The Academy Awards

Season 37 Episode 1

The 37th Annual Academy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Apr 05, 1965 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • This is the first time an actor was nominated for an acting Oscar for a film in which he multiple characters. It was Peter Sellers for "Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb".

    • This is the first year where all four of the acting awards were won by non-American actors.

  • Quotes

    • Jack L. Warner: I am indeed gratified to be here tonight to accept this high award. And I want to thank first the Academy and its members for making it possible. Secondly, and equally I would say, I want to thank Mr. George Bernard Shaw for writing "Pygmalion," passing it into the hands of Alan Lerner. Then to the great composer, Frederick Loewe. Then to George Cukor, the director. His able associates and assistants, Cecil Beaton, Gene Allen, George Hopkins – I could name them for on and on but time is of the essence and I don't want to be cut off here I don't think. But I want to thank you very, very much, ladies and gentlemen, for presenting this for "My Fair Lady." It's something we will always be proud of, and I speak for those in the back lot, the front lot, upstairs, downstairs, everywhere. I know they thank you, and I thank you for them. Thank you.

    • George Cukor: I'm very grateful and very happy and very lucky. I had wonderful material to work with. I daren't name all the people that helped. I want to thank Mr. Jack Warner, who gave every support, every encouragement. Wonderful artists to work with. I must make a deep bow to Mr. Rex Harrison and to adorable Audrey Hepburn. I thank everybody and I thank you.

    • Julie Andrews: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, this is lovely. I know you Americans are famous for your hospitality but this is really ridiculous. I have so many thank yous. I only know where to start and that's with Mr. Walt Disney, and naturally he has the largest thank you of all. I wouldn't know where to stop. I would somehow like to try and convey my really deep gratitude and, and well, gratefulness – well I just said that, hadn't I? – for being made to feel so really welcome in this country. Thank you very much indeed.

    • Rex Harrison: Well, this is a very exciting evening for me and I feel in a way that I should split it in half [kisses Hepburn] between us.
      Audrey Hepburn: You deserve it all.
      Rex Harrison: I would like to thank everybody that had anything to do with the making of "My Fair Lady." It was a wonderful experience and I must thank George for being so marvelous with us, and Jack, and everybody else that's connected with it. And deep love to, well [looking at Hepburn], to fair ladies, I think.

    • Peter Stone: My deepest thanks to Cary Grant, who keeps winning these things for other people. Thank you.
      Frank Tarloff: He just stole my whole speech.

    • Edward Anhalt: I hope the television audience shares the feeling that comes from winning an award from a jury of one's fellow craftsmen. Thank you to Mr. Hal Wallis and thank you to the Academy.

    • Robert B. Sherman: Well, when there are no words to say, all you can say is [sings] supercalifragilistic...
      Richard M. Sherman: ...expialidocious.
      Robert B. Sherman: Thank you.

    • Gene Allen: So many people to thank, but we want to say to Miss Audrey Hepburn that she lights our sets up so we really can win these awards. Thank you.
      George James Hopkins: Thank you very much.

    • Vassilis Fotopoulos: Is a great honor for me and for my country. Is very nice. Is very nice and very sweet. I thank you the awards of the Academy of the [unintelligible] honor. Believe me, it's something I never imagined from where I come [unintelligible].

    • Harry Stradling: I'd like to thank Jack Warner, George Cukor for giving me the opportunity to photograph this film. A special thanks to Miss Audrey Hepburn for her appreciation. And many, many thanks to my crew. Thank you.

    • Arlene Dahl: [Holding the Oscar statuette.] Oh, he's so beautiful. Isn't he beautiful? Well, I just want to thank you [looks around the stage]...did somebody drop something? I just want to thank all of you, the Board of Directors and the Academy for making this possible for Mr. Lassally. I know how thrilled he must be. His beautiful camerawork contributed greatly to the brilliance of "Zorba the Greek." Thank you so much for him.

    • Cotton Warburton: All I can say is many, many thanks to all of you.

    • Lila Kedrova: Do you know, really I am so surprised that I can't, I don't know what... I have to say, I think that I will say that, thank you to this marvelous people of [unintelligible] Academy Awards. And thank you, thank you so much my dear, dear Michael Cacoyannis. Because it was your fault, it was not mine. I will never forget it. Never.

