The 4400

Season 1 Episode 5

White Light

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 2004 on USA

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  • Warren: “I’m coming.” Ryland: “I don’t care what the hell you do. Just keep your mouth shut and stay out of my way.” Don’t sugar-coat it, Ryland. Give it to him straight.

    Tom and Dianna have come a long way. Dianna was constantly there for Tom throughout the episode, even when Tom didn’t know he needed her. (My favorite scene was when they worked together to break Kyle out of custody.) Tom and Dianna finally have everything out in the open between the two, and they’re on the way to building a strong partnership. It’s been enjoyable to witness the transformation they’re relationship has experienced since the pilot, which is an impressive feat for a short five-episode season.

    Warren is becoming a serious nuisance. Locking up Kyle; going to Maia’s daycare. How intuitive of Maia to not like him. I hope he’s not back for next season; I really want Ryland to keep his job.

    Lilly’s baby has sickle cell anemia? That’s a surprise. Is Richard the father? I bet he is. That must be why Jordon wants them apart so bad. Jordon obviously wants to get the baby, but apparently she/he doesn’t like him. What did Lilly’s baby do to Jordon in that last scene? The child is obviously a powerful force, wonderfully symbolized by the bowing trees in that final scene.

    How could Sean’s mother yell at him like that? Sean didn’t mean to hurt Danny; he was simply defending himself. I can understand why Sean turned to Jordon. Sean’s whole family has turned their backs to him. I fear, though, these Jordon business can’t lead anywhere good.

    Kyle is a channel for the future to Tom. In the future, humanity is dying. The 4400 were taken and brought back in 2004, when the path leading to the catastrophe begun. An interesting idea that brings up many exciting possibilities for season two. Especially now that Tom has been chosen as the savior of humanity.

    I certainly enjoyed watching Tom loose his cool this episode, especially when he held the gun to Warren’s head. Don’t mess with Tom’s family. At least Kyle came back in the end, although with no memory of the past few weeks. I don’t think Tom would be very willing to work with the future if they had sacrificed his son.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Lilly and Richard are now on the run from Jordon.

    - Maia doesn’t want her visions. Like every other kid, she just wants to be normal.

    - Milo has a crush on Dianna.

    - Richard was falsely accused of attaching a white woman in 1945.

    - I can’t believe Warren shot Kyle. Tom would have been beyond pissed if he had died.

    - (Tom holds gun to Warren’s throat.)
    Warren: “Ryland, want to give me some help?”
    Ryland: “It’s a tough call.”

    - Dianna: “What are we going to do about Kyle.”
    Tom: “We?”
    Dianna: “Of course we.”

    - Tom: “When we were first assigned to the 4400 you were calling them disease vectors and viruses.”
    Dianna: “I know what I was calling them. Have you noticed any change in me lately. Maybe because, I don’t know, I have one of them living in my apartment?”

    Final Rating: 4 out of 4 stars. Now on to season two...

    - Tim Bronx
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