The A-Team

Season 1 Episode 9

Holiday in the Hills

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 22, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof:
      When Hannibal is trying to draw the hillbillies' attention away from the crash site, he jumps and hides in the water until they pass him. Then he runs back to the A-Team and his clothes are dry.

  • Quotes

    • Face: I like working for the church now and then - insurance against judgment day.

    • (Face and Murdock are carrying an unconscious B.A. out of an airplane)
      Murdock: I ain't knocking him out no more. This is the last time I'm carrying him.
      Face: You think it's easy on this end? I've got 200 pounds of gold pulling me down.
      Murdock: Maybe it would help if we took the jewelery off.
      Face: No, can't. I think he's got it hooked up to a burglar alarm.

    • B.A.: And where'd you come from?
      Murdock: When I get that figured out, I can drop out of analysis.

    • Face: Hannibal, sometimes I think you're crazier than Murdock.
      Hannibal: Sometimes I am.

    • Face: (after B.A. is given a shot) Why does he always fall on the horn?
      Hannibal: Beats me.

    • Face: Uh, Murdock, what's going to happen?
      Murdock: Looks like we're going to crash.
      Face: No, what's really going to happen?
      Murdock: Looks like we're going to crash and die.

    • Murdock: I got no fear, I'll go up in anything, except an elevator.

    • Murdock: Thank you for flying miracle airlines, where lady luck is your co-pilot.

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