The 4400

Season 1 Episode 5

White Light

Aired Unknown Aug 08, 2004 on USA



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    • Linda: Kyle.
      Kyle: I'm not Kyle.
      Linda: Then who are you?
      Kyle: I don't know.

    • (the real Kyle Baldwin awakens)
      Kyle: Dad?
      Tom: Kyle?
      Kyle: What are you doing here? Where's, where's Shawn?
      Tom: Kyle?
      Kyle: Oh, I can, I can explain about the beer.
      Tom: No! Oh, forget the beer. You don't have to explain anything.
      (hugs him)

    • Tom: Who are you? What are you?
      Future Being: I'm human, like you.
      Tom: No. You're nothing like me.
      Future Being: I come from a different time. That is all.Your future.
      Tom: Is that where you took them? My nephew and all the others?
      Future Being: We needed them.
      Tom: For what?
      Future Being: To survive.

    • Shawn: I tried really hard and no matter what I've done, which way I've turned, it just… it sucks. I need to clear my head and get away for a while. I guess what I'm asking is if I could stay here for a while?
      Collier: Shawn, you're one of the 4400. As far as I'm concerned, you can stay here as long as you want.
      Shawn: That's great, man. Thanks. Thank you.

    • Shawn: Come on, Mom. Are you serious? The movies? Like, you and me?
      Susan: Is that so weird? We used to go to the movies all the time.
      Shawn: When I was six.

    • (Lily confronts Richard with a newspaper where he was accused of sexual assult)
      Lily: Aren't you gonna say something?
      Richard: It was my 23rd birthday. A bunch of guys from the barracks invited me out to a bar.
      Lily: You don't drink.
      Richard: Didn't then either. But these guys, it was a big deal them asking me to come along. In those days, Negroes and whites didn't do much socialising. So I went. It was kind of nice, you know. Then this woman started coming onto me. People started staring. So I figured it was time for me to get out of there. She followed me outside and asked me to go home with her. I declined respectfully. That's when she started screaming.
      Lily: That's it? That's all that happened?
      Richard: That's all it took in 1945.

    • Lily: Sickle cell anaemia? How can my baby have the trait for sickle cell anaemia? Unless the father's black.
      Richard: Maybe he is.
      Lily: What are you saying, Richard?
      Richard: I don't know. Maybe whoever took us used me as some kind of donor?

    • Dr. Mayhew: Your son is experiencing a dissociative disorder. That's not uncommon for newly awakened coma patients. He feels disconnected from his personality.
      Tom: We knew he'd need to adjust but he doesn't know who he is.

    • Maia: Don't worry. You'll find him.
      Tom: Find who?
      Maia: Your son, Kyle. He's the answer.
      Tom: The answer to what?
      Maia: Everything.

    • Diana: Tom really appreciates you helping him.
      Marco: I'm not doing it for Tom. (they stare at each other)

    • Diana: You suspected that Shawn had these abilities from the day of his coming home party and you never told me. Thanks for sharing.
      Tom: I never told Linda, either.
      Diana: But, your divorcing Linda. I'm your partner.

    • Ryland: You snatched that kid from a hospital? What were you thinking?
      Lyttel: He's the only witness to an abduction.
      Ryland: Kyle Baldwin can't remember his own name.
      Lyttel: Then we'll help him remember.

    • Maia: How long have you known that man?
      Diana: Who? Tony? About two years.
      Maia: He's very nice.
      Diana: Why do you say that?
      Maia: He's going to fall in love today.
      Diana: Tony? My God, good for him. It's not with me is it?
      Maia: Nope!
      Diana: Didn't think so.

    • Maia: How long am I going to be like this?
      Diana: Like what?
      Maia: I don't wanna know things before they happen. I wanna be normal, like I used to be.
      Diana: It's gonna be okay, sweetie. Besides, I mean, you know, who's normal anyway?
      Maia: You are.
      Diana: Ha. You wanna know a secret? Normal people, like me... they just wish they were special, like you.

  • Notes

    • The episode's title, "White Light", refers to spirituality and the human aura. In accounts of near-death experience, it is usually told that one goes through a tunnel towards a white light, namely towards God.

    • Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Brooke Nevin and Peter Coyote are no longer credited as series regulars after this episode. Though they all reprise their respective roles as guest stars in later episodes.

    • Featured Music

      "It's Been a While" by Staind
      "Talk Shows on Mute" by Incubus

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