The A-Team

Season 5 Episode 13

Without Reservations

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 1987 on NBC

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  • This is about the best episode I have ever seen the A-team in.

    this episode is the best. I think it is one of the episodes that really 'caught' the a-team by surprise. I loved this one, and It is so neat when Frankie has to sit out there, and when BA comes in, and you think he dosen`t know anything, but then later it shows Hannibal and him looking at Frankie, and also when they figure out the cop is part of the plan. Season 5 of a-team is probably the best season of any show. (accept maybe American Idol)
  • The only thing I din't like was Face geting shout but that was part of the show. everyone did a great job.

    After a misshon Stockwel gives the guys the night off.
    Murdock asks Face & Frankie to eat dinner at the restont he works at they go. The night dose not go the way they plan. when Murdock guts upsat when he sees a gun on a nother costumer not knowing that there are guys there to harm someone they try to get the gun away from the guy and Face is hurt.

    Hanabul & B.A are waching a monday night football game. B.A. gose to get a pizza wich murdock spells out HELP in antovies. wich B.A. Hates.
  • This is technically NOT the last episode of the series. If you watched Murdoch's t-shirt messages you can tell. Especially the last two episodes shown, "The Grey Team" and "Without Reservations".

    This episode is technically the next to last episode of the series. It aired on March 8, 1987, but buy the time the series was already canceled. This episode was the only unaired episode left at the time the show was canceled. Murdoch's t-shirt messages are the clue. In the episode, "The Grey Team", which aired on December 30, 1986, his t-shirt says, "Fini". In the episode, "Without Reservations", when the guys are back at the house in Langley, after Face gets out of the hospital, Murdoch's t-shirt, when he brings a pizza for Face, says "Almost Fini".
    Don't know why these episodes were aired out of order, but be glad they were. I've seen a lot of shows that get canceled but leave the viewers and fans hanging because no remaining episodes are aired. But when the show comes out on DVD, the "lost" episodes are included. Go figure!
  • A surprising episode which appeared too late into the game to make a difference.

    This is an oddly contained episode. What I mean by contained is that the episode plays out in exactly three areas: The restaurant, the Langley house and just outside the restaurant. It gives a claustrophobic feel to the episode. So much so that even though you know Face won't die, you can't help but fear for his life.

    This episode is often lambasted for its rather sane Murdock. However, considering the nature of the plot it is not that odd that Murdock would be relatively sane during this episode. It is after all his best friend that is dying.

    Moving on though, this episode dared to do something different. Compact space, a tense atmosphere and the sense that it all could go horribly wrong (which it comes very close to doing). The focus is on the characters, rather than the plot. For that, the writers should definitely be commended.

    Beyond that though, this episode has none of the usual A-Team trademarks (besides the opening, taken directly from a first season episode), which is why I can understand people not liking it. However, The A-Team needed something different. The preceding 97 episodes are, with exceptions here and there, rather formulaic.

    This episode broke the mould, but did so a little too late.
  • Without Reservations

    Another off-duty episode with The A-Team caught in another situation that requires their special brand of help.I find that when any protaganist of any show finds themselves in the middle of a bad situations it is always fun,and abit educational to see how they will get out of the situation.Murdoch uses a clever method to get a message to Hannibal,and BA.And,of course the end results are predictable.
  • Not my A-Team.

    I suppose the network just felt the show had gotten too stagnant. Wanting to avoid that, they tossed in Stockwell. Wanting to avoid "Stockwell sends them on a mission" stagnation, they developed this episode. The A-Team stumbles into a life or death mission on their time off.

    Oh, and here's the fun part, let's shoot face and give him even less to do than he does in a normal episode anymore (honestly, since they've been working for the government, what do they need with a scrounger? He'd lost his bite.) Next...let's cut Hannibal and BA out of half the episode.

    So, what does that do? It gives us another Murdock central episode with a heavy dose of Frankie (the Murdock-lite.)

    Then, since we need to cut costs, let's put it all in one or two rooms and an existing set.

    Yes, that's it. We've cut costs and can keep the series going. Seriously, you'd want to continue watching a show like this?

    This is not my A-team. This is not why started watching. It's not why I continued watching. Fortunately, after this episode I didn't have to continue watching, but I can watch all the older so much better episodes that starred Hannibal and Face and BA and Murdock!
  • Why did they end this great show with a episode like this

    i must say i was disapointed with this episode not because of this episode but because they chose to end the series with it.

    I believe the ending of the episode the grey team should have ended this series.

    On the whole this episode didnt have the humour or fun of the previous episodes and i felt it a little bit dark.

    On the whole it feels like they wanted to continue the series but got cancelled half way.