The Academy Awards

Season 68 Episode 1

The 68th Annual Academy Awards

Aired Sunday 8:30 PM Mar 25, 1996 on ABC



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    • Nick Park: It's an honor to be in the company of such great animators. Thank you. I'd like to thank the entire crew and staff of Aardman Animations in Bristol, the animators, everyone else who worked on the film. Also Peter Sallis and Anne Reid, for lending their voices to "Wallace" and "Wendolene." Colin Rose and the BBC. I'd just like to thank my parents for allowing me to play with their 8mm cine-camera when I was thirteen. And I think they've regretted it ever since. But ah, to "Wallace" and "Gromit" and all the crew and everyone else back home. Thanks a lot. We did it again. Thanks.

    • Christine Lahti: Thank you so much. I must share this great honor with all the nominated directors, with all the other men and women out there struggling to make short films; but guys, I'm gonna keep it at my house, okay?! I have to thank Leslie Hoffman, Steve Hewitt, Polly Platt, Marc Reshovsky, Lisa Bromwell, and a great crew. My cast, especially Danny Aiello and Nancy Travis. My husband Tommy Schlamme, who inspired and supported me every step of the way. Emma, Joe and Wilson, my treasures -- I love you. And Dad at home and Mom, you're right here tonight [pointing to her heart], forever. This is for you. And now thank you to Jana Memel.
      Jana Sue Memel: Thank you, Showtime, John Vasey, Hillary Ripps, Thom Colwell, and especially Roy Langboard*, and my parents. Good night, Molly and Zoe. Thank you.

    • Eugenio Zanetti: Thank you very much. "Restoration" is a story of a man who finally is restored by God after he follows his heart. I did follow my heart, until here, and I'm grateful to God. I'm also grateful to my mentor, to my mom who's here. To the Academy, to Miramax and to everybody who make possible "Restoration." My only advice is follow your heart. Thank you.

    • Peter Frampton: Well, just a few words of thanks. Of course to Mel, for making such a fabulous film which got all our work noticed. And a few absent friends in the makeup bus that can't be here this evening. To Amanda Knight, the best assistant anybody could have. To Beryl Lerman, my other assistant, to Francesca Crowder and to Susan Love in the hair department. And on another note, all the Irish boys and girls that for months slaughtered people in the field of battle up to their neck in mud and bullets. Slightly more personal note, "Braveheart" is to be my last film after twenty-eight years. I take this with great honor and pride back to Australia. Thank you so much.
      Paul Pattison: Thank you very much.

    • Kevin Spacey: Well, whoever "Keyser Soze" is I can tell you he is going to get gloriously drunk tonight. And that's a question that I'm often asked, who is "Keyser Soze?" And I've always been very cryptic about my answer, but tonight I'm going to tell you who "Keyser Soze" is for me. The person who pulls the strings, the person who manipulates, who hovers over us, who gives us life and breath. For me "Keyser Soze" is Bryan Singer, the director of this film. And I thank him for his friendship, and for giving me an extraordinary part, and for making me a better actor than I ever thought I could be. I've dreamed of a moment like this my whole life. I thank my manager Joanne, my agent Brian Gersh. And on a personal note to my mother, I'm so proud that you can be here tonight. Thank you so much -- [applause]. Thank you so much, Mom, for driving me to those acting classes on Ventura Blvd. when I was sixteen. I told you they would pay off! And here's the pudding. Thank you.

    • James Acheson: I want to thank the Academy and Miramax. And particularly I want to thank the wonderful team of people that cut and sew and print and dye the costumes that you see tonight. They're the real heroes of this. I want to really dedicate this to my wife, my beloved wife, and my darling daughter Grace. Many thanks.

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    • The program won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lighting Direction (Electronic) for a Drama Series, Variety Series, Miniseries or a Special.

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