The A-Team

Season 1 Episode 11

One More Time

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 12, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • While Face and Hannibal are on the motorcycle, being chased by Lynch, they turn down Romaine Street, where the chase takes them close to the Auricon building. Built in 1954, this building stood at the corner of Romaine and Mansfield. It was home to Bach Auricon, a company that pioneered a sound-on-film system, resulting in cameras that were lightweight, quiet, and popular for shooting documentaries and television newsreels in the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. Sadly, the building was demolished in 2006.

      The chase also takes them past Hollywood Tow, which is still in business and still in the same location on Mansfield Avenue.

    • Goof: The military informs the A-Team that a DC-3 is the best plane to get to the country Borneo.
      There is no such country. The island of Borneo is in fact shared by the three countries Brunei, Malaysia, and Indonesia, as Face correctly points out later in the episode.

    • Goof: When Hannibal and Face are on a motorcycle and being chased by Lynch it is obvious that during the jumps that there is a dummy on the back of the motorcycle.

  • Quotes

    • B.A.: I die before I fly.

    • Army officer: Excuse me, we're looking for an actor named Lynch.
      Lynch: His real name is John Smith; he's using "Lynch" as an alias.
      Movie director: "Lynch?" Huh, you'd think he could do better than that.

    • (to Amy)
      Murdock: I love it when you're angry.

    • Amy: Where's the pilot?
      Murdock: Well, it was kind of strange. I was just standing there talking to him and all of a sudden he fell in my arms.
      Amy: You knocked him out.
      Murdock: Let's not get technical.

    • (Murdock answering his phone)
      Murdock: I'm sorry, but you've reached a disconnected number. Now if you feel that you've reached this recording in error, how do you think I feel?

    • (at gunpoint by Lynch and team)
      B.A.: You're crazy, man. What were you trying to do?
      Hannibal: I was trying to warn you. Lynch is coming.
      B.A.: Thanks.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Murdock: I've been practicing my psychic image, my self-esteem, and a little bit of that 'I'm OK, you're OK' stuff.

      I'm OK, You're OK was a self-help book by Thomas Anthony Harris, first published in 1969 and still in print today.

    • When they are captured, Face says, "Hannibal, this might be a good time to call 'King's X.'"

      "King's X" is a children's term used to call for a temporary truce in a fight or a time-out in a game (sometimes accompanied by raising fingers crossed in an X). The expression dates back to the 1800s or possibly earlier.

    • Murdock rattles off, "Bail Out Over Borneo, it's Tracy and Hepburn, right? 1942, REO Studios, nominated for best musical in the jungle." There is, of course, no such movie -- and Tracy and Hepburn never made a musical together -- but 1942 was the year of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn's first cinematic collaboration, "Woman of the Year." They actually appeared together in two films that year; the second one was "Keeper of the Flame."

      "REO Studios" is probably a veiled reference to RKO Studios (the real REO Studios is a recording studio on Cape Cod); however, Tracy and Hepburn's first seven movies together were MGM films; the last two came from 20th Century Fox and Columbia Pictures.

    • While following the DC-3 to Borneo, Murdock makes several allusions to "Sky King," which was a radio show in the 1940s and '50s, and also a television show in the 1950s. Schuyler (or Skyler) "Sky" King was a pilot and rancher in Arizona, where he lived with his niece, Penny; he called his plane "Songbird."

      He also does a very nice imitation of a submarine dive klaxon -- followed by a quick Tarzan ("Me Tarzan. You Jane.") reference.

    • Murdock's "If you feel you have reached this recording in error" line is an imitation of Lily Tomlin's ditzy switchboard operator, Ernestine.

    • The tune that Murdock sings to the monkey in the V.A. hospital is an old minstrel song called "Animal Fair" (though Murdock's lyrics do not quite match the original).