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  • Paper Toy of Hannibal

    As a big fan of the show, I've made this :
  • The A team

    CHEESY LUDICROUS DUMB but entertaing 8os action show with colorful characters and innovative action sequences with obvious stunt doubles and okish performances .
  • UNIVERSAL STUDIOS TOP 6 shows 80's including BAYWATCH tv hasn't done anything good since these 7shows off Air

    THE ATEAM SERIES watched as skid + AIRWOLF + ORIGINAL David Hasselhoff KNIGHTRIDER + MAGNUM . + six Million Dollar Man + The Incredible Hulk UNIVERSAL STUDIOS 6 top series in 80's all best no show today has done any good. Since 90's -2013(present) today except BAYWATCH BIGGEST SHOW ON PLANET Unbeaten in 1989-2000 joins classic shows
  • I loved it when a plan came together......

    This show had it all: Action, explosions, car chases and big wrecks, cool military weaponry, hot women, and the always classic tag line; "I love it when a plan comes together". The A-Team went to a place television hadnt been as four innocent commandos from a war America hated were on the run for a crime they didnt commit. Yet these guys would stick their necks out each week, taking on the mob, crooked cops, bad politicians, big business or whoever was foolish enough to get in their way. They were the ultimate heroes who managed to always save the day and yet never kill a single person. OK so it may be corny to expect that this type of violence would result in no casualties, but hey, they were the bigger than life heroes who always saved the day. Personally I have never found another show that captured the excitement and drama that the A-Team brought us each week. And I pity the fool that would disagree! :)
  • Snuck out of kindergarden to meet Mr. T

    This show will always have fond memories for me. The crazy contraptions that B.A. produced could almost be the blunt force power to MacGyver's finesse. Even now when I watch the DVD's my mind takes me back as soon as I hear that theme song and watch the red logo sprawl itself across the screen.

    When I was 6 I was so in love with this show I actually snuck out of Sr. Kindergarden and met Mr. T. That was one of the best things that ever happened to me in school!

    Regardless of how out of date this show can be at times and the lack of computers or the internet. All i can say about this show is, "I love it when a plan comes together!"
  • The A-Team... A favorite from my teen years, and still awesome in re-runs!!!

    Watching re-runs only reminds me of how much I loved this show... The explosions, the fighting, the last minute inventions.... Brillant!!! I'll always love its 1980's cheesiness...

    The wardrobe, the dialogue and the corny plots!

    What hard done by little guy(or attractive damsel in distress), wouldn't want four battle ready ex-commandos to come along and rescue them from an otherwise futile situation while harshly smiteing those who did them wrong!!

    Hannibal- the teams leader and mastermind. Always able to make his plan come together...

    Face- the teams con artist/go-for. Always able to out smart the bad guys and get the girl.

    B.A.- the gold clad teams muscle, Always able to kick supreme caboose and keep his buddies from harm.

    Murdock- .... yeah... Murdock... The most awesome wack job of a pilot!! One of the best written, best acted charactors of the era. Loved that guy! He was always able to confuse the bad guy and tick off B.A.
  • Four commandos are on the run from the military for a crime they didn't commit.

    An excellent and highly addictive show. You can really sympathize with our four heroes, who are always doing good even thought the US army is trying to capture them. The shwo does have some silly moments, particulary that even though each episode tends to feature a dramatic car chase and a gunfight consisting of a few thousnad rounds of ammo, people are very seldom killed or even injuired. The last season is also sub-par compared to its predacessors, simply because the producers were adding characters that really didn't fit in with the already excellent chemistry of the show. Worth checking out.
  • One of the great shows of the 80's

    To me the a team is a great show and even though they just shot AT the bad guys instead of shooting them.however they do blow alot of stuff up and i think the show has a great storyline. i think i have seen almost every episode of the a team but i\'m sure ther is a few episodes that i have not yet (and probabily never will)\'s too bad that they counldn\'t make a movie after the series was cancelled but George Peppard sadly passed away. I think that the a team is a very good show for people of all ages and i recommed that if you get the chance to watch it that you
  • Vietnam soldiers accused of a crime they did not commit save the lives of the week and poor in 80s America.

