The ABC Afterschool Special

Season 11 Episode 1

Amy and the Angel

Aired Wednesday 4:00 PM Sep 22, 1982 on ABC

Episode Recap

Amy Watson is a depressed 15 year old girl. She believes that she's invisible and that her life has no meaning. Her only friend is Sarah, a 14 year old girl, who is constantly trying to cheer up Amy. The girls go to Amy's house after Sarah picks up some books from the library for a report. Amy's mother comes in smiling and tells her daughter that she and her father are going out. Sarah is exuberant and optimistic. She tells Mrs Watson she looks fabulous as Mr Watson helps his wife on with her coat. After they leave Sarah then suggest that her and Amy make popcorn and rent videos. Amy resents doing the same boring thing over and over. She yells at Sarah to leave her alone. Sarah leaves crying.

Meanwhile in Heaven an Angel named Oliver is told by his boss that he is the last Angel of his class not to make it to the band aka Holy Choir by earning his wings. He gives him an assignment of Amy Watson and tells him that this is his last chance.

Oliver appears to Amy on the outskirts of town and explains who and what he is. she thinks he's crazy and begins to walk away. Oliver tells her that he can grant her fondest wish. Any wish that will make her happy. Amy smiles and humors him and says "I wish I never been born." Oliver looks to the sky for guidance and says "Wish granted"

Upon getting to town Amy finds her home covered in weeds and cats milling about. Her key doesn't work so she knocks. Her mother answers looking somehow older and more worn. Her eyes dart about and she ask Amy what she wants. Amy says very funny let me in. She pulls the door tight and again ask what Amy wants. Amy explains that she's her daughter. To which her former mother says are you crazy I've never been married and I don't have children now leave me alone.

Amy panics and runs to Sarah's house. There she finds Sarah's mother. She too looks old and hollowed out. And in a very small voice ask if she can help Amy. Amy ask to see Sarah. "Is that suppose to be funny?" Amy explain that she's a friend of Sarah's

"Friend? I didn't know Sarah had any friends. If only she had friends maybe things would have been different. Even one good friend would have changed things"

"I need to know what happen to Sarah? Where is she?"

"Go away! leave me alone!"

Amy runs away and into Oliver. "Where is Sarah"

"Isn't this what you wanted? What you wished for?"

"Where is Sarah!"

"Forrest Hills"

Amy runs up the hill to the local cemetery. It starts raining. She looks at the various headstones and comes across SARAH MIXNER. Amy falls to her knees and starts crying. The rain becomes a downpour with lightening and thunder.

Oliver appears behind her. Amy senses his presence and said,

"I don't understand. How could this happen? My mother?"

"She never met your father and you were never born. Just as you wished"

"What about Sarah? How did this..."

"She was lonely and depressed. Eventually it became too much for her and she....."

"That's not possible. Sarah is the my upbeat person I know. She would never take her life!"

Oliver yells over the thunder. "That's only because you were a part of that life. Don't you see Amy we all contribute something to the people around us."

"I want my life back! Please Oliver!"

Amy turns around to find Oliver gone. She runs yelling his name. Lighting strikes and Suddenly Amy wakes up back in her room. She breathing hard and looks about. Sarah enters the room.

"Sorry if I'm bugging you. I forgot my library books. I'll leave you alone."

"Sarah!" Amy grabs her friend and hugs her tight.

"I'm so sorry about what I said earlier. I was upset but I never should have taken it out on you. You've been nothing but a great friend. I know I don't say it but I would be lost without you. Can you forgive me?"

"Are you kidding? Of course I forgive you."

"Hey what do you say we rent some videos and pop some popcorn?"

Sarah face lights up. She's amazed by this change in her friends mood. The girl go out of the house towards the video store.