The Academy Awards

Season 26 Episode 1

The 26th Annual Academy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 25, 1954 on ABC



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    • Walt Disney broke the record of the most Oscars won by an individual in a single year, this year he won 4.

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    • Buddy Adler: (accepting the award for Best Picture) Thank you. The motion picture industry in the year of 1953 presented some of the great pictures of our industry. I'm proud to be part of that industry, and I'm singularly honored by the members of the Academy for selecting "From Here to Eternity" as the Best Picture of the year. To the Army of the United States, for their great cooperation; to Dan Taradash, a great script; Freddie Zinnemann, inspired direction; to Harry Cohn, president of Columbia Pictures, my grateful thanks for his confidence and trust in me; and to the many other associates, thank you.

    • Fred Zinnemann : (accepting his award for directing the movie From Here to Eternity) I would like to thank the Pacific Command of the United States Army, all the way from General O'Daniel down to Warrant Officer Bill Mullen, for the wonderful help they gave us in this picture. In addition I would like to thank Mr. Harry Cohn and all my friends at Columbia Studio, especially Dan Taradash and Buddy Adler, for the wonderful association. Thank you very much.

    • Donna Reed : (accepting her award for Actress in a Supporting Role) Thank you. Oh it was a long walk, I didn't think I was going to make it. Well I'm very proud and I'm very grateful, especially to Columbia Pictures. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience, "From Here to Eternity," but I think even more wonderful is from "Eternity" to here. Thank you.

    • Audrey Hepburn : (accepting her award for Best Actress) It's too much. I want to say thank you to everybody who in these past months and years have helped, guided and given me so much. I'm truly, truly grateful and terribly happy.

    • Frank Sinatra : (accepting his award for Actor in a Supporting Role) Umm... That's a clever opening. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm deeply thrilled and very moved, and I really, really don't know what to say because this is a whole new kind of thing. You know, I've... song-and-dance-man type stuff. And I'm terribly pleased, and if I start thanking everybody then I'll do a one-reeler up here so I better not. And I'd just like to say, however, that they're doing a lot of songs here tonight but nobody asked me... [unitelligible]. But I love you, though. Thank you very much. I'm absolutely thrilled. Thank you.

    • William Holden : (accepting his award for Best Actor) Thank you. Thank you.

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