The 4400

Season 2 Episode 4

Weight of the World

Aired Unknown Jun 19, 2005 on USA



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: When Richard Tyler and Eric Papequash greet each other, they speak in Cheyenne.

    • Featured 4400s

      * Trent Appelbaum, disappeared 18 May 1989. His saliva causes people to lose weight rapidly.
      * Eric Papequash, disappeared 5 August 1955.

  • Quotes

    • Collier: Close your mouth, Shawn, you'll draw flies.

    • Richard: You offering me a job?
      Eric: They used to call us handymen. Now we're property managers.

    • Mrs. Papesquash: Not really much of a talker, are you Lily?
      Lily: I'm not really used to being in social situations these days.
      David: (to Richard) Now you are a lucky man. This one here, (points to his wife) well it's yap, yap, yap.

    • David: So Richard, we know what you were up to in 1951, how about lately?
      Richard: Well I've been working as an auto mechanic.
      David: Oh really? So what brings you to this part of the country? It's kind of remote for a vacation.
      Eric: They came to see me. Us 4400s, we gotta stick together. We have a bond that you mere humans will never understand.
      David: Eric, you freak me out when you talk about that 4400 unity crap.

    • Eric: The guy was 81. He was born four years after I was.
      Mrs. Papequash: Well luckily, I like older men.

    • Tom: But a 4400 putting his gift on the open market is a first. We wanna make sure nobody gets taken advantage of. Not you, not the buyer, other 4400s.
      Trent: You don't have to teach me about selling, I've been a salesman my whole life. Most of the stuff I pedal, junk. But now I've got a product that everybody wants and only I can provide. I am the damn product! Nobody's putting Trent Appelbaum back in the bottle.

    • (someone hands Kyle a flier)
      Kyle: Last days of Pompeii.
      Wendy: Yeah, they throw that party every year. You should go. Blow off some steam. You've earned it.
      Kyle: I hate to go alone. You up for it?
      Wendy: I probably flunked half the members of that frat.

    • (hands a bottle of water to Applebaum)
      Dimitri: I want you to take a sip, because if I'm right, and you made me lose all this weight, then the same thing should happen to my wife. Who though, I love very much, I do, could stand to lose maybe 20 pounds.
      Celeste: 30.

    • Trent: I'm sorry about your car.
      Elise: I'll ride a bus to work.
      Trent: I'm sorry about the television.
      Elise: I'll read a book.

    • Lily: Richard, I'm late. Like, I might be pregnant, late.
      Richard: You sure?
      Lily: No I'm not sure. I'm late.
      Richard: Well, we'll just have to wait and see.
      Lily: Wait and see?
      Richard: We'll go to the drug store and maybe get one of those test things.
      Lily: And what would you like it to say?
      Richard: I'd like it to say have a job, a house and a future, you're ready for another child. But, I don't think it's gonna say that.
      Lily: No, probably not.

    • Shawn: You can be a manipulative prick, you know that?
      Jordan Collier: Yeah, well it helps to use your entire skills set when you're trying to change the world.

    • Dimitri: These people who took you, they set you up for life. They snatched up a bum salesman. They sent you back, the human diet!
      Trent: The human diet. I like that.

    • Dimitri: I thought you 4400s got special powers. How come you're such a big nothing?
      Trent: Just lucky I guess.

    • Dimitri: In my business, we hear every sob story in the book. But I gotta tell you, yours is a new one. Disappeared fifteen years ago, came back and my wife died. Daughter dropped out of school. You got a bad break, but you borrowed the money, now you have to pay me back.

    • Elise: How'd it go today, Daddy? (Trent just stares) That bad, huh?
      Trent: Nobody wants to buy time shares in Wilmington, Idaho.

  • Notes

    • Featured Music

      "Walking Dead" by DJ Z-Trip feat. Chester Bennington
      "Banquet" by Bloc Party
      "Everybody's Leaving" by Elkland

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