The A-Team

Season 4 Episode 4

A Lease with an Option to Die

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 1985 on NBC



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    • Mrs Baracas: Murdock, you are the craziest fella I've ever met! I think I want to adopt you.
      Murdock: Well then maybe I can be the long lost brother he (points to BA) never had!
      BA: Maybe you could be the ghost I never had if you don't shut up, fool!

    • Mrs. Baracus: I'm gonna call my son, and he's gonna take care of each and every one of you.
      Thug: Ooooh!
      Thug #2: We're shakin' in our boots, lady. Who is this guy -- King Kong?

    • Murdock: We're just waiting for our final clearance.
      B.A: Momma's waiting, Fool!
      Murdock: And there it is.

    • Hannibal: It's long distance. It's for Mr. B.A. Baracus, the head of the A-Team.
      Murdock and Face: Oh-h-h-h!

    • (B.A. has claimed that he is the leader of A-Team, after the case is solved)
      Hannibal: Ah, he loves it when a plan comes together.

    • Mrs Baracus: He doesn´t look like a crazy man.
      Murdock: Wait till you get to know me.

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    • King Kong is referenced after the attack on B.A.'s momma.

      King Kong is fictional giant ape and the subject of a number of movies and television programs. The first appearance of King Kong was in 1933, in a film of the same name.