The 700 Club

Weekdays 10:00 AM on ABC Family Premiered Apr 01, 1966 In Season


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  • Pat Robertson and the rest of the bats in his belfry.

    Pat Robertson is insane. There are no two ways about it.

    Somehow the man survived the televangelist scandals of the 1980s to continue his show, named after the initial number of high-level donors. Since then he has been linked to support of diamond mines in Rhodesia, where oppressive and violent government is the rule of the day, and his so-called charities are just shells to raise funds for his own organization; they never give most of their money to the alleged targets.

    That's just the tip of the iceberg. Wait 'til you get to the bogus, extremely slanted 'news' programming, Pat's claims to heal people just by virtue of them hearing him say their names on the air, and the big prize, Pat's periodic batfeathers crazy threats against international leaders. Who can forget the stark raving shock of hearing him proclaim it would be all right to drop a nuclear bomb on the State Department, or have the U.S. 'take out' the president of Venezuela? Anybody else who did this would spend the rest of their natural lives in either a federal prison or a mental asylum. But shamefully, Pat gets to keep trading on his religious beliefs.

    Some say vampires don't exist. I say Pat proves otherwise.