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  • The 700 Club

    Time and time again I run a low to high and high to low fever watching The 700 Club. They say some good then they say some bad and then they say things that are totally contrary to the More recently Mr. Pat Robinson and his host spoke against the prior administration National Security official Susan Rice! Without any proof or trial by jury, both spoke assuredly of her guilt in being implicated in the illegal unmasking of individuals for political gain. What are they doing talking about her and politics and using their platform to advance both personal and political agendas! I am tired of running fevers watching this group and will now go forward take Acetaminophen in the way of changing the channel. They need to be more general to those things that they should be general to which the Bible does not speak directly, but be specific and factual to those things that the Bible does directly and keep that as the foundation of their continued syndication.
  • Pat Robinson

    Before Trump was elected, Pat Robinson said that he wasn't supposed to say whom he wanted for President nor tell anyone how to that comment, he's done the exact opposite! He's for Trump, no question about it making snide comments about President Obama. I think this is absolutely wrong, so I don't watch it everyday, like I used to. But when I do, Pat Robinson ALWAYS, talks politics and Trump this and Trump fact, his very first words on each show, pertain to Trump and politics!!!! Today is my last day of ever watching it again and wonder how many other people have stopped watching it because of his 'good buddy'Trump. Now after reading other comments about how Pat lives in a mansion and only 30 cents of each dollar goes to their 'missions', I wonder how much Trump 'donates' to Pat?? Pat Robinson should remember to practice what he preaches and Matthew 19:24 says "Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God".
  • 700 flub

    If you watch the years passed shows I wanna say 2013 and earlier. I have read on the credits only 30 cents of every dollar go to help the actual missions. No wonder has a mansion to do his Christmas specials from. The 700 club is an absolute joke. And their so called prayer line is a joke. Even before asking what my prayer was for they asked for a donation in exchange for a prayer. What a joke and a slap in the dace to Christians everywhere. Its no wonder people turn awY from the faith cause they see partial corruption in Christianity.
  • Satisfactory Conservative Christian Talk/Preaching

    The 700 Club has been on for many years, more than any other Christian show, and I think this is the gracious work of God. But there are some pros and cons to this show.


    -Quality news coverage with a Christian perspective (Pat or Gordon will usually provide the "two cents" to substantiate this)

    -Examples of Christian witness worldwide.

    -Interviews with experts on health, nutrition, finances, whenever the need arises.

    -Testimonials portraying critical events in people's lives, leading them to Christ.

    -Advice for spiritual matters, especially in the "Bring it On" section.


    -The testimonials, of course, by nature, can only be reenactments developed for broadcast, so they must be taken with a grain of salt sometimes (Christians are called to be "Bereans" concerning questionable scenarios, namely, testing them against Scripture)

    -Miracles can apparently, based on their teaching and through the viewer's prayer, be solicited from God for any pain or ailment. If it isn't totally up to God, and of course, rare, it isn't a miracle!

    -Pat believes in an old earth, which may be at odds with young-earth creationists (like me!) But that's not as critical.

    -Most importantly, unlike the other elements of the show, the "call to belief" would be of little relevance for those who already believe. If you're saved, you're on your way to heaven, period. They don't seem to cater to existing believers

    It's a great show, but just like anything, focus on what's relevant to you and your Christian doctrinal convictions.
  • The 700 Club

    The show makes religion look like an absolute joke. Pat Robertson is a delusional, senile, and a racist old man.

    "On the February 7, 2007 edition of The 700 Club, Robertson stated that people who have too much plastic surgery "got the eyes like they're Oriental" and stretched his eyelids in a manner stereotypical of

    "Robertson was criticized in September 2012 after a man named Michael called the The 700 Club asking for advice on what to do about his wife not respecting him. Robertson called the woman a "rebellious child" who did not want to "submit to any He jokingly suggested that Michael become a Muslim and move to Saudi Arabia where he could beat her. Critics noted that Robertson's comments about wife-beating were edited out of the episode when it appeared on the Christian Broadcasting Network"
  • The 700 club review

    The 700 club is a very good program that teaches us to love God and to love one another. It shows how good people help one another, and how christians share the word of God. People have been transformed because of this program.
  • A strong dose of love, peace, forgiveness, miracles, charity and truths you won't hear elsewhere.

