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Do you think The Oscars are cursed?

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    Every year when The Academy Awards are on I have always seemed to think that the Oscars have gotten cursed every year and I haven't figured itout. Is it because today's movie world is geared to the new generation of movie fans or is it because the years ahead will bring more popular movies that are Oscar worthy? Take for instance have you noticed that every single Oscar winning movie that wins a whole bunch of Oscars becomes a hit for a short time then ends up selling in the bargain movie bin of Walmart. As a movie fan I've noticed these movies are the favorite to win at Oscar Night. Second last year's Best Animated Film award was really an upset for Disney in 2010 and I was so shocked that Disney's Up won the Best Animated Film and it should've went to The Princess And The Frog because judging how successful and popular that movie was last year it should've deserved the Best Animated Film Award and I can bet this same thing happened yesterday with Disney's Tangled losing the award to Toy Story 3. To me The Academy Awards should be designed better and let this Oscar Curse end,

    Do you agree,


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