The Academy Awards

Season 53 Episode 1

The 53rd Annual Academy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 31, 1981 on ABC

Episode Recap

ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLERobert De Niro -- Raging Bull ("Jake LaMotta") • Robert Duvall -- The Great Santini ("Bull Meechum") • John Hurt -- The Elephant Man ("John Merrick") • Jack Lemmon -- Tribute ("Scottie Templeton") • Peter O'Toole -- The Stunt Man ("Eli Cross") ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE • Judd Hirsch -- Ordinary People ("Dr. Berger") • Timothy Hutton -- Ordinary People ("Conrad Jarrett") • Michael O'Keefe -- The Great Santini ("Ben Meechum") • Joe Pesci -- Raging Bull ("Joey LaMotta") • Jason Robards -- Melvin and Howard ("Howard Hughes") ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE • Ellen Burstyn -- Resurrection ("Edna May") • Goldie Hawn -- Private Benjamin ("Judy Benjamin") • Mary Tyler Moore -- Ordinary People ("Beth Jarrett") • Gena Rowlands -- Gloria ("Gloria Swenson") • Sissy Spacek -- Coal Miner's Daughter ("Loretta Lynn") ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE • Eileen Brennan -- Private Benjamin ("Captain Doreen Lewis") • Eva Le Gallienne -- Resurrection ("Grandma Pearl") • Cathy Moriarty -- Raging Bull ("Vicki LaMotta") • Diana Scarwid -- Inside Moves ("Louise") • Mary Steenburgen -- Melvin and Howard ("Lynda Dummar") ART DIRECTIONCoal Miner's Daughter -- Art Direction: John W. Corso; Set Decoration: John M. Dwyer • The Elephant Man -- Art Direction: Stuart Craig, Bob Cartwright; Set Decoration: Hugh Scaife • The Empire Strikes Back -- Art Direction: Norman Reynolds, Leslie Dilley, Harry Lange, Alan Tomkins; Set Decoration: Michael Ford • Kagemusha (The Shadow Warrior) -- Yoshiro Muraki • Tess -- Art Direction: Pierre Guffroy, Jack Stephens CINEMATOGRAPHYThe Blue Lagoon -- Nestor Almendros • Coal Miner's Daughter -- Ralf D. Bode • The Formula -- James Crabe • Raging Bull -- Michael Chapman • Tess -- Geoffrey Unsworth, Ghislain Cloquet COSTUME DESIGNThe Elephant Man -- Patricia Norris • My Brilliant Career -- Anna Senior • Somewhere in Time -- Jean-Pierre Dorleac • Tess -- Anthony PowellWhen Time Ran Out -- Paul Zastupnevich DIRECTINGThe Elephant Man -- David Lynch • Ordinary People -- Robert RedfordRaging Bull -- Martin Scorsese • The Stunt Man -- Richard Rush • Tess -- Roman Polanski DOCUMENTARY (Feature)Agee -- Ross Spears, Producer • The Day after Trinity -- Jon Else, Producer • From Mao to Mozart: Isaac Stern in China -- Murray Lerner, ProducerFront Line -- David Bradbury, Producer • The Yellow Star - The Persecution of the Jews in Europe 1933-45 -- Bengt von zur Muehlen and Arthur Cohn, Producers DOCUMENTARY (Short Subject)Don't Mess with Bill -- John Watson and Pen Densham, Producers • The Eruption of Mount St. Helens -- George Casey, Producer • It's the Same World -- Dick Young, Producer • Karl Hess: Toward Liberty -- Roland Hallé and Peter W. Ladue, ProducersLuther Metke at 94 -- Richard Hawkins and Jorge Preloran, Producers FILM EDITINGCoal Miner's Daughter -- Arthur Schmidt • The Competition -- David Blewitt • The Elephant Man -- Anne V. Coates • Fame -- Gerry Hambling • Raging Bull -- Thelma Schoonmaker FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILMConfidence -- Hungary • Kagemusha (The Shadow Warrior) -- Japan • The Last Metro -- France • Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears -- Union of Soviet Socialist RepublicsThe Nest -- Spain MUSIC (Original Score)Altered States -- John Corigliano • The Elephant Man -- John Morris • The Empire Strikes Back -- John Williams • Fame -- Michael GoreTess -- Philippe Sarde MUSIC (Original Song)"Fame" from Fame -- Music by Michael Gore; Lyric by Dean Pitchford • "Nine to Five" from Nine to Five -- Music and Lyric by Dolly Parton • "On the Road Again" from Honeysuckle Rose -- Music and Lyric by Willie Nelson • "Out Here On My Own" from Fame -- Music by Michael Gore; Lyric by Lesley Gore • "People Alone" from The Competition -- Music by Lalo Schifrin; Lyric by Wilbur Jennings BEST PICTURECoal Miner's Daughter -- Bernard Schwartz, Producer • The Elephant Man -- Jonathan Sanger, Producer • Ordinary People -- Ronald L. Schwary, ProducerRaging Bull -- Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff, Producers • Tess -- Claude Berri, Producer; Timothy Burrill, Co-Producer SHORT FILM (Animated)All