The A-Team - Season 3

NBC (ended 1987)


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Episode Guide

  • 9/18/84
    Two girls fly in from Miami to ask the A-Team to save their beachfront hotel because a local gangster destroys their business and offers a lot of money to the bank to get the hotel. So the A-Team flies to Miami, which causes a few problems, but after that, everyone has fun running a hotel for a few days.moreless
  • 9/25/84

    Tawnia asks the A-Team to find her fiancé, an archaeologist last seen on an Amazon expedition that was attacked by a pirate. She doesn't tell the A-Team that they are searching her fiancé, but more importantly the A-Team has to get new malaria drugs before they can fly to the Brazilian rain forests.

  • 9/25/84
    In the Amazon's rain forests, the A-Team has some issues locating their target, since they're on unknown territory, but then their Vietnam experience comes to help.
  • Fire!
    Episode 4
    The A-Team is hired by a local fire chief, who is trying to fight back against a violent private group of firefighters who want to replace her department.

    Meanwhile the military police, under the new leadership of Colonel Briggs, closes in on the team.
  • Timber!
    Episode 5
    The A-Team intercedes when a union organizer tries to put a small logging operation out of business by burning down one of their trucks. Amid the falling trees, Murdock is on the hunt for Bigfoot.
  • Double Heat
    Episode 6
    The A-Team is called in to find an accountant's daughter who has become a pawn in a game between two rival mobsters, but with the interference of the A-Team the gangland war spreads out, endangering everyone.
  • Trouble on Wheels
    Episode 7
    Hannibal goes undercover in order to investigate employee theft from an auto plant, but things turn out to be bigger and more dangerous than anyone expected. Face can finally live out some of his passions.
  • The Island
    Episode 8
    An Army doctor who once saved B.A.'s life calls in his debt by asking the A-Team to help deal with gangsters who came to the tropical island where the doctor has built a clinic. The A-Team heads out to fight back, but first they have to get there.
  • Showdown!
    Episode 9
    Col. Lynch stakes out a Wild West show that has been terrorized by a group of A-Team impostors. While Lynch prepares to fight back, he can count on the fact, that the rest of the team will be there in no time.
  • 11/27/84
    The A-Team travels to South America where they become the law in a town built to house workers of a power plant that has been experiencing a number of fatal accidents. The project to get B.A. in a plane get more and more difficult as B.A. has become overcautious.
  • 12/4/84
    The A-Team gets involved in the music business when threats from their old record label prompt a singing group to ask the A-Team for help. Face went to school with them, and can't refuse to help old friends even when there isn't any money to get.
  • Hot Styles
    Episode 12
    Face's latest girl friend is rather ungrateful after the A-Team rescues her from local mobsters. Meanwhile the A-Team seems to have two B.A.'s!
  • Breakout!
    Episode 13
    After Murdock is taken hostage by armed robbers, he and B.A. are named as accomplices and jailed until Decker can come and get them. B.A. and Murdock escape and try to stay alive, while outrunning the Military Police.
  • Cup A' Joe
    Episode 14
    A restaurateur tries to force the owners of a small diner, Cup A' Joe, to sell out to him, after he arranged a new freeway off-ramp to be built nearby. The A-Team takes over the diner for a few days and Murdock is in full cry!
  • The Big Squeeze
    Episode 15
    Back from Cup A' Joe, the A-Team opens its own restaurant to lure a ruthless loan shark who has other restaurant owners terrified. But can the A-Team beat this opponent, even after Hannibal's funeral?
  • Champ!
    Episode 16
    B.A. goes undercover as a boxer to stop the manipulation of boxing matches, when he finds out, that the money is used for drug-trafficking, he needs the support of the rest of the A-Team.
  • Skins
    Episode 17
    The A-Team travels to Kenya to deal with game poachers who have included a game warden among their kills. Nobody seems able to stop them, so the A-Team must rescue the game preserve. But how to get B.A. in the plane this time?
  • Road Games
    Episode 18
    Face has to infiltrate a gambling ring to clear a man's gambling debts and to save the foster home he runs. Things gets complicated, when the A-Team has to pursue the venue.
  • Moving Targets
    Episode 19
    A Middle Eastern potentate hires the A-Team to protect his about-to-be-married daughter despite her ideas to the contrary. But the wedding might be more endangered by the love interest Face shows towards the princess than through the terrorists. Plus B.A. plots revenge against the team when he is promised he can get them back for getting him to fly in a plane again.moreless
  • Knights of the Road
    Episode 20
    The A-Team comes to the aid of an auto mechanic being driven out of business by a ruthless competitor. Things turn out to be more complicated, when they discover drugs are part of the game.
  • Waste 'Em!
    Episode 21
    The A-Team discovers a plot to dump toxic waste, which has been used by criminals for years, when they try to protect a young man and his blind sister from harassment.
  • Bounty
    Episode 22
    Murdock is kidnapped by bounty hunters that hope to use him as bait to capture the rest of the A-Team. When the Team arrives to rescue him, they find he has fallen in love with a veterinarian who tired to save him. With Decker on the way to pay off the bounty hunters, the A-Team has to find a way to rescue Murdock, the girl and beat Decker and the bounty hunters.moreless
  • 4/9/85
    The A-Team goes uptown and gets involved with an art dealer who has been replacing original paintings with fakes ones. Who's better to pretend to be a painter than Murdock?
  • Trouble Brewing
    Episode 24
    Two sisters ask the A-Team for help when they are pressured to convert their all-natural soda pop bottling plant into a brewery. The A-Team has seen too many friends turn into alcoholics, they agree to help immediately.
  • 5/14/85
    The A-Team's planned fishing vacation at Crystal Lake retreat is ruined when Decker and his men show up. But that's only the beginning of their problems.