The A-Team

Season 1 Episode 12

Till Death Do Us Part

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • In the scene where Face,and Hannibal are in Cutters Office,there is a Microphone sticking above in a wide scene (specifically when Face is sitting at Cutters Desk).

    • in the first scene the girl arrives at the half way restaurant.

      this restaurant still exists today!

      its located at: 

      15559 Sierra Hwy Santa Clarita, CA

    • Goof: When Face asks B.A. for a ring during the wedding ceremony, B.A. gives him a ring with a huge setting. However, the following close-up (as the ring slides off Jackie's finger) is of a ring with a smaller setting. In fact, that second ring appears in both close-ups -- of the first ring that doesn't fit and of the second one, which Face holds on Jackie's finger.

    • Though most of the episode takes place in Texas, it was (of course) shot in L.A. As the A-Team van speeds out of the parking lot of the TV station, watch closely for the L.A. Security Storage sign (their phone number appears in big red letters). Not only is the company still in business, but according to their website, they have been in the same location since 1923.

  • Quotes

    • Murdock: Oh wow! You went to Hamburger Heaven! Home of Captain Bellybuster, America's Hero. Did ya get me a Bellybustin' Surprise Pack Hannibal, didja didja didja?
      Hannibal: Ah, sorry Murdock. But...with 6 Tummy Tingler malts, look what you get free!
      Murdock: A Captain Bellybuster cap! Out of the Blue I'm coming at you. Super nutritious and super delicious!

    • Murdock: (discussing the wedding dress he is wearing) Why do they have to make these things white? It's such an impractical color. Look at how dirty it is already.
      Face: Well, I doubt you'll be needing to wear it again, Murdock.

    • Hannibal: B.A., you and I will get the cake.
      Murdock: Be careful with that; it took me hours to bake it.
      B.A.: It's only cardboard, fool, it's not a real cake.
      Murdock: Some people have no appreciation for art.

    • (Murdock eats fake frosting from the wedding cake)
      Hannibal: Murdock, what are you doing? That's shaving cream.
      Murdock: So what? It's just a little soap.
      Face: Murdock, you're always eating such weird stuff.
      B.A.: He's a weird dude.
      Face: Doesn't it ever get to you?
      Murdock: Of course not! (coughs) Look, bubbles.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Murdock: A Captain Bellybuster cap! Out of the blue, I'm coming at you. Super nutritious and super delicious!

      Captain Bellybuster appeared a year earlier on another Stephen J. Cannell series, The Greatest American Hero, and was, indeed, the mascot for Hamburger Heaven.

    • Jackie: (to Face) It would take you about a week to get the seven-year itch.

      The Seven Year Itch was a play written by George Axelrod; it debuted in New York in 1952. The film version, starring Marilyn Monroe, was released in 1955. However, the original phrase "seven-year itch" dates back at least to the 1800s, and referred to a bacterial skin infection that could supposedly last as long as seven years (it is now easily treated with medication).