    "The best action show on TV ever" this is what my friends used to call this show and I agree with them. Back n the 80s, this was our prime source of imagination for games. Me and my friends would pretend to be the A-Team and we would select one of the characters to fight crime. The things I love about this show is that although they were bullets flying all around, no one ever got killed. Second of all, all the destruction machines that the A-team creates at the end of the show to wipe the bad guys off of the screen. What i love the most is how they always leave the bad guys win for a moment and at the end they get kicked in their.........!
  • Can see it again and again.

    Really good show. I never get tired of it. And i have to admit the argument of all episodes is se same, but give me well done guns, fightings, cars chasing, planes and helicopters and humor and i will be the fan number one.

    Unforgettable the main characters: Hannibal, M.A., Fénix and Murdock (their spanish names instead of Faceman and B.A.).

    And every chapter is like a little film with completely different locations including representation of foreign places (don't think they do much documentation about that, i remember spanish police uniforms in one chapter that were not the real ones, he,he). But anyway they show us a big amount of locations and a lot of different situations.
  • So bad it's good...well, kinda

    This show is now so ridiculously dated its only value is unintentional comic relief. It is unmistakenly 1980's and does nothing innovative for the time(cliche).
    I have to say, the writing is laughably bad and the plots so predictable and formulaic, you could set your watch by them.
    Opening- we see the bad guys of the episode do something bad
    1st act-victims find A-Team ask for help
    2nd act- A-Team fails for some reason in their first attempt to stop the bad guys
    3rd act-80's montage of the A-Team doing something ridiculous that will prevail over the bad guys
    last act- show closes with a lame joke (usually)

    Of course I haven't seen every episode (life's too short) but I've seen enough to understand what goes on.
    Still it has a certain charm and can be entertaining...if you have time to waste.
  • This show is so funny. I know this is not supposed to be a comedy, but it became comedy over the years. It is so retro, it has become cult. I don't think they should make any new shows though and lucky enough they are not making them!

    I however don't want to give this show a number above the 7. The reason for this, the show is funny, but it isn't supposed to be funny. They made this serie so bad, it became funny. By beeing funny, it becomes cult, but cult usualy has to suck so bad it's funny.

    Ofcourse it isn't that horrible, this serie was made for a long time ago. Ofcourse the fasion has changed, the people who watch it have changed, the standard of TV have changed. However, The A-Team seems be still up to the standard. Since I see it beeing broadcast like every time I'm switching channels.
  • The A-Team. This tv show is about a special team of guys who are wanted for crimes they didnt commit. They escaped and survive and do good for others. Each of the four characters have there own way about them. Good versus Evil if you wanna call it that.

    This show was better then perfect. It was one of the big reasons that molded me into somewhat of a do gooder for others. Doing this also comes with its price of headaches to. I cant think of a better way then to come home after my gradeschool days and watch the A-Team and eat lunch. I also believe it was on alittle when I was going to highschool to. Its just a sign of the times. It seems like it was on forever. Believe it or not it still feels like there on in a funny way. I believe all the seasons are on dvd. Ill admit im a big fan. I hope if they do a big screen movie I hope it doesnt flop. Theres alot of respect thats involved to. Each of these characters was special in there own way. I know the characters from the original show are to old to play the parts if there comes a movie. But they paved the way. Getting back to the show. One thing that drives me crazy to this day. Is the way they ended it. They should of given it a proper ending. And I would of been fine with that. Maybe the movie can shed some light on the past and give me more of a reason on what was going on. I know towards the end the Team could not trust Stockwell. And for Frankie I could not trust him as far as I could throw him. At times he could be trusted. But you really wonder if he had another objective. Getting away from the show alittle and getting back to reality. Our government in question can not be trusted. Look at the past. Take a goodlook if you can. I mean whos to say something from tv can actually happen or has. Id like to think there are still people out there who help others not for money not for fame but for who they are and where theyve come from. Getting back to the show. This in my mind will be one of those shows that stands out and when its on or when I get my hands on the dvds I will continuely watch it every chance I get. It just goes to show you how much a tv show can have an affect on someone. And no matter how much time goes by I will always be a fan. And watch it when I can.
  • This was a show about four men that are escaping from the military and help people dealing with troubles along the way.

