The $50,000 Pyramid

(ended 1981)


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The $50,000 Pyramid

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This was the first time Bob Stewart had turned his Pyramid into a tournament. He had seen The $20,000 Pyramid taken off ABC the year before, and wanted to bring it back, bigger than ever. The result was a forerunner to the more successful syndicated series of the late 1980s, called The $100,000 Pyramid. Play on The $50,000 Pyramid was similar to the $10,000 (CBS) and $20,000 (ABC) versions, but with a twist. Each week of shows crowned a "Player of the Week," the contestant who could guess all seven clues in a front game category in the shortest amount of time. The Player of the Week came back for a single-elimination tournament of Players of the Weeks. Following the first week of these two-week tourneys, the three contestants who guessed all the front game clues in a category in the shortest amount of time came back for a second week of shows. This time, though, each front-game winner would go to the Winners' Circle for a chance at $50,000. That, of course, would be given away to the first contestant to reach the top of the Pyramid in 60 seconds or less. Scheduling of The $50,000 Pyramid was erratic. The first four weeks were rearranged to get the show off to the best conceivable start. Other uncontrollable factors conspired to dim the show's chances for success. The $50,000 Pyramid was stopped after nineteen weeks due to the Writers' Guild of America strike. Thus Bob Stewart and Dick Clark had egg on both their faces, victims of what was the most extremely dysfunctional season television had ever seen to that point. The network formerly known as CBN reran The $50,000 Pyramid briefly in the summer of 1982. Those reruns basically served to whet viewers for the show's return to CBS in early fall 1982, under the new title The $25,000 Pyramid. There is no editor for this show. If you would like to be the editor look here for details.


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