The 700 Club

Weekdays 10:00 AM on ABC Family Premiered Apr 01, 1966 In Season


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  • A strong dose of love, peace, forgiveness, miracles, charity and truths you won't hear elsewhere.

    It takes an open mind and willing heart! It is AMAZING how this show can be life-saving and fresh air to millions around the world, yet most young internet users will rip it to shreds, calling it evil, and worse. This show is intent on teaching the treasures of scripture and knowing God. Millions of people in need are helped by this ministry, they literally save countless lives. They teach how there is wickedness in this world and how it sneaks into our lives and distorts our vision. Yes, Pat dares stick close to the Bible's teachings, including the unpopular stuff. Is he often insensitive in his interpretations of things? YES. His son Gordon and other co-hosts are much more sensitive. The show keeps Love, charity, and healing at the core, with criticism of gov't and liberal political issues added in. We KNOW and even accept that governments (and most media) don't necessarily tell us the truth-- so why shouldn't we listen to viewpoints from someone whose only loyalty is to God? Understanding the whole picture requires laying aside things we disagree with long enough to truly experience this world of RELIEF from God that this show offers. And YES look to other places like The Purpose Driven Life and other classic Christian works to fully open the increasingly secret treasure to you. One teacher is not enough. Are not all our spirits yearning for love and honesty in this life? Believe nothing from an angry spirit. The flesh is wicked, but if we truly desire, our hearts and souls learn to see and breathe the sacred truth. This show helps me feel the very presence of God.