The A-Team

NBC (ended 1987)


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  • The A-Team... A favorite from my teen years, and still awesome in re-runs!!!

    Watching re-runs only reminds me of how much I loved this show... The explosions, the fighting, the last minute inventions.... Brillant!!! I'll always love its 1980's cheesiness...

    The wardrobe, the dialogue and the corny plots!

    What hard done by little guy(or attractive damsel in distress), wouldn't want four battle ready ex-commandos to come along and rescue them from an otherwise futile situation while harshly smiteing those who did them wrong!!

    Hannibal- the teams leader and mastermind. Always able to make his plan come together...

    Face- the teams con artist/go-for. Always able to out smart the bad guys and get the girl.

    B.A.- the gold clad teams muscle, Always able to kick supreme caboose and keep his buddies from harm.

    Murdock- .... yeah... Murdock... The most awesome wack job of a pilot!! One of the best written, best acted charactors of the era. Loved that guy! He was always able to confuse the bad guy and tick off B.A.