    The A-Team first premiered on NBC on January 23, 1983. It was best known for it's intro: "In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: The A-Team". I started watching this show recently. It ended on June 14, 1987. The original characters were Col. John "Hannibal" Smith, Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck, Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock, and Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus. I give this show an applause and a 8.9. In my opinion, this was one of the best shows of the '80s decade. though The A-Team ended it was a classic show that will still be remembered.
  • You couldn't make this show today

    This is one of the shows that basically saved NBC in the 1980's. It was a time when Brandon Tarkenten was in charge, and the focus of a lot of programming was action. This show must have cost a fortune to produce. What with all the eloaborate explosions and action scenes. I do not think that they could have spent much money on writers though, because just about every episode seemed like the one that aired before it. But that was a simpler time I guess. I remember watching this show as a kid and looking back now I think that it is pretty corny by todays standards. I have heard talk of them wanting to re-invent the series or make a movie out of it. I think that is a bad idea. They should just let it rest in piece.
  • A Supernova of a Show...

    George Peppard said it best "The A-Team was like an out of control freight train that would never stop". This show debuted on NBC right after the Super Bowl in 1983, and immidiately, it became the network's top show and it saved it from bankruptcy. The A-Team was everywhere. Magazines, toys, videos, I even saw choose your own adventure books featuring the show. Vince McMahon used the show's popularity to his advantage to push his top star Hulk Hogan, increase the success of his first two Wrestlemania's, and push the flagship WWF Saturday Night Main Event, which aired on NBC once a month as fill in for SNL, often doing better ratings. Mr. T became a mega star. George Peppard finally got his respectability back after squandering it with booze, ego, and poor role choices for his extensive acting pedigree. It almost made Dirk Benedict a sex symbol. It gave people a look at the improvisational genius of Dwight Schultz. Surely, everyone thought this show would last forever.

    Sadly, all good things must come to an end. The show, among the top ten its first and second year, and third in its third season, the show quickly began to descend into a spiral with sometimes poor episodes, and the fighting between Peppard and T. What happened next can only be described as unkind fortune.

    With the bickering of the show's top draws, the executives brought in Peppard's friend and former mega star himself, Robert Vaughn to help coax the moody Peppard into once again speaking with T, and acting to his potential. (Although they only appeared together in this and "Battle Beyond the Stars", Vaughn and Peppard had known each other since 1960 when Peppard was passed over for Steve McQueen's role in "The Magnificent Seven". Vaughn played one of the seven) Also brought in was Eddie Velez due to the opinion that Benedict was too old to be a convincing as the show's sexual dynamo. What happened was three good episodes in the fifth season involving the A-Team's trial, and then a series of 10 more mediocre to poor episodes that caused the fanbase to give up on the show. It was cancelled in March of 1987, with no one so much as noticing.

    Years later, the show made a huge comeback on TV Land. People started watching and reliving memories or introducing a younger generation to a show that had once dominated the NBC schedule. The show has since regained a cult following... I being one of them.

    To those that would've wished to have gotten some closure on the A-Team without recasting, it's far too late. George Peppard, long a smoker, died of complications from lung cancer before they could make a TV special to show how things had wrapped up. He and Mr. T made up before his death, so there's your happy ending.
  • A good action adventure series with good guys standing up for the underdogs against the bigger stronger bad guys.

