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Music edits in episodes on DVD?

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    Hi. Now this topic may have been covered before, but as this is my first day as a registered fan on tv.com, I thought I'd ask for any other fans comments.

    I'm putting together a list of songs used throughout the series, but as I don't (I'm ashamed to reveal) have any of the series DVD box sets as yet, I'm not sure what has been left in and what has been changed. The main reason for not having the box sets are the musical edits that are, I believe, mentioned on the region 2 releases. So I'm not that ashamed at the moment!

    For instance, The Rolling Stones' Jumping Jack Flash appears in MEXICAN SLAYRIDE (Pt.1) when it is screened on tv, but has been replaced by other music on the DVD.

    Does Blondie's One Way Or Another appear at the beginning and end of INCIDENT AT CRYSTAL LAKE on disc? And how about Elvis belting out Jailhouse Rock in THE HEART OF ROCK N' ROLL?

    I think there's a terrific selection of songs in that Rick James episode, though I realise it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Same goes for COWBOY GEORGE and the surreal image of the wages truck being hijacked and the team getting in on the action as Boy George does his opening act on the Floor 'Em stage! But they chose three songs I really like.

    And is that the only episode to have music other than the A-Team theme playing over the final credits?

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