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The 700 Club

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The 700 Club is a long running Christian news and interview program produced by The Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
Today, The 700 Club, hosted by Pat Robertson, airs around the world on cable, on satellite and online. On cable systems, the show can be seen on The ABC Family Channel weekday mornings at 10:00am, and evenings at 11:00pm and the following morning at 2:00am.

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AIRED ON 4/29/2011

Season 39 : Episode 85


    What's the Better Channel: ABC Family or Cartoon Network/Adult Swim?

    This week's battle will NOT be family friendly!


    What to Watch This Weekend: The Walking Dead and the Premieres of Once Upon a Time and Boss

    Plus: Two Buffy vets visit Supernatural and internet abomination Fred returns for another TV movie.

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    • The 700 club review

      The 700 club is a very good program that teaches us to love God and to love one another. It shows how good people help one another, and how christians share the word of God. People have been transformed because of this program.
    • A strong dose of love, peace, forgiveness, miracles, charity and truths you won't hear elsewhere.

      It takes an open mind and willing heart! It is AMAZING how this show can be life-saving and fresh air to millions around the world, yet most young internet users will rip it to shreds, calling it evil, and worse. This show is intent on teaching the treasures of scripture and knowing God. Millions of people in need are helped by this ministry, they literally save countless lives. They teach how there is wickedness in this world and how it sneaks into our lives and distorts our vision. Yes, Pat dares stick close to the Bible's teachings, including the unpopular stuff. Is he often insensitive in his interpretations of things? YES. His son Gordon and other co-hosts are much more sensitive. The show keeps Love, charity, and healing at the core, with criticism of gov't and liberal political issues added in. We KNOW and even accept that governments (and most media) don't necessarily tell us the truth-- so why shouldn't we listen to viewpoints from someone whose only loyalty is to God? Understanding the whole picture requires laying aside things we disagree with long enough to truly experience this world of RELIEF from God that this show offers. And YES look to other places like The Purpose Driven Life and other classic Christian works to fully open the increasingly secret treasure to you. One teacher is not enough. Are not all our spirits yearning for love and honesty in this life? Believe nothing from an angry spirit. The flesh is wicked, but if we truly desire, our hearts and souls learn to see and breathe the sacred truth. This show helps me feel the very presence of God.moreless
    • This show is such a joke.

      Where do they come off calling people who are athiests and non-religious "satanists"? One time my ex-fiancee, who was catholic called the show and asked if it would be wrong for him to marry me, because i was athiest, and he said it would be, because i had to get rid of satan and have a relationship with god before i can get married and i was like WTF? When my ex-fiancee believed what the 700 club told him, i was like, this is some dude who's just using watered-down Christianity as a way to make money from the show. And where does Pat Robertson come off telling good christians to leave their spouces over alzheimers, telling them that a person with alzheimers is already "dead" to their spouce? That's not only breaking the vow till death do us part, but it also breaks the vow in sickness and in health.moreless
    • I considered this broadcast a trendsetter, because it's probably one of the very first Christian television programs with such a format. There's news, interviews with famous people (mostly Christians), health tips and much more.moreless

      The 700 Club is a special program produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) This Christian Network was the very first Christian Television Network in the United States. Bro. Pat Robertson is the founder of the network and also the host of the weekly telecast; The 700 Club. I'd like to also add that the 700 Club is the longest running religious television shows and reaches an average of one

      million Americans each day.

      It's amazing that one man (with the help of Jesus) could move his wife and family from New York to Virginia and arrive with only seventy dollars in his pockets. Now the real miracle was that he would go on to raise enough capital to purchase an old UHF television station that was bankrupt!! Starting from scratch, build this station into the Christian icon it is today.

      The 700 Club offers Christians and other supporter alike an opportunity to support dynamic programs such as "Operation

      Blessing" International Relief and Development Corporation. It's a nonprofit relief and development organization with a mission statement "to demonstrate God's love by alleviating

      human need and suffering in the United States and around

      the world".

      The 700 Club can be seen in 200 nations and can be heard in

      70 languages.moreless
    • Who the hell would watch this?

      first who believes the bull crap that stupid pat robertson says anyway. he claims god tells him things, he's a goddang liar. he says harry potter will send you to hell. it's a kids book. and he's like if you don't follow the same bull crap he does you will go to hell. people do you no how domb that stupid bastard is? well he is as foolish and unreliable as it gets. i have never liked him. he's doesnt realize what he's saying if he was he would not brainwash kids into believing his own mistakes! screw you pat robertson you piece of crap!moreless

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