The Academy Awards

Season 19 Episode 1

The 19th Annual Academy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Unknown on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Actor Harold Russell received a "Best Supporting Actor Oscar" and an "Honorary Oscar" for his role in "The Best Years of our lives". He's the only performer ever to win two Oscars for the same role.

    • This year's awards is remembered as the one where the cinema classic "It's a Wonderful Life" didn't win one Oscar.

  • Quotes

    • Claude Jarman, Jr.: (accepting a special award as an outstanding child actor) Thank you. This is about the most exciting thing that can happen to anybody. I wanted to thank Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for all they've done for me, and Mr. Sidney Franklin for letting me play "Jody," and Mr. Clarence Brown for picking me out of my schoolroom and bringing me here, and Miss Lillian Burns at the studio who has helped me so much. And to all of you for liking me. I'm very proud and grateful.

    • Harold Russell : (accepting a special award for his work in the film The Best Years of Our Lives) Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. This is the proudest and happiest moment of my life. I wish to sincerely thank Mr. Wyler and Mr. Goldwyn and all the other wonderful people who helped me so much in the picture "The Best Years of Our Lives." Shirley [Temple], I'd like to accept this trophy in the name of all those thousands of disabled veterans who are laying in hospitals all over the country. Thank you very much.

    • Anne Baxter : (accepting her award for Actress in a Supporting Role) I want to thank all the Academy members for this very great honor. And I'd like to present my appreciation to Mr. Zanuck for the opportunity to play "Sophie." And above all, my deepest thanks to Mr. Eddie Goulding, without whose fine direction and understanding "Sophie" never would have been. I'm deeply grateful. Thank you again.

    • Olivia de Havilland : (accepting her award for Best Actress) Since I value highly the profession which has instructed me, rewarded me, and permitted me my share of the world's work, it will understand and forgive me, I know, for the very great pride I feel in receiving this symbol of its approbation, one of the Awards of Merit, for my part in this past year, what has been done. But, even in this wonderful moment, my common sense reminds me quite clearly that most of the work that went into earning this award was not done by Olivia de Havilland at all, but by a big team of other people who, if justice were really to prevail, would be standing up here beside me now. When I think of the writer who created "Jody Norris," and how much of her sprang from the heart and mind of the director; when I remember the businessmen who found and managed the money which produced and distributed her, and how she grew under the talents and skills of the technicians: the cameraman, the makeup man, the hairdresser, the costumer; and I think how much the musicians did for her; then I feel humble, too, as well as proud to accept this award, which I do in the name of my team as well as my own. Thank you.

    • Harold Russell : (accepting the award for Actor in a Supporting Role) Thank you very much. Two in a night is just too much! Thanks a lot.

    • Cathy O'Donnell: (accepting the award for Best Actor for the absent winner Fredric March) I'm sorry that Mr. March couldn't be here for this award, but I guess you know that he's in New York in a very successful play. I think Mr. March was wonderful in "The Best Years of Our Lives" and I'm glad you did, too. So I want to thank you for Mr. March. Thank you.

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