The ABC Afterschool Special

Season 11 Episode 8

The Wave

Aired Wednesday 4:00 PM Mar 30, 1983 on ABC

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  • The roots of Hate!

    "the Wave" is a powerful drama about a teacher who uses a experiment in getting students to learn why the nazis took over Germany in 1933. he had a planb in instructing students disclipine. that drill became the class's norm. Then, the entire school became part of "the Wave." that's what the teacher called the group. Then students were bullied and sometimes attacked because they wouldn't go with the views of The Wave. I can recalled one kid who the kids always ignored and never sat down with, all the sudden he became part of the Wave. he became someone. Not until the teacher told them whom the real leader is. A powerful lesson of how hate began, and that hate spreads.
  • One of the best of the ABC afterschool specials. All the more poignant because it is a true story.

    Not having seen it in some time, I am writing this review from memory. (hopefully it will be released on dvd soon, as the afterschool specials have begun being released) If I am not mistaken, \"The Wave\" starred Laurie Laughlin as a student and Bruce Davison as the History teacher. As mentioned in the summary, The Wave is a true story. If I remember correctly, the events took place at a California High School in either 1969 or 1972. When a History teacher is teaching on World War II, one of his students asks a question he can\'t answer: How could the German people just stand by and allow the Holocaust to happen? This prompts the teacher to start an experiment. Focusing on strength, he introduces a very rigid disciplinarian class style. To his surprise, most of his class takes to this rigid form and soon he introduces them to the fact that they are part of a national movement he calls \"The Wave\". Soon, the whole school is part of The Wave, and if you aren\'t part of it, you are harassed and attacked. The only student not swept up by the wave is a reporter for the school newspaper, in fact, the same student who asked the question that lead to the whole experiment. She confronts the teacher who tells her that everything is under control. He annoinces there will be an assembly the next day where the members of the wave will meet their national leader. The next day, everyone assembles in the auditorium for the assembly, and the teacher comes out, standing between two large televison screens and addresses them all, telling them the time has come for them to meet their leader. Suddenly, the screens come to life with footage of Adolph Hitler. So he has answered his student\'s question by recreating how the German people could just stand by while all the terrible events went on in Nazi Germany

    I highly recommend The Wave