    It takes an open mind and willing heart! It is AMAZING how this show can be life-saving and fresh air to millions around the world, yet most young internet users will rip it to shreds, calling it evil, and worse. This show is intent on teaching the treasures of scripture and knowing God. Millions of people in need are helped by this ministry, they literally save countless lives. They teach how there is wickedness in this world and how it sneaks into our lives and distorts our vision. Yes, Pat dares stick close to the Bible's teachings, including the unpopular stuff. Is he often insensitive in his interpretations of things? YES. His son Gordon and other co-hosts are much more sensitive. The show keeps Love, charity, and healing at the core, with criticism of gov't and liberal political issues added in. We KNOW and even accept that governments (and most media) don't necessarily tell us the truth-- so why shouldn't we listen to viewpoints from someone whose only loyalty is to God? Understanding the whole picture requires laying aside things we disagree with long enough to truly experience this world of RELIEF from God that this show offers. And YES look to other places like The Purpose Driven Life and other classic Christian works to fully open the increasingly secret treasure to you. One teacher is not enough. Are not all our spirits yearning for love and honesty in this life? Believe nothing from an angry spirit. The flesh is wicked, but if we truly desire, our hearts and souls learn to see and breathe the sacred truth. This show helps me feel the very presence of God.
  • This show is such a joke.


    Where do they come off calling people who are athiests and non-religious "satanists"? One time my ex-fiancee, who was catholic called the show and asked if it would be wrong for him to marry me, because i was athiest, and he said it would be, because i had to get rid of satan and have a relationship with god before i can get married and i was like WTF? When my ex-fiancee believed what the 700 club told him, i was like, this is some dude who's just using watered-down Christianity as a way to make money from the show. And where does Pat Robertson come off telling good christians to leave their spouces over alzheimers, telling them that a person with alzheimers is already "dead" to their spouce? That's not only breaking the vow till death do us part, but it also breaks the vow in sickness and in health.

  • I considered this broadcast a trendsetter, because it's probably one of the very first Christian television programs with such a format. There's news, interviews with famous people (mostly Christians), health tips and much more.

    The 700 Club is a special program produced by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) This Christian Network was the very first Christian Television Network in the United States. Bro. Pat Robertson is the founder of the network and also the host of the weekly telecast; The 700 Club. I'd like to also add that the 700 Club is the longest running religious television shows and reaches an average of one
    million Americans each day.

    It's amazing that one man (with the help of Jesus) could move his wife and family from New York to Virginia and arrive with only seventy dollars in his pockets. Now the real miracle was that he would go on to raise enough capital to purchase an old UHF television station that was bankrupt!! Starting from scratch, build this station into the Christian icon it is today.

    The 700 Club offers Christians and other supporter alike an opportunity to support dynamic programs such as "Operation
    Blessing" International Relief and Development Corporation. It's a nonprofit relief and development organization with a mission statement "to demonstrate God's love by alleviating
    human need and suffering in the United States and around
    the world".

    The 700 Club can be seen in 200 nations and can be heard in
    70 languages.
  • Who the hell would watch this?

    first who believes the bull crap that stupid pat robertson says anyway. he claims god tells him things, he's a goddang liar. he says harry potter will send you to hell. it's a kids book. and he's like if you don't follow the same bull crap he does you will go to hell. people do you no how domb that stupid bastard is? well he is as foolish and unreliable as it gets. i have never liked him. he's doesnt realize what he's saying if he was he would not brainwash kids into believing his own mistakes! screw you pat robertson you piece of crap!
  • Pat Robertson acting like a right wing ass. What's new?

