The A-Team

Season 4 Episode 10

There Goes the Neighborhood

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 03, 1985 on NBC

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  • The team takes up suburban living

    The team is hired to protect Stevie Faith, a rock 'n' roll singer whose manager has questionable ethics. Face scams a hideout in suburban America and the fun begins.

    The team is almost immediately met by their new neighborhood's block captain, a well-meaning sort with a rifle and an assault tank in his garage. Our heroes' other new neighbors include a gang of shady characters who torture puppies and antagonize little girls. Something must be done about this place, and Stevie must still be guarded. Enter a band of liberation army sorts and the boys' task at hand becomes all the more interesting.

    Hannibal and crew are visited by the obnoxious neighbors' boss, a drug lord named Juarez. Juarez warns them that the neighborhood is not big enough for all of them, and Hannibal wisecracks his way into a fistfight, downing all the evildoers.

    It turns out that those who might be friends are indeed enemies and, with their famous ingenuity, the team rights all wrongs and gets its charge to her concert on time.

    This episode depicts a well-planned scheme against an unlikely backdrop, complete with the requisite explosions, smart comments, and punch-happy altercations. It is very well-done and a fan favorite.
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