The A-Team

Season 5 Episode 9

Point of No Return

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 1986 on NBC

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  • An adventure of moderately epic porportions, wrapped up in an hour. Yup. The A-Team.

    This episode was average A-Team. One of the team is in danger, the rest need to ply their talents to save them. Yup. Typical. What made it different? Nuclear material. Stockwell. And...well, isn't that enough?

    Having Stockwell in the mix shook up what was a typical plot. Having the nuclear material ramped up the danger level, as if it wasn't dangerous enough for the fans to have Hannibal in grave danger.

    There was a level of fun in this episode, and a decent ammount of action. There were surprises and double crosses and a little bit of costumery. Oh, and the return of a fight between BA and someone just as big.

    So, this is The A-Team back in action Stockwell style. Back to average for the Fifth Season.
  • You don't watch this episode for the team. You watch it for Stockwell.

    The fifth season of The A-Team introduced an, in my opinion, fascinating character: General Hunt Stockwell. He straddled the line of good guy/bad guy nicely. Morally ambiguous, strict and one with an interesting and mysterious past.

    So it comes to no one's surprise when we learn in this episode that Stockwell spent some time as a spy in the far East. He steals the show, taking command of the team in Hannibal's absence. The team's attempts to find Hannibal on their own come off a little cheesy and are at times, a little disrespectful to their actual abilities. The emotional scene in which they confront Stockwell concerning Hannibal's supposed death is still a highlight though. The emotion in the scene is a rarity in the series.

    The plot is rather simple and resolved rather easily and with an edge of corniness. There's no real tension as to whether Hannibal is dead. It allows this new character to steal the show, similar to how he did in the "The Say U.N.C.L.E. Affair". For some hardcore fans of the series, it's hard to swallow.

    For someone who can appreciate the fifth season for what it tried to do, namely to reinvigorate and partially revamp the show, it's an episode you'll want to watch. As an A-Team episode on itself, it's average.