Nothing -- Frédéric Back, Producer • The Fly -- Ferenc Rofusz, ProducerHistory of the World in Three Minutes Flat -- Michael Mills, Producer SHORT FILM (Dramatic Live Action)The Dollar Bottom -- Lloyd Phillips, ProducerFall Line -- Bob Carmichael and Greg Lowe, Producers • A Jury of Her Peers -- Sally Heckel, Producer SOUNDAltered States -- Arthur Piantadosi, Les Fresholtz, Michael Minkler, Willie D. Burton • Coal Miner's Daughter -- Richard Portman, Roger Heman, Jim Alexander • The Empire Strikes Back -- Bill Varney, Steve Maslow, Gregg Landaker, Peter SuttonFame -- Michael J. Kohut, Aaron Rochin, Jay M. Harding, Chris Newman • Raging Bull -- Donald O. Mitchell, Bill Nicholson, David J. Kimball, Les Lazarowitz WRITING (Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium)Breaker Morant -- Jonathan Hardy, David Stevens, Bruce Beresford • Coal Miner's Daughter -- Tom Rickman • The Elephant Man -- Christopher DeVore, Eric Bergren, David Lynch • Ordinary People -- Alvin SargentThe Stunt Man -- Screenplay by Lawrence B. Marcus; Adaptation by Richard Rush WRITING (Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen)Brubaker -- Screenplay by W. D. Richter; Story by W. D. Richter, Arthur Ross • Fame -- Christopher Gore • Melvin and Howard -- Bo GoldmanMon Oncle D'Amerique -- Jean Gruault • Private Benjamin -- Nancy Meyers, Charles Shyer, Harvey Miller SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD (Visual Effects)The Empire Strikes Back -- Brian Johnson, Richard Edlund, Dennis Muren, Bruce Nicholson HONORARY AWARD • To Henry Fonda, the consummate actor, in recognition of his brilliant accomplishments and enduring contribution to the art of motion pictures. SCIENTIFIC OR TECHNICAL AWARD (Academy Award of Merit) • To LINWOOD G. DUNN, CECIL D. LOVE and ACME TOOL AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY for the concept, engineering and development of the Acme-Dunn Optical Printer for motion picture special effects. [Laboratory] SCIENTIFIC OR TECHNICAL AWARD (Scientific and Engineering Award) • To JEAN-MARIE LAVALOU, ALAIN MASSERON and DAVID SAMUELSON of Samuelson Alga Cinema S.A. and Samuelson Film Service, Limited, for the engineering and development of the Louma Camera Crane and remote control system for motion picture production. [Camera Cranes] • To EDWARD B. KRAUSE of Filmline Corporation for the engineering and manufacture of the micro-demand drive for continuous motion picture film processors. [Laboratory] • To ROSS TAYLOR for the concept and development of a system of air guns for propelling objects used in special effects motion picture production. [Stage Operations] • To DR. BERNHARD KÜHL and DR. WERNER BLOCK of OSRAM GmbH, for the progressive engineering and manufacture of the OSRAM HMI light source for motion picture color photography. [Lighting] • To DAVID A. GRAFTON for the optical design and engineering of a telecentric anamorphic lens for motion picture optical effects printers. [Lenses and Filters] SCIENTIFIC OR TECHNICAL AWARD (Technical Achievement Award) • To CARTER EQUIPMENT COMPANY for the development of a continuous contact, total immersion, additive color motion picture printer. [Laboratory] • To HOLLYWOOD FILM COMPANY for the development of a continuous contact, total immersion, additive color motion picture printer. [Laboratory] • To ANDRÉ DEBRIE S.A. for the development of a continuous contact, total immersion, additive color motion picture printer. [Laboratory] • To CHARLES VAUGHN and EUGENE NOTTINGHAM of Cinetron Computer Systems, Incorporated, for the development of a versatile general purpose computer system for animation and optical effects motion picture photography. [Systems] • To JOHN W. LANG, WALTER HRASTNIK and CHARLES J. WATSON of Bell and Howell Company for the development and manufacture of a modular continuous contact motion picture film printer. [Laboratory] • To WORTH BAIRD of LaVezzi Machine Works, Incorporated, for the advanced design and manufacture of a film sprocket for motion picture projectors. [Projection] • To PETER A. REGLA and DAN SLATER of Elicon for the development of a follow-focus system for motion picture optical effects printers and animation stands. [Photography] MEDAL OF COMMENDATION • To Fred Hynes, in appreciation for outstanding service and dedication in upholding the high standards of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.