    This 80's tv series was and still is good family entertainment. Yes there is violence but you do not see
    people being killed or expressions with foul language. The
    formula of them being on the run for the crime they did not commit was a good backstory and helping people in need was good as well but a formula like this does have its limits.
    Adding characters in the final season did not help in my opinion maybe if that had happened earlier in the seies,it
    would have made a difference. Also changing the lead comanding officer is pursuit without really explaining it did not make a lot of sense but I think everybody remembers Colonel Decker the best.
  • The A Team is definitely one of my guilty pleasures. It is absolutely low-brow fun, pure and simple. Hey, but a guy's gotta enjoy himself sometimes, right?

    The A Team has no aspirations to be high art, and I think that's what I like about it. It's a gritty, action-packed double shot of high octane escapism, and who doesn't need just that every now and then?

    The characters, and the actors who play them, seem to be having a great time, and that spirit is contagious. You'll find yourself unconsciously cracking a smile time and time again as the Team engages in their latest escapade.

    So, relax, check your worries at the door, and prepare yourself for the thrill ride that is The A Team. Just don't think too much, ok? And remember- If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team!
  • One of the most ingenious shows that appear, maybe the will be a lot of people disagree but the older ones understand me. Special military forces can fought for the freedom.

    The show is great, the FX still good and interesting. A group of soldiers that escaped from prison and now they are a type of mercenaries they help the persons that need them or the persons that search and found them. There was a lot of ideas in the lines, scripts and that was interesting I like all the seasons.

    The team was great with a certain ability for the disguise and intimidation, construction and for the flew in the case of Baracus no. I gave that score because I grew with that series and I like it, I don't care about the other users or the younger I understand that now are better in FX but the technology now help more that in that time and that's one of the reasons that make this show better the true effects.

  • Open-fire fun!

    I watched "The A-team" and it was probaby a little bit of gulity pleasure. It's fun, but not that great of a show. it's Mr. T, Hannibal, Face, Murdock and anyone else that crawl it taking on villains who meance people that can't fight. These people got a strong heart for those who can't help themselves. the A-Team stans up for those who can't. Sure, it's dunb, but it's fun and dumb, just what this country needs right now. the fighting scenes are a joy to watch. the bad guys get it in the end. The A-Team is a bunch of fun guys that get the job done.
  • A classic show from a classic tv era.

    This show was a defining television masterpiece. These guys made MacGuyver look like a third grade science student. They could take two pieces of floss, a shopping cart, and a stick of spearmint gum and turn it into a panzer to stop some seriously heinous dudes. Not to mention the fact that Murdock was quite possibly one of the funniest characters ever to be put on network tv. Face: "I found a lawnmower!"
    Hannibal: "I found a cigar!"
    Murdock: "I found Jesus!"

    Classic television at its finiest. I remember me and some of the guys I worked with at a factory being called the "A-Team" because whenever there was a problem, if you could find us, and if the pay was good, we'd be there.

    Da-tahdah! Da-ta-da!
  • A true televison gem - watch this show

    Much parodied now, The A-Team is a truly unique TV show. I'm too young to remember it from the first time it was shown but have been lucky enough to see some episodes recently. I expected it to be extremely laughable from what I'd heard, but was very surprised. The four main actors do a great job at creating four likeable and believable characters that work well as a team. Hannibal is wonderfully sure and confident as a leader, edgy and commanding and always with a witty one-liner for a bad guy. Sure, his disguises are hysterical (but that's the point isn't it? It's the conviction he has that makes them work). I can't help feeling sympathy for Face, who only wants the best in life but has the some problem of being wanted by the military police. He's a great charming conman, literally able to get a hold of anything anyone wants and almost always getting the girl. Of course, BA is intimidating and tough but there's a softness inside there and a caring side that you see too and that people often forget about. Whilst most people remember the show for BA (and it made an even bigger star of Mr T), my personal favourite is the brilliantly insane pilot Howling Mad Murdock. You're never sure just how mad he is and if he's just using it to keep himself inside the hospital where he gets a bed and food. Murdock is the chief delight for me.

