The 700 Club

Weekdays 10:00 AM on ABC Family Premiered Apr 01, 1966 In Season


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  • This show is such a joke.


    Where do they come off calling people who are athiests and non-religious "satanists"? One time my ex-fiancee, who was catholic called the show and asked if it would be wrong for him to marry me, because i was athiest, and he said it would be, because i had to get rid of satan and have a relationship with god before i can get married and i was like WTF? When my ex-fiancee believed what the 700 club told him, i was like, this is some dude who's just using watered-down Christianity as a way to make money from the show. And where does Pat Robertson come off telling good christians to leave their spouces over alzheimers, telling them that a person with alzheimers is already "dead" to their spouce? That's not only breaking the vow till death do us part, but it also breaks the vow in sickness and in health.