    • Joseph E. Levine: On behalf of Carlo Ponti, Vittorio De Sica, Marcello Mastroianni and Sophia Loren, thank you very much.

    • Andre Previn: I'm very grateful to Alan Lerner and Fritz Loewe, and Mr. Cukor and Mr. Warner of course, and the many people who helped me. And I also want to pay tribute to the marvelous orchestra that played the score so beautifully. And of course, above all, I thank all of you.

    • Robert B. Sherman: We're so touched. We want to thank the inspiring Mr. Walt Disney, Mr. Bill Walsh...
      Richard M. Sherman: Mr. Don DaGradi.
      Robert B. Sherman: ...and...
      Richard M. Sherman: Irwin Kostal, Bob Stevenson...
      Robert B. Sherman: ...Julie Andrews...
      Richard M. Sherman: ...our wonderful cast, Dick Van Dyke.
      Robert B. Sherman: ...Dick Van Dyke.
      Richard M. Sherman: There are so many people connected with "Mary Poppins," I'm sure we left quite a lot of them out.
      Robert B. Sherman: We'll stay up all night thinking of them, too.
      Richard M. Sherman: Thank you. Thank you, Academy, very much.

    • Gladys Cooper: Oh, on behalf of Cecil Beaton – he's missed such a night – I do accept this with the greatest of pleasure. Oh, how lovely. Thank you.

    • Dorothy Jeakins: Thank you many people for many years work. I'm very grateful.

    • David H. DePatie: For ourselves and on behalf of our partner the Pink Panther, many, many thanks for this great honor.
      Friz Freleng: Please accept our thanks for your contribution... or your... I missed the word... [laughs]. Um... [looking over at DePatie:] what did I...
      David H. DePatie: Just thanks.
      Friz Freleng: Thank you very much. I lost mine.

    • Edward Schreiber: First, I'd like to tell this lady [presenter Merle Oberon] I've been in love with her for many years. Second, I didn't trip; my wife did not throw away the Dramamine tablets, we're through with them. And thank heavens for Pablo Casals at 88, the dearest man in the world. You have made me a very big man around my house. Thank you very much.

    • Charles Guggenheim: This great honor in great part belongs to George Stevens, Jr. and Carl Rowan of the United States Information Agency, who, by believing that motion pictures can be made with respect, have brought respect to the country that has produced them. Thank you very much.

    • Alex Cord: On behalf of Captain Cousteau and Columbia Pictures, it is indeed an honor to receive this award. I thank you very much.

    • Jonathan Winters: I don't know whether Peter expected this, I certainly didn't. Otherwise I would have been sure to wear black socks. But I'll make this very brief. I'm more excited than if Peter were here himself. He's in England. I'm pretty sure in Europe. Obviously he isn't here; but if he were here, he, I'm sure, would be almost as speechless as me. That's about it. Thank you so much on behalf of the Academy, the industry and everything. I hope that covers everybody. Thank you.

    • Peter Ellenshaw: I'd like to say thank you very much. It's been exciting. Thank you.
      Hamilton Luske: On behalf of Walt's fine animation department and especially Mac Stewart who had a great deal to do with winning this, thank you very much.
      Eustace Lycett: My sincere thanks to the Academy and all the people that worked with me on this picture, and especially the people in my department who worked very hard to make this thing possible. Thank you.

    • Norman Wanstall: Ladies and gentlemen, it's very difficult to say thank you as sincerely as I'd like to now, but I'm a technician so maybe I can leave the eloquence to the artists that follow. But on behalf of the sound departments that I've worked with and my production company and myself, may I thank you all very sincerely for this tremendous honor. And once more may I thank you for the opportunity of coming to your wonderful country. I think for my wife and I this trip is going to be the greatest experience of our lives. Thank you very much indeed.

    • George Groves: On behalf of Warner Bros. Sound Department I thank you very much. I'd like to pay special tribute to Mr. Francis Scheid who did the production recording and to Mr. Murray Spivack who did such a fine job of recording the "Fair Lady" music. Thank you very much.

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