    Generations of kids grew up wanting to be the A-Team and you can really see why. They're criminals and they're heroes, doing what's right in whatever they can and for a good price. Whoever first came up with the idea is a true genius and this is clear in how infamous the show still is and how much it is still enjoyed today. I can see why.
  • My favorite show ever!

    When I was a child, I alway wanted to join in tha A-team,´cause they always were in action all the time! And I like action! My favourite character was always Mr-T (B.A. Barracus in series):he was the stongest of the group, just like me. I liked also Colonel Hannibal, ´cause he was who always take the M-60 to shoot the bad guys. I think, murdock was important, the funniest ofthe group and a crazy pilot (he normally pilot helicopters, but he can handle even a 747 totally blind!. And Phoenix, the only guy in the series that can obtain anything, from weapons to vehicles!
  • Classic indeed, but not really my favourite.

    "The A-Team" is a guilty pleasure for the two generations of viewers who have embraced the series. It never attempted to be "Masterpiece Theater", but 'cotton candy for the brain', with the best episodes replaying the same scenario over and over (Underdog gets mauled by Big Bad Villain and his Baddies...calls in Our Heroes, who end up defending the Underdog on a 'deferred payment' plan...Our Heroes Stomp the Baddies, then get themselves true "MacGiver"-like fashion, they use the materials at hand, creating homemade lethal, yet non-fatal weapons in insanely short order...the Baddies are Crushed, and Our Heroes split, seconds before the Authorities arrive to arrest them). What made the series so popular was never the 'ritual' of the plots, however; if you loved the show, it was because of the chemistry of the stars. Hannibal, B.A., Face, and Murdock were all likable guys, and seemed to enjoy every moment together...and fans of the series have always 'picked up' on that camaraderie.

    The brainchild of Stephen Cannell and Frank Lupo, NBC loved the concept of the show, and gave the series a prime 'starting' point, airing the pilot episode after a Super Bowl, guaranteeing great initial ratings. Featuring Tim Dunigan as 'Face' (Dirk Benedict was unavailable for the pilot), the show benefited enormously from Mr. T's presence, as ROCKY 3 had made him an overnight star. Another 'plus' was George Peppard's return to weekly television; his "Banecek" had been a much loved NBC series, until he walked off the show (Cannell, one of the writers of the earlier series, understood the ex-alcoholic Peppard's occasional mood swings, and offered him a large salary and a lot of creative control in the new series, resulting in one of the happier periods in the actor's tragic life).

    A major discovery for "The A-Team" was Dwight Schultz, as 'Howling Mad Murdock'. A remarkably versatile actor, Schultz was adept at accents, physical humor, and rapid-fire one-liners, and his exchanges with Mr. T were funny without ever being demeaning. Peppard took a liking to the young actor, as well, and the warmth between the pair could be seen in nearly every episode. With Benedict's arrival (he had been the break-out star of "Battlestar Galactica", and had a large female following), Peppard had all the elements he felt were needed to make "The A-Team" work...which didn't bode well for the one female regular, Melinda Culea, as reporter Amy Allen. Although she gave the show a more balanced slant, and was excellent in her role, Peppard always considered her a 'fifth wheel'...and when Cannell did not renew her contract for the third season, it was generally assumed that George Peppard used his leverage to oust her. A new female character was introduced, played by Marla Heasley, but her character would remain less active, and would have a story 'arc' that would have her leave the series in 1985.

    A television show with a single concept, no matter how enjoyable the cast, can't run indefinitely, and by the end of the fourth season, "The A-Team" had pretty well exhausted all the variations the writers could imagine. Entertainment figures (Hulk Hogan, Boy George and the Culture Club, Rick James, Isaac Hayes) appeared in weak efforts to bolster ratings, and NBC pressured Cannell to make major changes to the series.

