The A-Team

Season 2 Episode 21

Deadly Maneuvers

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 28, 1984 on NBC

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  • Revenge Against The A-Team

    It had to happen eventually.Somebody other the Military,Local,State,and Federal Law Enforcement are after the The A-Team.The only difference is,those seeking the a-team are not good-guys.At lease Colonels Lynch,and Deckers have some measure of goodness in them.They wanted glory in capturing The A-Team.The ones who are tracking the A-Team in this episode are bad-guy mercenaries hired by an unknown group of criminal all of whom were at one time foiled by The A-Team.They seek only destuction of The A-Team.The mercenaries headed by Major Douglas Kyle uses The Teams weaknesses against them to lure them into their clutches.A Woman to lure Face,a Dg pretending to be hurt to lure Murdoch,and Milk to make BA ill.Hannibal drank some of the milk,but not as much as BA had drank.Hannibal takes him to a local Doctor,except the man is not a Doctor,but one of Kyles men.Hannibal recognizes a gold watch that the Milkman was wearing,and before he can get himself,and BA out of there a gunfight ensues.He is forced to leave BA.He contacts Tawnia to contact Maggie Sullivan,a Doctor who helped BA when he was wounded on a previous episode.Maggie administers antidotes to Hannibal,and later to BA.With help from Tawnia Hannibal manages to rescue his Team,foil Kyle,and his gang,and save the lives of a Dairy Farm Owner whos wife,and child were held hostage by Kyle.