The A-Team

Season 5 Episode 9

Point of No Return

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 21, 1986 on NBC



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    • Face: Frankie, there's not a shred of hard evidence that says that he(Hannibal)'s dead.
      Frankie: Yeah, except that goon back there who says he was killed!
      Murdock: (yelling) Well, you shouldn't be listening to goons!
      (Everyone is silent for a minute)
      Murdock: I'm, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's just that goons are not a very reliable source of information you know.

    • Stockwell: Is there a problem?
      Murdock: Yes. We do not believe that Hannibal is dead, General.
      Stockwell: That's an interesting fantasy, but we don't deal in fantasies in this business.

    • Murdock: Stockwell? Stockwell? Stockwell doesn't give a rats tail whether Hannibal is alive or dead!
      B.A.: You got that right crazy man.

    • Stockwell: Check us in, the name is Robins.
      Face: Come on Murdock, let's go.
      Frankie: Hey! Where you guys going huh? What's happening?
      Face: Well, if you were in a strange town and you need to find somebody, who do you ask?...Cab driver.
      Frankie: Ah. Yeah, but Stockwell said to stay right here and check in.
      Murdock: Well, that's great, that's great, you just do that, that's great.
      Frankie: (To B.A.) Come on.

    • Stockwell: Where are Peck and Murdock?
      Frankie: Uh, well, Face... he saw a woman... that he knows. And Murdock -- he, he saw...
      B.A.: Somethin' in his head. Ain't no tellin' what it was!

    • One of the funniest lines ever heard on the A-Team. Frankie and Murdock have both come in contact with a leaking radioactive container. And, fearing they have radio active poisoning, they spend the rest of the show wondering what will become of them. While working on loosening Hannibal's restraints, Frankie turns to Murdock.

      Frankie: There are so many things I wanted to do in life, get married, have kids....MURDOCK, do you think we'll ever be able to have children?
      Murdock: I dunno Frankie, I don't think I know you well enough.

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    • Five months after this episode aired, Dustin Nguyen (Bobby) began starring in the new Stephen J. Cannell series, 21 Jump Street..

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