    This show is about Pat Robertson and his crusade to turn everybody around the world into "good christians". Instead he takes christianity and perverts to the extent of unwatchability. The show becomes an hour of Robertson and evil minions sharing their hard right conservative views about why we should assassinate heads of state, and why liberals and homosexuals are going to hell because of their views. Robertson also has so called "experts" that always tells stuff from Robertsons point of view without any counterpoint from the other side. This jackass should have been taken off the air years ago but thanks to his legion of followers who donate obscene amounts of cash to him monthly this show is unfortunaltley alive and well. In all just stay away from this program god will thank you in the end.
  • The 700 Club is such an amazing and touching show. They teach and show you many things and how to live a life for God. It's a life inspiration show that can help.

    Whenever I watch this show I always feel the Holy Spirit and how God works in my life. I love how God has blessed this broadcast so much. 700 Club goes out and gives help to those in need, and prayer for the hurting. God gives me peace and strength to get through each and everyday I try my best to lean on him. God has such a great plan for us and he's doing something so special in my life, and in yours. There's heart warming stories in this program and great ways to learn how to do things. God works in such mysterious ways his blessings are so good even though we don't deserve them. Jesus Christ God's son died on the cross so we can have his gift eternal life. I always learned to contact God first in all situations, his way is always the best way. God is in control and is taking care of me. I always give God the glory and praise even when things go bad. God forgives every time I sin there is no perfect person or Christian. God forgives because he loves so us so much. This show is a great way to have a wonderful relationship with God. God Bless.
  • It's unintentionally funny because it's so bad. If your a right wing conservative rebublican that follows like sheep, then this is the show for you.

    This is just a show that promotes it's right wing conservative rebulican agenda. It's funny how they attack people on this show that do not agree with them. The hosts act like they are experts in many fields. Their stories are completly one sided. And they never have any body from the other side to defend against the 700's attacks and lies. They think every little thing will lead to the down fall of the world. And I want to know what they spend all that money on that they ask people to donate to them. And who would give their money to these people.
  • News from a Biblical perspective, miracles, charity and lots more!

    I started watching this about 5 years ago, finding it an informative program for international news. But it is so much more than that. My favorite segment are the testimonies when people talk about Jesus and how he has worked in and changed their lives for the better. I too have experienced miracles and felt the presence of God, even while watching this special program. Its good to hear others who talk vividly about the God I know and love. It strengthens my faith. This show is a daily inspiration to believers of the Lord, Jesus Christ. It also reminds us about people in the world who are hurting and has a great outreach to them.
  • Pat robinson pulls facts out of his ass and blabs about republican stuff.

    I must say this is THE most right wing show I have EVER seen. Pat Robinson sits there saying totally offensive things, makes up facts including remarks that Chavez(a 3 time democraticly elected president all of which were observed by the UN to make sure they were fair) is a dictator and needs to be assassinated! Pat is THE face of evil and spreds the word of jesus in exactlly the opposite way the bible says.Ofcourse pat says lots of crazy things including "Hitler wasn't that evil" and "Ofcourse I voted for Bush it's the only way to bring peace".
  • retire already

    i can't stand this guy, he gives christians a bad name. why you ask, thanks to him, everybody and their mother stereotypes christians because they igorantly assume all christians are like him. this man knows about as much about society as a monk does. the man is also a hasbeen, who needs to retire. the last thing i really can't stand are all those fundraiser shows they do, geez, enough already!!
  • The worst TV show of all time.

