The A-List: New York

Monday 10:00 PM on LOGO Premiered Oct 04, 2010 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Reunion: Part 2
      Episode 12
      The A-List boys are back and after seeing the show, they're ready to face off and reveal what kind of drama has happened since.
    • Reunion: Part 1
      Episode 11
      The A-List boys are back and after seeing the show, they're ready to face off and reveal what kind of drama has happened since.
    • The group heads to Atlantic City to finish off the summer with one final party. But which one will the boys attend? Austin and Jake’s bachelor party or Nyasha’s singing debut?
    • 9/26/11
      The drama continues as the group plans an Atlantic City weekend filled with booze, bachelors, and, of course, plenty of bad behavior.With the weekend barely even started you've got to wonder - why can't we all just get along?
    • Alliances shift and tables are turned as Austin continues to alienate those closest to him. He and Jake continue to plan their wedding even though their relationship has dissolved to nothing more than fake smiles.
    • 9/12/11
      At a chic Hamptons fundraiser, Austin must prove to his husband Jake that he is capable of having a platonic relationship with Reichen. Austin takes an opportunity to pull Derek aside to beg for his forgiveness, but will Derek hear him out?
    • 8/29/11
      Austin's on the outs as Nyasha makes her move at securing friendships to support her company's new product line. Reichen's the only guy left who will even talk to Austin. Jake's suspicions grow as he suddenly becomes a third wheel to his own boyfriend.
    • 8/22/11
      Ryan enlists the A-Listers to walk in his runway show, but with Austin in the same room as Derek & Nyasha, the real show ends up backstage. Shifting alliances & unexpected betrayals cast Austin out of his social circle and onto a path to self-destruction.
    • Unholy Alliances
      Episode 4
      Things come full circle as Derek and Austin’s newfound friendship falls apart after Austin befriends Derek’s ex. Horrified by this betrayal, Derek decides to teach Austin a lesson by teaming up with sworn enemies.
    • Bestie Break-up
      Episode 3
      Betrayals and breakups push the group over the edge as Austin confronts his friends on their lack of loyalty and tries to prove that he is not an embarrassing drunk by throwing a cocktail party.
    • 8/1/11
      Friendships are put to the test as Rodiney considers taking legal action against Austin. Meanwhile, Austin's upcoming nude photo shoot is straining his relationship with Jake.
    • Dirty Exposure
      Episode 1
      The entire high-rolling, label-whoring, beach-house-hopping cast returns, with some new frenemies and besties, including fierce gal-pal Nyasha, added to the mix.
  • Season 1
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