservient androids. In this case, Kyle is concerned with the cultlike nature of the 4400 Center where Shawn is staying.

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