The ABC Afterschool Special

Season 1 Episode 1

The Last of the Curlews

Aired Wednesday 4:00 PM Oct 04, 1972 on ABC

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  • Deep Emotional Impact

    It is no exaggeration to say that viewing this as a six-year-old child was a defining moment in my life. I have been a life-long environmental conservationist, and I know this can be traced to the afternoon I spent sobbing over the end of this show. Even today, I feel the emotional charge in simply remembering that day. I would love to see it again.
  • Must see for everyone, including adults.

    While the animation is nowhere like today's, the story is very powerful. Be aware, and this is a spoiler, it doesn't end well for the curlew and his mate. This has no happy ending, though it starts out cute and fun like the usual children's programming. I wouldn't really recommend this for kids under 10.