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The Academy Awards

ABC Premiered May 16, 1929 Special



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Since its inception in 1929, The Academy Awards has become the event of the year for film followers worldwide. A celebration of all things cinematic, the presentation of the iconic gold Oscar statuettes to members of the film community for excellence during the year represents the highest honor in filmmaking. The Oscars is one of the only awards ceremonies that've never been cancelled.
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  • Academy Awards

    The Acaddemy Awards (also known as the Oscars) are awards given each year to the best films of the previous year.

    I rlly like the Oscars. They're rlly good, and I like them very much. Sometimes the winners might not be the best, but most of the time they're. The Academy Awards are rlly good, I watch them evry year since 2002, and I've liked them almost always. The previous one, I thought The Curious Case of Benjamin Button would win, but Slumdog Millionaire did. I actually liked both of them, and now I think Slumdog was better, but both were rlly good.

    I watch every year the ceremony, is rlly good.moreless
  • The Oscars dont ya just luv um! I do!!

    Oh i look forward to the Oscars every year...being in the UK i stay up all night and watch...Champagne on ice and nibbles at hand....

    I thought Ellen did a great job but i have to say my personal favourite is Billy Crystal..i love his montarges...

    There were not too many surprises this year in who got what and i was happy that Scorcese finally got what he deserved after waiting so long. I was shocked though that Dreamgirls was not in the running for best Picture as i thougth that was an amazing film, more enjoyable that the Departed which is a tad too long...and Jenifer Hudson truly derserved her Oscar, and no surprise with Forest Whitaker was a great role and he did a splendid job. Maybe next year might be Leonardo's year..he has done some great preformances of the past few years and deserves an Oscar surely. Finally the Queen herself got what she has waited for, for many years...that coverted statuete to stick on her mantle farewell till next year.moreless
  • Academy Awards

    Most of the movies the win are ok are very good movies but some of them are not im happy when my favorite movies win for best movie exampale The Departed. and dislike the Oscar when movies i don't like win example American Beauty most of the oscars is so long and boring that i don't care who wins and some years it is better then others i give the oscars a score of 7.5 out of 10 because the sets are good and most of the movies that desrve to win do but because it is just to long it get a good not a great from me.moreless
  • The annual awards to celebrate the best in film is still as dry as ever. Don't know how to freshen this show up though.

    Tell me why everytime that the Academy Awards tries to freshen the show up (Chris Rock ,Ellen Degeneres, robot models showing the costumes off) that it comes off either dry or trying too hard. This show hasn't had the following that it once had and for alot of differant reasons, one is that movie stars are't held in the highest regard anymore, that it's still just a party for the rich and were even lucky to get to watch. Whatever it is at least they finnally gave Scorcese his oscar. The truth is that it's such an institution that it probobly won't change until the industry itself changes and don't hold your breathe on that.moreless

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