The 700 Club

Weekdays 10:00 AM on ABC Family Premiered Apr 01, 1966 In Season


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  • Pat Robertson acting like a right wing ass. What's new?

    This show is about Pat Robertson and his crusade to turn everybody around the world into "good christians". Instead he takes christianity and perverts to the extent of unwatchability. The show becomes an hour of Robertson and evil minions sharing their hard right conservative views about why we should assassinate heads of state, and why liberals and homosexuals are going to hell because of their views. Robertson also has so called "experts" that always tells stuff from Robertsons point of view without any counterpoint from the other side. This jackass should have been taken off the air years ago but thanks to his legion of followers who donate obscene amounts of cash to him monthly this show is unfortunaltley alive and well. In all just stay away from this program god will thank you in the end.