    Bowing to network pressure, the fifth season began by having the A-Team finally captured and court-martialed. Escaping with the aid of new regular Frankie Santana (Eddie Velez), the team soon found themselves 'prisoners' of a secret government agency run by Gen. Hunt Stockwell (Robert Vaughn), who offered them full pardons if they would take on a number of assignments "too risky" for the U.S. intelligence community to handle. The episodes sank to formulaic "Mission Impossible" clones, with George Peppard's authority lost to new boss Vaughn, and the 'blue-collar' charm of the earlier seasons sadly absent. When the series was canceled, while fans mourned, few were surprised.

    What has been a surprise is the 'cult' status the series has achieved in the years since it left the air. While George Peppard never lived long enough to see it happen (he died in 1994, from pneumonia), the still-growing popularity of the show has been a source of pride and amazement for Benedict, Schultz, and Mr. T (who nearly died of cancer, but has made a complete recovery), and the show is about to re-emerge as a feature film, with Stephen Cannell producing. Not bad for a 'single concept' series!
  • 80s television at its best

    I cant describe in words how much i love this show.
    Back in the days when i was young i needed heros and these people provided it to me.
    This was pure comic book action fun nobody died and the good guys always won.
    They rarely did it for the money and it was a show aimed at the purely male audience with over the top action which i loved as a kid and i truly wish they start making shows like this again.
  • this how is whilly nilly.

    to my extrodinary belife i think this show si so awsome. it has men rolling around in mud and blood and it has women rolling around in mud and blood. haha. this show has some really good action a killing and driving in cars while rining off of clicfs in it, and they make it so there car flies and toples over and crushes bodies and all the fun guy stuff that a guy could dream of, i highly recomend this show, i pity the fool who doesnt. haha. (mr. t is in it). GO SEE IT. haha. have fun.
  • never be a show like it!

    the a-team i rank up there as top 100 hundred shows of all time. i would put it around 7 which is a good rating. i seen pretty much all of the episodes when they originally aired back in the 80's. and out of all of them i wasn't disapointed.
  • "Do-gooder" Vietnam vets, wrongly convicted for a murder/robbery they didn't commit, help bullied citizens as the team flees from the military police.

    The A-Team was one of the first shows to depict Vietnam veterans after the war's end. Up until that time, many, if not most of the images of 'Nam vets in the media, were negative. The show features characters with traits that enable them to overcome all odds: there's the team leader (and brains) Col. Hannibal Smith, Captain "Howlin' Mad" Murdock (who possesses unparalleled skill with a helicopter, and frequently manages to get his hands on dynamite), Lt. Templeton "Face" Peck (a smooth operator who can charm his way into anything), and Sgt. B.A. Baracus (the team's muscle, who is extremely skilled with tools - and owns the team's signature Chevy van.) While the plots are fun, the level of realism is significantly diminished by the fact that nobody ever gets hurt in the frequent car crashes and intense firefights.
  • with out a doubt,onr of the best shows from the 80's

    if you like car chases,explosions,this is your show,every episode has a multi-faceted plot,if you look closely murdock has a differant phrase on the front of his t shirt,murdock and B.A are always bickering back and forth whick always has comedy outlays underneath,hannibal always has a differant disguise from a cop to a preacher to a nun,a irishman who spouts irish proverbs,face man always comes through with a differant con so the team gets what they need,he has to con murdock from the V.A hospital and lots of guest stars have also appeared on the show,all in all The A-team gets a thumbs up.
  • If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire: THE A-TEAM.

    This falls under the category of "enjoyed in syndication as a child." When I think back on growing up in the 80's, this show is one of the first television shows that I remember watching. It was a great show for an eight year old, and that is the way it should remain.

    Often, we have the memories of a great show or movie to only have these destroyed when we watch them later in our lives. This is one of those shows for me. It has one of the greatest nostalgia marks for me, and I do not want to destroy that. As a result, I refuse to watch it any more so that BA and crew will remain the super people they are and will not be seen for the bad actors in a poorly written show that it all really is.
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