    If you've seen bad TV shows that were awful, then you can forget about those. This is what a bad TV show IS really like. I mean look who hosts it. It's Pat Robertson, the same guy who said the US should "take out" Chaves. This is also the most offensive TV show of all time. You can forget about violence, laungage and sex in movies and TV because they are nothing compaired to this show. For all the offensive things he says on this show towards gays, other religions and cultures, I'm suprized that this is still on the air.
  • Pat Robertson is the reason why america can really blow at times

    Really this is the worst show to ever exist. Pat Robertson goees around and say \\\\\\\"OMFG you are teh G** God Iz Gonna Kill U N00b While I LAUGH!!!!!!!111!!!\\\\\\\" Pat Robertson is the biggest idiot to ever exist. If you are dumb enough to belive him then my dog is smarter then you. yes the creature which rams his head into the table. I think he leads a gigantic cult. He is one of the reason people hate america. I mean he says god let me leg press a ton or they hate god beacause the hate bush give it a rest

  • pat robertson is an idiot

    i cannot understand why anyone with an iq above 20 would ever listen to the crap that comes out of pat robertsons mouth. his idea of america is very small. i am all for freedom of religion. i don't have a problem with the bible or churches in general. i think they can be great things in all communities. but this jackass seems to think that the only people that matter are the small minded fools that he can brainwash and bilk them out of money.
  • Pat Robertson and the rest of the bats in his belfry.

    Pat Robertson is insane. There are no two ways about it.

    Somehow the man survived the televangelist scandals of the 1980s to continue his show, named after the initial number of high-level donors. Since then he has been linked to support of diamond mines in Rhodesia, where oppressive and violent government is the rule of the day, and his so-called charities are just shells to raise funds for his own organization; they never give most of their money to the alleged targets.

    That's just the tip of the iceberg. Wait 'til you get to the bogus, extremely slanted 'news' programming, Pat's claims to heal people just by virtue of them hearing him say their names on the air, and the big prize, Pat's periodic batfeathers crazy threats against international leaders. Who can forget the stark raving shock of hearing him proclaim it would be all right to drop a nuclear bomb on the State Department, or have the U.S. 'take out' the president of Venezuela? Anybody else who did this would spend the rest of their natural lives in either a federal prison or a mental asylum. But shamefully, Pat gets to keep trading on his religious beliefs.

    Some say vampires don't exist. I say Pat proves otherwise.
  • This show is all about Pat "The Devil" Robertson and his evil henchmen/henchwomen on their mission to tell intelligent Americans what to believe... (Actual score below 1)

    I have seen programs of this show and they are all the same, they hate homosexuals, the leftists, and everyone else who aren't them...and Pat thinks he's better than everyone else, well, he's not.. I seriously think that all the stations carrying this show should scale the show back or put it in a timeslot that is not going to be seen by the majority of the human race.
  • It\'s time for Pat Robertson to be taken off the air.

    Ugh... the worst show ever. I wish Pat Robertson would die a slow, painful death. He is bigoted and homophobic. He acts as if everybody who does not believe what he does is going to hell. Now, I understand being Christian, and I'm perfectly fine if he's Christian. But bigotry and inflammatory tosswank is a whole other story. For example, he bashes Cannibal Corpse, the best band in the world, and says that they are evil, that they are Satan, other bull's dung. He shouldn't be spewing his hateful sludge anywhere. Why do they give this guy attention? It's time for Pat Robertson to be taken off the air. I seriously hate him.
  • You shouldn't watch this show to be a good Christian.

    Pat Robertson is like the only one of those evangelists who do this every weekday. Let me tell you this, Christianity should not be used to promote any of his stuff. It should be used to give to the poor and needy. Pat Robertson just uses the donations to his company to hire missionaries, the most pointless type of person ever. It's always biased. They always say abortionists instead of pro-choice. They always say satanism instead of Harry Potter. They always air news programs and give any Christian part in the news a sympathetic view, even the psycho Christians. Please Disney, which owns ABC, which owns ABC Family, which airs this show due to their contract, try to find a way to end this show. Disclaimers won't help!

    I dont get it altough I gave it a 3 cause' it is trying to teach the word of God which is good in my eyes. but it is so boring! It is one of those shows that when I can't sleep I get up and turn it on if it is on and i am a sleep in like 30 min. thats like the only thing I think is wrong with it. I mean it is sending a good message you know what it is teaching or trying to teach you but in order to get the message you have to be able to stay awake through the show I mean come on!