The 700 Club

Weekdays 10:00 AM on ABC Family Premiered Apr 01, 1966 In Season


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  • You shouldn't watch this show to be a good Christian.

    Pat Robertson is like the only one of those evangelists who do this every weekday. Let me tell you this, Christianity should not be used to promote any of his stuff. It should be used to give to the poor and needy. Pat Robertson just uses the donations to his company to hire missionaries, the most pointless type of person ever. It's always biased. They always say abortionists instead of pro-choice. They always say satanism instead of Harry Potter. They always air news programs and give any Christian part in the news a sympathetic view, even the psycho Christians. Please Disney, which owns ABC, which owns ABC Family, which airs this show due to their contract, try to find a way to end this show. Disclaimers won't help!